Canqiang wall of a situation

In mid-1959, a woman became a widow.Husband suddenly wash away, leaving her and two niu.It was the first three years of difficult times of the year, leaving only a thin bones of a woman, picking wheat straw stack in the yard.That was the last straw stack, fantasy woman can pick up some grain below to Eve who boil bowl.The man is a woman’s neighbors, the two separated by a wall.Under the rain, collapsed walls corner, the man re-piled walls.No barrier to its original height, where more than a curved notch.At night, two women heard the sound of banging yard, frightened woman pillow out of the kitchen knife, ready to desperately.She waited a long time, the yard never happened.Woman ventured out into the yard, was found lying on the floor two radish.Woman eyes moist, she picked up the turnip, to light a fire stove, two niu to boil carrot soup.Women feel men only fear.It was a tall man, and only her waist, a woman called dwarf know.Dwarf no father and mother, not a wife.After a day at night, since the gap will be flying something.Cabbage half stars, a few slices of dry matter, or a few bundles of wheat.At that time people are starving, women know that he is eating on the breadline.During the day to see him, the woman said: Brother, I mind picking up, but you is not better than ah.He smiled and said: Let niu who have something to eat.Woman wiping a tear, turned to go, then stopped, looking back, said: Brother, if stuffy at night, sister-in-law came Jia Zuozuo.Goes ugly face suddenly flushed, then Bu Zhisheng, bowed our heads in a hurry to leave.At night, a woman sitting in the courtyard waiting for him.Etc., but it is thrown from a gap over soybeans.Woman on the moon slowly picking up, while picking wept until dawn.Famine finally in the past, though still enough to eat, but life will not dignitaries, but at night, there are still things thrown up from the gap.During the day, he met a woman, said: Brother, do not throw, do not need a.He chuckled do not speak.At night, the woman has the yard, still from time to time something falls.Disaster that come without warning.Village suddenly some strange slogans, then, was the man pulling the earth station, ordered him to stand.They pumping his ears, and he spit saliva.They suspected he was in Shanghai by the enemy, even as the enemy had sent intelligence.Men stand tall and shout: nonsense.Of course, it attracted more slap in the face for him.Woman far from looking as if those who hit their ears.At night, he was put back, a man walked into the dark.He heard a woman crying in the yard, and he is followed weeping.N crying, falling around two radish.Women could not, screeching voice wail.Later, those who finally no longer torment him, because he was stupid.Someone let him climb the tall stool, he thundered: you send to the enemy it had intelligence?He said: nonsense.The man deprived of the stool, he ran straight down from a height, fainted on the spot.When he woke up again, stupid people.He silly, almost forget about everything, except remember to throw something woman yard.Woman met him in the street, quietly said: Brother, if you do not mind, I’m married now, two people, life easier.He blushed and said: I am ugly.The woman said: You’re not ugly, you look better than they.He stayed there, hesitated to speak.Days passed, day by day old woman.Old woman, completely lost a certain kind of mind.But every night, the gap will still be flying at something, never stopped.Those things make a woman believe that, at night, in the side of the wall, the diminutive man, do exist.Later, the girl was married to Kim workers in the city, silver girl married to a bricklayer village.Masons followed by silver girl look at Mother, the gift down, in the yard in a circle, back to the house with the woman said: Mother, this house is too broke, it doubled new.The woman said: Good.Bricklayer said: And this wall, also re-assemble about it.The woman said: Do not.Bricklayer said: We pick you live you do not go, partial guarding this old house.Or complete a trim bar.Paint the house, the walls are also reinforced high.At night, a woman who courtyards, look at the moon, the moon drill into the trees from the trees, a woman’s psychological empty.Suddenly, the woman heard the side of the wall bang “sound, followed by bursts of groans sounded.A woman stood up and ran to the other side of crazy.In the men’s yard, the woman saw the little man when he was lying on the ground struggling.He’s holding out a carrot, next to the overturned a dilapidated bench.Lying on the ground, he grinned and said: high wall, out of reach.Three days later, they held a simple wedding.Because a wall, because some of the things, their wedding has been delayed for too long.He will giggle at the wedding, the wedding she will cry, but people know that no matter what kind of expression, are deep bone marrow of happiness.