Children Vitamin one should pay attention to these symptoms

What are the symptoms of children is the lack of armor?Vitamin A is important for us is the one element missing dimension A, then there will be a lot of harm, that children lack vitamin A symptom is what is it?Following small children to tell you the symptoms of a lack of vitamin。 Vitamin A deficiency symptoms of vitamin A children's children mainly in remote and poor areas, but a few bad eating habits, often sick children city there are also vitamin A deficiency may。 The need for vitamin A, to conduct scientific assessments。
Tong Tong childhood picky eaters, do not like meat, do not like to drink milk, but do not touch green leafy vegetables。 After the 3-year-old kindergarten, Tong Tong is often fever ,, diarrhea, appetite is getting worse, also drying ,, a scratch is a scratch white。 Tong Tong Kindergarten examination also found that mild anemia。
Tong Tong doctor according to symptoms, it is recommended to Tong Tong Tong Tong mother vitamin A。
A few months later, Tong Tong anemia quickly disappeared, the skin was smooth and more, the number of colds and diarrhea was significantly reduced。
The doctor warned her mother Tong Tong, Tong Tong in addition to continuing to vitamin A, but also let Tong Tong eat some animal liver, more milk, eat a variety of green or yellow vegetables and fruits such as spinach, carrots, broccoli ,Wait。
Children Vitamin a symptom symptoms: mildly deficient and mild overdose similar 2002 national survey showed that more than one-tenth of a deficiency in vitamin risk, these children are mainly located in remote and poor areas, few eating habits poor, urban children are often sick there is also a lack of vitamin a may。 Mild vitamin A deficiency does not have any specific symptoms, manifested as skin may be just a little rough, more colds, fever, etc.。 In addition, due to vitamin A deficiency can interfere with the body's metabolism of iron, vitamin A deficiency in children will be mild anemia。