Cao Cao and Cao Cao chicken

Cao Cao chicken was founded in the Three Kingdoms period of Hefei traditional dishes.This was slaughtered integer cuisine, honey-fried after coating, and then by Luzhu tasty ingredients until Sulan stew, meat and bone from.Finished pan ruddy color, aroma, crispy glossy, attractive appearance.After shaking off the legs when eating meat, bone Crisp rotten meat, taste especially the United States, and fresh fragrance mouthful.Thus, with its unique style flavor, subject to Hefei tourism and foreign diners praise, praise commented: well-deserved reputation, called a must.  According to legend, the Three Kingdoms period, is located in Hefei because the head of Wu Chu Mei, contested.In Emperor Xian of Han Jian thirteen years (AD 208), Cao Cao unified the north and from the capital Luoyang led 830,000 troops southward conquest of the Wu Kingdom (that is, the history of the famous battle of Red Cliff), when Luzhou (now Hefei) to the line, the stage was teaching crossbow troops day and night exercises.Cao Cao because of military and political affairs busy, overworked, headache attack, bedridden.Chef march Shanfang follow doctor’s orders, the choice of local chickens together with traditional Chinese medicine, wine, well-cooked chicken into Diet.Cao Cao after eating MSG am very fond of the United States, followed by the more gradual disease, the body quickly recovered and then, every meal will eat this chicken.  As a result, future generations preach in the world, Cao Cao chicken fame spread like wildfire.So they dish has spread in Hefei.Today Cao Cao Road America this chicken dishes, especially in Hefei Happy cooking the most famous restaurant, is still oriented quality local chicken, and with Cao Cao’s hometown Bozhou in Anhui Gujing Distillery produced and Tianma, Eucommia, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and pepper, made of aniseed, cinnamon, fennel, ginger and other 18 kinds of fitness accessories appetizer.Nutrient-rich, it has a function of diet and healthy, high prestige days, more fame.