Cantabile memorable years

Person’s life, Cantabile years may very brief, yet obsessed day and night, timeless.  Zhejiang, one of his comrades eventually lost and lonely, ambitious, being in a foreign country, the achievements of his dream home of multinational corporations.Often talked about his ingenious, his entrepreneurial path, we will think of him as well as those of his comrades in daily life, and I miss that period Cantabile years.  Aging that period of time is disseminated, the more profound, more and more clear.Inadvertently, I always through the time tunnel, make every effort to spy on those days comrades, barracks, as well as shelter.Eyes open too long, too much focus until tears blurred his eyes.  I like getting to taste the same: time, probably is such a thing, you’re in, sometimes feel like years; you look back, but as fleeting, hurry away.Meteorological comrades, some even know the new recruits, some are assigned to Taiwan, where it met.I joined the party earlier, has done five of his comrades to join the party introducer.Later, some of them still grow as officers.Six years, as long as the Mood for Love fleeting.Six years, and then suddenly away, because many things have not figure out, too many have not had time to send balloons sky.  Aftertaste often alone, in former years, everyone so simple, pure silly, not even know what is missing, what is love, what is love.Unfortunately, time is too ruthless, like scattered on the ground from a height of radiosonde, leaving behind a land fragmented, fragments of those times no longer difficult to piece together some complete years.  Life forces still training as step by step, step by step on duty, simply make people feel a bit monotonous.Fortunately, the fellow who is now a foreign country was versatile, Chuiladanchang, adding to the joy of life.At that time, KTV karaoke is popular in the north, often holidays, we have to go there to sing one of the most humble enjoy karaoke.Sometimes they sing too much input, then soulful tears.Once upon a time, we are still very soulful singing a song, but a turn, we must hastily went their separate ways.That dawn, we brought together from all sides to this green camp, a few years later, with a shoulder love each other, but also went to different regions, we have no one knows what day meet again in this life.Yi Tangtang staggered north and south of the train speed by, groups of comrades have departed from here.In March, the North is still very cold dawn, at the moment, silent phase depending on each other, the parting of the sad alone swallow.  In one quiet night, I heard a familiar melody, or inadvertently see a familiar lyrics, will make me think of that period Cantabile years, life is so, is so hot.Some familiar melody is enough to take you back to former years, to enjoy the nostalgia for a long time can not let go of the past.Music is the soul, it will not fade because of the passage of time, and people just are afraid that the song has not changed, people have to go.Some rooted in the depths of the soul melodies, is most likely to have changed through time and space to the scene overlap, in which it is drunk, which read in.Because people are emotional but Smart senior animal, knowing that he would affectionate nostalgia, will touch off a period of injury, they still can not help but listen to the melody once, either of them again and again to torture yourself, let the pain away Toru heart.  Near smell, party comrades to a small town in the east, warm reproduction Cantabile years.At that moment, perhaps only silence each other phase, as have the courage to recognize as a mutually acceptable still had the green, once excited, and who have the courage to accept the result of aging and reveals the slightest lazy, as well as a picture Print a mark on the face of time!  Thinking, thinking, warmth and emotion while passing.I blinked, tears eventually fall down.