Cao Cao heart is very tangled

Cao Cao, is famous, including women and children.For thousands of years, Cao Cao is a highly controversial figure.In the eyes of many ordinary people, Cao Cao is a big traitor.On the stage, Cao Cao was dressed as a big white face, the image of the triangle eyes, a play the audience to know: This is a bad guy.Cao Cao are doing “bad things”, we all are familiar, he said, insidious, mutilation Zhongliang, Emperor nobility, no monarch head.Cao Cao why so ineffective, mainly influenced by a book written by Luo Guanzhong is the Ming Dynasty, “Three Kingdoms” is known as one of the four famous.Although this book reference a lot of historical facts, but also full of strong personal feelings.In this book, based on the “anti-Liu Yong exercise”, promoting feudal “orthodox” ideological position, Cao Cao Luo Guanzhong shaping into a “rather let me negative people of the world, I do not let negative people of the world,” the extremely negative image.As this book is easy to understand, lively plot, spread so quickly, the result of this image will be the rapid spread of Cao Cao.”Three Kingdoms” a book in the Ming Dynasty, Cao Cao had at this time a thousand years, can be regarded as “lying gun” in the true sense.  Cao Cao is not real like this.  A great man Mao Zedong “Patio Spring Snow”, the Qin Shi Huang had enumerated, the Han Dynasty, Emperor, brought in, Genghis Khan and other heroes, did not mention Cao Cao, but only because Cao Cao’s “position” is low, is not Cao Cao in the eyes of Mao Zedong heavy weight is not enough.In fact, the evaluation of Cao Cao Mao Zedong has repeatedly done very high, and even said, “My heart is interlinked with Cao Cao,” such a meaningful words.He wrote this calligraphy handwriting: “There is a hero, but Shi Jun and ear operation.”He often recite poems of Cao Cao, Cao Cao had his handwritten” turtle though life, “he wrote in the poem, also mentioned” Wei Wu whiplash, east Tateishi have left papers.”Mid-summer 1954, Mao Zedong once said to office staff in Beidaihe:” Cao Cao is a great statesman, military strategist, is also a great poet.”” Cao Cao unified northern China, founded Wei.Then the Yellow River in central China is the.He reformed many bad governance of the Eastern Han Dynasty, tyrannical suppression, the development of production, the implementation of Tun Tianzhi, also urged wasteland, the implementation of the rule of law, encourage thrift, the society began to stabilize suffered major damage, recovery, development.Should not sure these?”Cao Cao in the eyes of the people is a big traitor, which has a tradition of patriotism of the people is intolerable, people are the most criticized point.So Cao Cao in the end there is no “no minister of the heart”, “rude ambition” mean?We can through his two articles come to know about the soul of Cao Cao.  One is “self-evident that this blog to let counties”, reads as follows: beginning Xiaolian lone, young, non-self to this cave notable, for fear of the people at home can see Fan Yu, prefer to give a governor, and good for Church and State to establish the reputation of the world’s known Shiming; therefore in Jinan, before addition to the dirty residues, fair to the election, such illegal in Assistant Attendants.  Ho that the strong anger, fear induced home disaster, so as to further disease.  After Quguan, was still very small, year-old Gu regarded in fifty years, the old Weiming.Map of the inner self, but from the last two decades, the world is to be clear, is the same age as those cited in the beginning and other ear.Therefore, in order to return four seasons village, fifty miles to the east Qiao building pagodas, summer reading For autumn, winter and spring hunting, under the request, the mud trying to use self-revelation, guests must contact the hope.However, not smug.  After the levy is Commandery, moved Code army Captain, meaning more then, prefer to give the State Route Expeditionary meritorious, Monkey lust for General Zheng Xi, then the question ramps words, “it is the tomb of General Cao Han Zheng Xi Hou” This chi also.  Dong Zhuo who were difficult to value, Hing soldiers in revolt.It is co-soldiers can have more time to give ear, and then often self-harm, do not want more than it; why, the more soldiers Yisheng, and fight enemies, if more disaster began.Therefore, war Bianshui of thousands, after still more to raise Yangzhou, three thousand people abuzz However, this also limited its this blog.After the collar Yanzhou, breaking down the Yellow Turbans thirty Peoples.And Yuan Shu arrogated number in Jiujiang, at all concede defeat, saying the door was built No. door, clothing are all the emperor system, two women pre-fight for the Queen.Chi meter has been set, then people have to persuade patients to make the throne, Lu Bu the world, Dayan, “Tso still, yet to know it.”.After the Fourth solitary birds will discuss, which won the people all of tension, poor patients die solution ju, the incidence of death.Until Yuan Shao, according to Hebei, strong military potential, the potential of the solitary self, the real lost; but the vote count died for the country, to eliminate justice body, foot down after.Fortunately break Shao, the other sub-owl.And Liu Biao thinks clan, harboring evil heart, at first glance, but the former first glance, to view things, according to the state when there are, given the complex solitary, suiping world.As prime minister, the ministers of the already very expensive, which means looking men passed.Today this solitary words, if it is arrogant, do want to hide, so no taboo ear.She Shi countries have no solitary, I do not know when a few people became the emperor, king few people.  Or people see solitary strong, and do not believe in destiny of things, fear of selfishness with commentary, made the rude ambition, Wang Xiang conjecture, each with a dedicated.Qi Huan, Jin-wen said so down to today’s, with its vast number of potential soldiers, Zhou Feng Shi room can still be.”The Analects” goes: “The other third of the world to serve Yin, Zhou described the virtue of men Shitoku.”When a man capable of great things too small.Zhao Xi Yue go, Zhao Yan want with map.Yue volts Chuiqi, replied: “I do the king, the king of Judah things; the minister when it has been brutal, in his country, and the world did not have, could not bear to seek Zhao Tuli, almost the status of Yan Housi!”Hu Hai’s also kill Meng Tian, Tian said:” Since the people till the sons of Wu Xian, the plot is believed to Qinsan Shi men; now Chen Jiang Bing than thirty million, its potential is sufficient to betray, and then die and knew that Shou-yi who dare insult teach preconceptions to forget kings also.”Each solitary reading this book two, perhaps not too sad runny nose.  Solitary ancestors, even the Father alone, when all the weight of any parent can be described as men who see the letter, as well as sub-Huan brother, too carry III.Feitu solitary dwellers say this also, often wives language, well aware of this intention Jieling.That solitary words: “I care after years, when Rucao are married, Yuling preaching my heart, the common property of others.”Solitary remark Jiegangezhi should also.So diligent Syria confidant who see the Duke of “gold tie” the book to self-evident, so the fear of people do not believe it.  However, they want to Seoul solitary Commission donate all the soldiers of the Code, but also to deacons, Wu Hou return to the country, can not be real.Whichever?Chengkongjisuo evil man also from soldiers.Both for the children and grandchildren count, and the country has Baize dumping crisis, is not real at Mu vanity and evil, this is also not the.Before Chaoen inside back cover sub Hou, refused firmly, now want more affected by the non-re-thought-wing desire, desire that foreign aid, for the million dollars Ann.  Solitary Wen Jin Feng avoid pushing the referral, Shen Xu Chu tours of escape, perhaps a sad book Ertan, also have to introspection.Ling Feng prestige, conquest battle ax, to push the weak Keqiang, small and large birds at.FIG Yi Zhisuo, no violation movable matter, taking into account the heart, where the bad, then wipe the world, not insult main life.It can be described as God helps the Han Dynasty, also non-human.However, closure and four counties, food and household thirty thousand worthy of Haddock!Rivers and lakes are not static and can not give way; as for Yap soil, Ke Deer speech.Yang also on this summer, Zhe, bitter three counties households and twenty but food Wuping million, and with sub-loss slander, but also reduce the responsibility solitary.  This article was written in Jian fifteen years (210), Cao Cao when he was fifty-six.This article is a reflection of the development process and the important thought of Cao Cao article autobiographical major life experience, can be seen as Cao Cao’s political manifesto and personal history form, are descendants of understanding of Cao Cao, Cao Cao’s important to understand literature.  At this point, he has completely defeated Yuan Shao Group, the basic unity of the north, the gradual consolidation of political power, Cao Cao’s next goal is to unify the country.But to achieve this objective difficulties, the main problem is the Southern Sun Quan, Liu Bei presence of two military blocs, in addition to their anti-coalition in its military Cao, Cao Cao attack on the political “prop name Han phase, in fact, insurgent “,” want to waste Chinese self ‘.That is, within their own camp, part of the pro-Chinese faction who, Cao Cao also skeptical, very critical.Another point is that not long ago Cao Cao (208) suffered heavy losses defeat of Red Cliff, in this situation, in order to oppose Cao Cao’s attack political opponents, people settled men released the text of this order, the emperor sealed by refund of the three counties machine, show their this blog, to counter the government and the public obloquy.  Cao Cao paper describes the development of their ideas, outlined the history of the unified war in northern China.  Article said he had no great ambition, but said the fear of being stupid, so wanted to be an official post, prove yourself to others okay.This should be Cao Cao sentence Qianci.Later, thinking has changed because of turmoil in the country, the outbreak of the Yellow Turbans.They have been appointed as a minor official of the army, the occasion of the national employers began going to serve their country, put down the rebellion, but this time, but the ambition is still able to be a general, he sealed a marquis.In order to prove that he was not ambition, Cao Dong discuss in particular pointed out that he intends to reduce the number of troops.The implication is that, if I really have no minister of the heart, it will take the opportunity to recruit more soldiers and horses, to expand their strength.Dong calm after the chaos, warlords all over again began to stir, the state is still not settled, I began to put down everywhere these local forces have no minister of the heart, Taoyuan surgery, breaking Yuan Shao, Liu Biao set.In short, my actions and aspirations, with the country’s needs and situation of the court and change, I do this not for themselves.Then later, the prime minister made his own, far beyond the initial desire has been satisfied.This again shows that his loyalty to the Han Dynasty, there is no “rude ambition.”.  Cao Cao text words: “No country has Sheshi solitary, I do not know when a few people became the emperor, king few people,” This is not only an affirmation of their own merit, but also give their exact location, how confident, how ambitious.In fact from the point of view, Cao Cao in the north was indeed played a role Dinghaishenzhen, contributed.Earlier, Cao Cao has twice rejected local despots plot rebellion forces act.Once Zhongping five years (188), Jizhou thorn Shi Wangfen collusion Nanyang Xu You, Pei Guo Jing Zhou and other wishes the abolition of Emperor Ling, Cao Cao had contact, was rejected; another is the beginning of the first year level (190), and Yuan Shao Jizhou thorn Shihan Fu Dong discuss the machine by a separate court to win over Cao Cao, Cao Cao was also severe tongue-lashing.Cao Cao also wrote articles for this purpose – ‘A Yuan Shao “At the time of Yuan Shao, Canton, more soldiers, is the largest local separatist forces.Yuan Shao himself feel good, I feel arrogant, supercilious.The time of Cao Cao has just started, few horses, small office, and normally should first clinging to a tree, looking for a backer.But Cao Cao objective analysis of the situation, stated rightly refused Yuan Shao.In ‘A Yuan Shao “in Cao Cao pointed out that the reason why the crusade against Dong Zhuo be able to gather together so many horses, because it is a just war,” it is also moving this to justice. “.In view of Cao Cao, discuss Dong Zhuo, save the emperor is just, and Yuan Shao’s practice is unpopular and is bound to fail.So Cao Cao irrevocably decided: “dwellers north, from west to I” – a separate emperor you, and I myself westward to fight for Dong Zhuo, save Xiandi.  It is clear that prevented the Yuan Shu’s “rude” behavior in this article Cao Cao – Yuan Shu became the emperor wanted.From the point of view of the Francophone Yuan Shu is ready in all aspects.In this way Cao Cao also said a “Pre-two women fight for the Queen”, seems to be in the briefing, understatement, in fact, is very “insidious” in broke the news, people know that Yuan Shao’s “household management” skills.Home are incurable, so what is the rule?Wen said Yuan Shao eventually became the emperor did not dare, it is because of Cao Cao in the “Tso still, yet to know it.”.  Show loyalty at the same time, Cao Cao and straightforward to say, openly admitted, will not let the right to send troops, no tweaking pretentious, empty words hypocritical.why?”Honesty has been the fear of evil from the human soldiers also.Both for the children and grandchildren count, and the country has Baize dumping crisis, is not Mu vanity and at real disaster, this is not the.”That is, whether individual or national interests which terms are unable to do so.  Once the hand over military power, who can guarantee that I will not be murdered man?Certainly no one to stand up and guarantee silly, it was self-inflicted bad luck.More importantly, I once accident, the state will fall into chaos, the regime would now be torn down.So it is impossible to make the right to send troops.The real reason, and upright.A “vanity” and “real evil” choice reflects Cao Cao’s frank, revealing a re-thinking of the “legalist” Cao Cao, Furu if it could choose “real disaster”.Cao Cao did not say some of the empty, high-sounding truths, which shows that Cao Cao frankly, because frankly and more real, credible.  In order to gain the trust of people of the world, the potential for an excuse to reduce the number of hostile articles of manufacture, but also to get a good reputation the world, and then to change public opinion against themselves Cao Cao made a referral to learn to push and raised him from Shen Bao Xu ethical, speech title, let manor.  In fact, this is not the first time a letter to Cao Cao raised him politely refuse.In the “Cao Cao set” recorded with several manor Cao Cao politely refuse, politely refuse official post memorial.As “a letter to let the seal”, “letter to let Tinghou fee”, “letter to let Wu Hou increase seal”, etc..In the feudal era, the title is divided into five general such as: public, Hou, Peter, son, male.Marquis second only to Duke, the second highest “titles” in many people struggle a lifetime may not be able to get.Parachutist famous Li Guang, this would never forget, may ultimately unsuccessful in his attempt, leaving a space “Li Guang Is Difficult” allusions to future generations.This also can be seen Cao Cao definitely not short-sighted, fields and buildings of the generation of the miser, Cao Cao ingenious, high aspirations, “suppression can be described as extraordinary people, the world super Inchcape carry on.”.  Alone article, for both ideological or artistic are good.From the aspect of writing the article, I think is not inferior to Zhuge Liang “Inst”.”Paul Tang Ling Feng, battle ax conquest, pushing a small weak Keqiang, while at the big birds” written sonorous, neat and concise; “but vote count died for the country, to eliminate justice body, foot down to future generations,” “solitary each of the two read this book, perhaps a runny nose is also not sad, “written very appealing, not with the” Inst “in the ‘by any on the occasion of the defeated army, ordered in distress between’ like it?From the point of view but also the tone of the text is not grown arrogant, “Ge of solitary remark liver are also to”, “can be described as God helps the Han Dynasty, also non-human”.  The article is written extremely rich, very frank and convincing, but also very impressive.In the show it did not “rude ambition” at the same time expressed its own national interests, in order to put down the world as political ambition, full of pride, showing extraordinary magnanimity and courage politicians.I think the article said Cao Cao was honest opinion, the text of the confession is credible.  Combined with the following Cao Cao’s life experience, and has done since the official Cao Cao, to further demonstrate this point.  Since the origin is not very good, very sensitive to the reputation of Cao Cao.As we all know, Cao Cao’s father, Cao Song is a big eunuch, Cao Teng Attendants’s adopted son, so Cao Cao is a eunuch Cao Teng’s grandson, after being branded imprint deeply eunuch.  Cao Teng around the emperor as emperor by the favoritism of Elegance, also not all kinds of evil people.According Phrase “Han continued,” it reads: “(Song) in the door of an inner province more than thirty years, the calendar thing Four Emperors, there have been a bad idea.Well up into the elite, and finally nothing to damage.Huan ascended the throne, to the late emperor Tang old veterans, Zhongxiao highlight, sealing fee Tinghou.”From the above description can be seen in the palace Cao Teng thirty years, serving four generations of emperors (Han Antiquorum, the Han emperor, Emperor Chong of Han, Han Huan) has been a positive image, words can Shintada recommended elite talent, always trusted by the emperor and ended up “one highlight” highly valued, which is very rare among the eunuch dynasties, and ultimately into the Jazz Monkey.And from the children of family background, it is also a good honest Cao Tang House.  Or “Han continued,” in the records about his father Cao Cao Teng festival, which is such a thing great-grandfather of Cao Cao.Cao Jie have a neighbor lost a pig, I feel at home there are a lot like Cao Jie, actually come to door.Logically speaking, this little bully.Pig bar, pig pig brain looks are difficult to distinguish, but Cao Section shall not argue with the neighbors, the neighbor took the pig to the.A few days later, a neighbor of the pig yourself get lost stroll back, the neighbors feel very embarrassed, door again, sending pigs and an apology, it Cao Jie, also like the original, no words, laugh accept leave no 得理不饶人.Since then, the village people are honest praised Cao Festival.Such people also estimated because of the poor, only to send their children to the palace eunuchs.Cao Teng in the palace to get everyone praise, whether it related to the family tradition?From this Cao Jie, Cao Teng character are good.Cao Cao’s father Cao Song was in the “Han continued,” also has a “qualitative carefully London, where loyalty and filial piety,” the evaluation, so that Cao Cao was born Zhongxiao family is not overrated.  However, the prevailing social customs of great importance to the concept of the door first, Cao Cao defeated Yuan Shao quick to show off their family background “IV and Excellencies,” Cao Cao is also a curse directed at the crucial point – “superfluous castration left ugly”, is accused eunuch Cao Cao is the adopted son passed down villain.Cao Cao’s father, Cao Song, as the adopted son of Cao Teng, acting everywhere have felt the inconvenience, although he rose to the rank Qiu, but that is to spend lots of money to buy, when to sell national public office, he spent money far higher than at the time of several times the market price, because born poor.So, how the situation here to Cao Cao?There is not much better, as society is still deeply rooted, Cao Cao was cited as Xiaolian, it should also spent a lot of effort over.Faced with this situation, I am afraid that Cao Cao was struggling youth, the future can not have too many illusions, so to say, Cao Cao said in “Let the county self-evident that this blog” “This limited its present chih” is credible.  Cao Cao their family background is what attitude it?Facts and data indicate that Cao Cao quite objectionable.Cao Cao in trying to change the world for him there is prejudice.  The social public discussion points “clean” and “turbidity” two factions, due to the eunuch group when Han Huan holding court from the beginning, has been intensified during the debut of Emperor Ling of Han Cao Cao, bitterly hated by society, of course, is listed as the eunuch forces “turbidity”.The age of twenty, Cao Cao was cited as Xiaolian, official soon, with a wooden stick and killed the eunuch Jian Shuo favorite of the emperor’s uncle, declared war on the Eunuchs.Then, Cao Cao and Emperor Ling of Han light in four (181) years, a letter for the plan because Heaven eunuch failure, and major general was killed and other big eunuch Cao Jie Dou Wu and Chen Fan Tutor Idealists.  As the family background is not praised, not much may depend on the capital, the official beginning of the great attention to the image of Cao Cao, loving loyalty, combat tyrannical, change our habits, is indeed a promising honest and good officer, the officer was quite place and praise discouraged.”The start of both,” Cao Cao after all, not mediocrity, with their own efforts, together with the opportunities, Cao Cao from a small bureaucracy, go step by step the prime minister, Wei Gong, until the king.  Through the above analysis we can see Cao Cao officials honest, afraid of tyrannical, not a traitor of the column, it should be said at this time of Cao Cao attitude is sincere, “so that” the text made no “rude ambition” is credible.  However, when the displacement of people.With the increase in duties, rights of growing, Cao Cao, “this blog” are quietly undergoing change.In the third year from Cao Cao wrote “Let the county self-evident that this blog” post, Jian eighteen years (213), Cao Cao ushered in a difficult choice: whether or not to subject Jiuxi, said Wei Gong?!  See “Let Jiuxi table”, reads as follows: Chen Gong small Debo, honor pet has passed.Yi Jin Jue soil, the minister should be non.Jiuxi gift, the minister said no.Palpitate camp anxiety symptoms, such as inflammation of the heart burning.Return love realism, Hebei and Inner Mongolia provinces to listen to.Chao praise their senses Majesty complex induced, to Yu Yi, weeks, no sorrow Xu.Chen Wen Shijun Road, bullying committed Erwu.The amount of energy at the site, which meant that they power meter.Gou the bear, no way detrimental to.Chen added Guilt respect, with the people of looking, and since too absurd, that which Chen Ho?( “Arts class together”) Jian eighteen years (213), forced Emperor Xian of Han Feng Cao Cao Weiguo Gong, thanks Jiuxi.Although Essentially, this article is Cao Cao routine of humility, going through the motions; although many Cao Cao eventually condemned and became king in doubt, but from the text we can clearly feel the inner conflict of Cao Cao, Cao Cao the heart is very tangled.A “plus minister Guilt photogenic, with the people looking, and since too absurd, that that minister what” through the end of Cao Cao, Cao Cao at this time not simply modest, own no merit, should not be affected by this award.Cao Cao think that I do that people will judge me how, how about me?Cao Cao as literary people, his knowledge is by no means out of thin air, he was well-read Confucian classics, although not completely controlled by Confucianism, but Confucian “One”, “Honesty and Honor” preaching had considerable influence on his affirmation.Cao Cao from the official beginning has been very aware of their image, reputation cherish.What should we do now?I think certainly at this time Cao Cao quite a headache on “their minister that what” this issue, after all, “Let the county self-evident that this blog” ink still in.I think it is right politician Sima Guang Song in its “Mirror” in the comparison: the “strong violent Wei Wu Kang, plus there is great merit in the world, no monarch build its heart for some time now, and even did not dare body waste Han self-reliance, did not want chi zai?Still self-suppression is also fear nominal.”Cao Cao great ability, great credit, it does not say that the world is on the Han Dynasty replaced the idea is not realistic.Besides, there were rude Chi, the coveted heart of man far more than a?First, the first to eat crab Yuan Shu, Zhitaicaishu, indecisive Yuan Shao, Cao Cao was even teased as a idiot like Liu Biao, they are not eager?Liu Bei, Sun Quan to mention.  However, until his death, Cao Cao did not destroy the Han emperor, his heart must have a fierce struggle, at least, Cao Cao Yuan Shu than to face.In fact, the progress and development of society historical perspective, Han Cao Cao takes a little earlier and replaced, not necessarily a bad thing.Han generation after hundreds of years, went to the Eastern Han Dynasty have been downright rotten, ill.Fatuous emperors, eunuchs in power, a political pandemonium, even to the point where government price tag Maiguanyujue.Not to mention the economy, people are eating people, and said what!The most absurd is that Emperor Ling of Han Liu, he ignoring affairs of state, set up in the harem market, so that small business operators when the palace eunuchs, and he is dressed as a businessman drinking pleasure in the meantime.Ling Di officials even dog hat, teasing play.A happy, walking around on their own in order to catch a donkey cart, civil and military ministers to emulate, resulting in a sudden surge in capital donkeys price.  ”Han continued,” This is covered in this review: donkey who is the weight-bearing Zhiyuan, up and down the valley, the wild man with the ear, but Can He Youdi Wang Junzi driving the almost!If God said: State and chaos, Xian Yu-sik down, where the rulers Jieru donkey.Meaning that the donkey is a mountain Suburban used to work, how the emperor, ministers mule driver of the car.This seems to be an act of God to tell people the nation will be chaos, and location wise men and fools upside down, those in power are the same people and donkeys.”Where the rulers Jieru donkey” That is right vent!It seems that people write the history books infuriating anxious eyes.It was in the emperor’s divine destiny of these struggles, the Eastern Han Dynasty war continued social, economic collapse, widespread poverty.Such a regime memory of what benefits!  It is said that Cao Cao died a few years if the night will on behalf of the Chinese self-reliance, you believe it?  Cao Cao heart is very tangled.