Cantabile old things, you meet the most beautiful!

I am the happiest thing in my most beautiful moment I met you, even though we never together, and still thank you in my life.Let me next time, no longer alone.My world, there is hardly ever original sunset.  - Zither lemon [to you] I love the purest friendship, such as ancient ink, and write poetry chapter!  Has suddenly cool, he could feel the cold wind, a lot of people pack themselves tightly again, so I thought the footsteps of spring is still way ahead of the slowly.Today went out and saw the experimental front on both sides of the road is warm magnolia bloom, white, pink, contests like bloom, even just playing bud also trying to show Beau, sent bursts of Qinxiang.Garden side of several strains of weeping plum are also gorgeous corner quietly with their beauty, it seemed to whisper softly: we also gorgeous scene.I see the flowers, you suddenly think, a woman claim to smoke, but I would like to compare you weeping plum, wondering if you see this beautiful sight will not like me, like a sugar as happy as a child; want to know you are in Beijing, is not also in the happy moment, a thought had never met far away, always after your sister; want to know a lot, but I do not know how to tell at the moment.  Spring breeze blowing over the face, not like the cold stinging, dry, warm breath a little, like one pair of gentle and delicate hand softly touch.Bow shallow sniff Mei Xiang, light refreshing fragrance, like you always give me the feeling.  Meet you in the hot June, due to a character in love with you, and then have to follow.Always remember when you go to space, to read your text, you want to understand the text, and you want to rely on some of the more recent.Every time you see, there is always a lot of stories you want to share with you, want you happy, maybe “near his homeland more cowardly,” a brief conversation, a few words to the end, then began silently want to disappear.  I met you, you start to become like.Previously I was strong, assertive uninhibited, like a red, red roses smell heavy.There is a “Road see injustice sword help solve the problem,” the pride, perhaps the public eye is the North girls should have the temperament.Later, reading your article, you feel the emotional ups and downs, a lot of which realized the truth, the smell became thin, color fade.I met you, start to really grow, I began to learn to be a quiet woman connotation.You’re like that weeping plum, humble but not low self-esteem, shine quietly in the corner, even if living living among the flowers, still self-contained piece of scenery.  I met you, it is a fate, invisible.Many times, I think friendship important than love.Friendship is like one of ancient Mexico, the longer the time, the spectrum of poems become more fragrant smell; friendship, like a pool of clear spring, deeper feelings, is also a product of sweet spring water.  Looking back, met a lot of people, I have experienced a lot of things.Who said that it would always stay in the horizon friends around me, as time this river, drifting into the unknown distance; those who had promised to spend a lifetime, it is also not aware of, and we waved goodbye or quietly escape.The rain continued to write in the March chapter of my thoughts, carefully read last year wrote “water in March, a quiet man” and “memory cool earth, spotless,” mind is very warm, thanks to my beautiful Love, you meet so elegant and quiet.  Is a March day, no longer lingering rain, the sky bleak March, a spring breeze was blowing, the sky was clear, continuous light incense March.Even without the cozy “fireworks in Yangzhou”, but because there is a miss for you, overflowing atrium; even if there is no phase seen, but the share of love, not because you were not clear and halved points, as Lama poem: are you in or not, or do not want to think, see or not see, love is there.  Numerous things, always remember those buried mind.Bliss Valente, bit by bit, piece engraved in the monument called the memories.Sunset horizon, like a shy woman shy look in the face of happiness.Read to happiness, just want to say: I am the happiest thing in my most beautiful moment I met you, even though we never together, and still thank you in my life.Let me next time, no longer alone.My world, there is hardly ever original sunset.  Hand, I seem to see the happiness between dance, smoke Qing Yang Ying years, I would like to time your pending tender.If the rain dear sister, I remembered you in the distance, well only wish you happiness!