Cao Cao, I’m your soul mate

I am an ox immediately 40-year-old man.Say as old as that small is not small.He is a hero worship of the teacher.Junior high school language teaching for 17 years, brought out several Siping teachers, had a Siping advanced teachers, advanced individual.Read the “Three Kingdoms”, “Three Kingdoms” are also less read 40 times, the text of both white, vernacular, real pen, simplified, have read.Throughout the book, the only respect a person.That is Cao Cao..”Three Kingdoms” You see: 1 like Zhuge Zhi nearly demon: astronomy, geography, all-knowing, omniscient art of war war policy even surgery can truly inspired.Before writing his fire Bowang slope, ghost unpredictable, written after he left meter cut Wei Yan, ghosts are scared.In fact, it is true Zhuge Liang wrote before and after the Inst and a Longzhong.Most of the achievements of the military shut down Ma Huang Wei Zhao built.Quan Caochuanjiejian example is the dryness of the empty city is Zhao.Many heroic deeds are written by Luo Guanzhong blind Ann foreign guns, and self-contradictory.Zhuge Liang both through Xiaotian Wen, Shen Jiang know three days of fog, heavy rain will be that day when I do not know why the fire above the valley?Both made wooden ox carrying food, why not large-scale agricultural production for human liberation?Why is there a war of words group of Confucianism defense, and get out of the three gas Zhou Yu Chi, put on a large empty city of bile, but failed to convince first main Xing Bing Fa Wu Nian?First Lord knows is inevitable Qiu Xing Bing Fa Wu to report both his brother, and anger hearts and minds, why not figure defeat?Why not go with complemented Yields?Shu Li Bo knows is a small country, the strength of the financial resources of poor financial and material resources, why is the rape of public opinion, six Qishan?Why soldiers out Xiegu always be victorious, still stubborn generals do Wei Yanbing the Meridian Valley straight from Changan meter?Neither merit, not need to worry that the anti-Wei Yan?After the death of Wei Yan knows is why it will come back before the death of the knife cut, why have Yangyi by hand in addition to the Madai?In fact, what he can?No emperor with his assistant, the first emperor emperor industry, can not be removed under the Camarilla to Huang Hao Su Asatsuna, but excesses, the emperor with distractions, and no monarch; he’s all over too.Do not believe you look Inst, his loyalty co-existence on the surface, but in reality to blame rebuke Xiangfu identity, in line with the monarch Road MO?If not shut down Zhao Wei Jiang Wan Ma Huang Fei Yi Dong Yun Yang Yi mused Liu Bei confidant, I think he had then replaced it!Otherwise, why Liu Bei said, “Jun Cao Pi was ten times, then this child be assisted secondary, the secondary is not assisted dying when instead of?”On the surface he spared no efforts unavoidably, in fact, is a small power all right I hold in power, who would not satisfied?But the unexpected outbreak, although tricks, anti lost his tail.So I said, Zhuge Liang Wei Longzhong on paper, most people can not admire.2 draw near to Liu Bei benevolence Pseudo: Not to mention Zhao rescued after fools in creating chaos in the child fell to his morale people will buy heart, one that he Tao Kung Zu 3 Let the time Xuzhou, have not been even a nest immediately Huang Shu , at this time we can have a base, again three humility?Besides he brought people to cross the river, seeing life crisis, but also to bring people hold tight, although the hearts of the people want, but the people should have been let go and run away, how reoccurrence of himself and his men in the civil and military rival?Three said he refused to help Liu Zhang Zhang Lu, Liu Zhang dim, when the final map of the brothers against each other, struggling to great lengths.Pang Tong how about the plan for the time being the law of the map, without firing a shot?This accident and his father Liu Bang very different.The guy for their own escape, to run fast cars and his own pro-children are thrown from the car down, in order to scare Xiang Yu, you actually said I was sworn brothers, my father is your father, you kill the father, then I also cup soup.People say great things sloppy.Non-toxic and not her husband.Liu Bei can not fathom why these truths?It’s a pity!After Should have Xuzhou, an early Liu Biao, Liu Zhang map again, Swinger South Vietnam, but also worry about the small country is weak, powerless.How sad indeed!Sigh zai!What popular who in the world?It was the old dogma of primitive society.Since the slave society, the strong king, winner takes all is the last word!Chairman Mao’s words with a gun out of the regime!”Law of the jungle, survival of the fittest.”Rule is not only nature, but also the law of human society!But Liu Bei can scratch the last separatist party, and Wei, Sun Quan three pillars, but also a true hero.But bit under Cao Cao.Because although Cao Cao also started from scratch, but the thorn Dong Yong, stretch righteous in the world, was Xiaolian Wei Hong Zhangyishucai support, loyalty put up the white flag, meaning big move soldiers.Yue Jin and Li Dian and was Jaap clan XiaHouYuan Cao Cao Ren and Xu Chu Xu Huang, Zhang Liao later Wade Zhang He in the ban Pound Sima Yi Guo Jiacheng Yu Xun Xun Xu You.And other generals Fumiomi has invested and accounted for effectiveness of soldier one million war one thousand, winning thousands of miles away strategizing among the counselors.Yellow Turbans broke off Riboud destroy the Liaodong Yuan Shu Yuan Shaoping income drop Hanzhong Liu Cong Binh Dinh, meritorious.Although the emperor’s courtiers human heart, but no meaning Cuanni.Really is a commendable.Duke fear gossip day, when Wang Mang humble corporal, Ercao body and were all off, who knows there is life authenticity?