Cao Cao Ying heart

Recently I read a text called “our responsibility ‘up’ yet ‘, meaning that, with salary increases, our filial piety to the family, loyalty to the company and should be followed up.    We often talk of the town in our treatment, often tossing at home in our discussion of wages, of course, it is the breadwinner tool And who will stop questioning your own thoughts, sort out their emotions, to see themselves in the end perform their duties responsibly Zeyang?You can play on their own work, wages.You, body heart in Cao Ying Cao?Or living in Han Cao Ying heart?    Have to say, most of us are loyal to their cause, because now the work is the root of our existence, the life of the group, to realize the value of this.But you can do loyalty, from start to finish, the same commitment it.    Eastern Han Dynasty, Guan Yu defeated in order to protect his wife’s sworn brother Liu Bei, Cao Cao was forced to surrender.Cao Cao then sent money, offer beauty, respect BMW, collar shirt, and Guan Yu is indifferent.This time, Liu Bei Guan Yu single-minded just concerned about the fate of the “human heart in Cao Ying Han,” the story arises, and spread BES.It seems, as long as their fate and who together, even through fire and water will without any hesitation, which is beyond reproach.Look at the story of Su Wu sheep, you must be Su Wu of perseverance, dedication, patriotism, admire the five-body cast.Feng Emperor’s life, served on a number of detained Han Dynasty Huns messenger north also because of the rebellion, but suffered a stay of treatment, 19 years, tortured, rather die than surrender, unyielding face of coercion, not the face of harsh environment so that, finally ascended the throne after Emperor Han Zhao, holding banner “Day” back to the Han, loyal feast realm is evident, and this is a typical representative of “living in Hungary battalion Chinese heart” of it.    We often say that the rights and obligations of matches.There is no right not the obligation, but there is no obligation no right.Sometimes, there is much much rights obligations, the two complement each other.    We also know, responsibility and interests perish.Sometimes, the responsibility but also reflects the interests and more closely associated with degree.Like Taoyuan three sworn Liu Guan, have set a covenant of life and death in this life, do not change the fate of flicker, there is no relationship between the big things of life and death, you should not change the original intention to achieve betrayal, which is Guan Yu “living in Cao the true meaning of camp Chinese heart “of.    In fact, we should feel for others, often to a empathy.Like “our responsibility ‘up’ yet,” the text says mean, look at what business to me Zeyang?And I have to return the number of enterprises?In the corporate body, the energy used in the collection business is not used in the negative treatment, should definitely not hold the attitude.Once read a story about a group of people in the shade under a tree, the leaves often complain unwittingly hit his head, so unreasonable to blame this tree.We stop and think, when we have a tree in the shade under a tree, when the tree falls, we can count on who is going to take a leading role yet.The reason is simple, we just have not awakened.    This high mountain looking at the mountain, is human nature.I remember a very old leader taught me, it is called, to quit this job, this job must first dry well.Layman’s words, people will last a lifetime.For business, loyalty to jobs that Cao Cao Ying heart, there must be no half-hearted.