Cao Cao

I like Cao Cao.  Since ancient times, emperors so much, but also countless good, but I only like Cao Cao.Other emperors nor negative attitude, but also to appreciate their great achievements.Of course, this is only limited to men, of course, for him as a person, I do not accept it.  Chairman Mao once said: a man – seven-third of the work had to suffice.I also hold this attitude, to accept Cao Cao.  For Cao Cao, I think I appreciate his rational, of course, something about him – can not be sure.  I would first say he’s okay.  If I remember correctly, once I wrote a crusade against Chen Ping, Cao Cao’s call to arms.He exhausted his talent, Cao Cao scolded discredited by a few, while Cao Cao was suffering from headaches.Read the article, Chen Ping was full of praise for the talented.Unknowingly, head It does not hurt anymore, Cao Cao Yue for this purpose.After each suffering from a headache, to see Chen Ping scolded his article.And later, Chan follow the master, and the failure in the Battle Cao, Cao fall into the hands of ChenPing.  Chen Ping Cao Cao asked: “old scolded me miserable as the face of the status quo, you think how can I dispose of you?”Mr Chan said with a smile:” We should wait on food and wine.”Cao Cao asked him:” Why should I be treated as such?”Chan replied:” I heard, like, my article cure your headaches, let you suffer from the needle mortar of Chinese medicine, this is one; the other is: good birds greener pastures , select the main door Yoshiomi.I was the main be subjected to Sri Lanka, of course, for him to fight in, you and he opposed to writing articles denouncing you, what is wrong with?Third, I heard people say, Meng to love, cherish, though I only, but also some skills, I believe you will not treat me bad.”After Cao Cao listened, laughed a few times, then ordered, according to Chen Ping hospitality he said, and later mastered most of the afternoon writing is to let Chen Lin.  Of course, Chen Ping eloquence, it is undeniable, however, Cao Cao’s mind, but also can not help but admire.  In my mind, but also a woman, has done similar things.  She is the Empress, and then performance Philippines: Wu, originally intended for her “separate portal” only write, but now that I think of it or merge.  LUO, is well-known wit, the age of seven a “Goose Goose Goose” became one, it has been writing poetry, saying: “At that time Wang Luo Yang Lu body, thin as paper contempt not break.Ercao body and were all off, do not waste eternal flow of rivers.”The ‘Luo’ is LUO.  Middle age, a time when Empress Wu in charge of the Lee regime, wants to establish a new dynasty.For many scholars the world of Empress Wu Shi great sense of dissatisfaction with the move, have to write articles denouncing Wu.One of the most outstanding is the LUO.  The LUO official was arrested, and his essays to Wu Zetian.Wu looked after, is greatly appreciated, and exclaimed: “Unfortunately, unfortunately, so I can not use the Wizards!”Thus, I ordered to put LUO.  If you say that Cao Cao is a fierce and ambitious, with Invisible Target, then, Wu is well deserved Girls Hero, described as a “nei”!  Cao Cao, temporarily can not think of his image beneficial deeds.But, in my mind, but often recurs his poetry and wine Riverside, long song when the cry of the screen.I think, I can not be a good description of the home, so beautiful picture, I can only one person Exclusive: with long fluttering, Qing Yang hair, the face of unlimited Yangtze River, water east passed away, the enthusiasm of a cavity Founding of the Republic loneliness.Of course, since Cao Cao was known as “Lawrence of” often portrayed as “bad cop” in the opera, it of course has his insidious side, when he come down, staying at a friend’s house, this is a well-intentioned friend killed pig in honor of him, but because he got it wrong, misunderstood, so the whole family friends manslaughter.With him at the plight of Chen Gong think he was wrong, he said: I would rather negative people of the world I would not let negative people of the world!!!  His Holiness is like a momentum, just like a cavity pride proud person, of course, this is the “Three Kingdoms” Cao Cao dramatic TV series, the “hundred Kodansha”, the Yi Zhongtian, said: “In fact, Cao Cao’s words are not this, Cao Cao’s words still some humane later, listening to his father Cao Cao comment about it, my father said: born in troubled times, we can not blame the whole of Cao Cao, if you really want to gain a firm footing in troubled times, you have to have Cao Cao as cruel.  At that time, I could not help think of Wu Zetian to the main temple of the position, alive strangle his beloved daughter, think about the social, let me shudder.  Alyssa played in “Zhizunhongyan” in her daughter was killed by her sisters, who is killed is not important in my mind, it is important, I really appreciate them: whether it is Cao Cao , or Wu, who is my worship, “no gold, no one is perfect,” itself, our own not perfect, so perfect is no reason to ask others.