Cao E monument of legend and Cao’e

Long ago, the Phoenix mountain Shangyu ancient Shunjiang the West Bank, a small fishing village a man named Cao Jiabao.A man named Cao Xu village of fisherman, he 365 days a year, every day fishing on Shunjiang.  This fisherman had a daughter named Cao E, the annual party fourteen years old, he’s Meirutianxian, but also extremely intelligent, was a famed Daughters.  A year between spring and summer, the two sides continuous heavy rain, water surge Shunjiang Hong.Turbid rolling on the river, rolled up a huge whirlpool, flooded beach.  Fishermen are afraid of flood waters, up flood fish much, but the risk of large floods raging.Cao Xu looked at the muddy river, no longer wait any longer, saying “good mixing with water to catch fish.”.  This is an annual fishing season, how can you miss.  Cao Xu sort out his fishing nets, boat launch out, going to go fishing Chujiang.Cao’e looking at the sky clouds, advised not to father.  Cao Xu said: “The day catch fish in danger, as long as it is carefully without incident.”Cao’e go see Dad insisted, begged to take her father to go with whatever the outcome, to have a look.  Cao Xu said: “My daughter do not know water, but I went to the trouble, do not go.”In this way, Cao Xu went.  Cao’e really do not worry, be helpless.Only at home always hope, Keke Wang, burn incense and pray and beg Buddha bless her daddy go home safely.  However, until the sun over the western Japan, but he did not come to dinner dad.  Cao’e she again went to the river bank look-up, the whole river and fog, storms off layers, but there is no daddy’s fishing.  Cao’e uneasy, she walk along the river three miles up, turn around and walk six miles down, or did not see dad.  The sun almost down to the hill, desperately anxious Cao’e called: “Daddy, Daddy -” cries of Cao’e attracted several of her father’s partner, they all wet clothes, we all met Cao’e sigh, and told her: with them in the net, suddenly a big wave to fight over her father’s boat to promote the whirlpool and let the water washed away.  After a Cao’e, he suffered a small soul, his legs are playing soft feet, nearly fainted.  Cao’e shouting: “Daddy!”Bajiao on downstream towards Shunjiang the chase, people do not trust Cao’e also followed chase.  Dark, accompanied by a few fishermen uncles Cao’e, a Zaiquan her first home, her father said good water, I am afraid that in the downstream ashore, others rest in the house, tomorrow will certainly help her get it back.  Cao’e not see Dad, how are willing to go back, refusing all.  All night, Cao’e in the river to and fro crying and cried, beside folks no one not touching, and uncomfortable for her.  The next day, the village was brought to Cao’e to eat, but she does not eat.  People stay Cao’e along the river looking for, looking for three days, still no Cao’e her father.  Cao’e along the river crying, crying for three days, tears Kugan.It is to persuade people in the village, but also coax, persuade her to go home.Cao’e was stubborn and said: “Daddy does not find, I do not go home to die.”She Cao’e not eat, sleep, cry Qiriqiye along the river, crying tears in the eyes of all blood flow out of the last.  On the eighth day Cao’e looking at the river, suddenly saw a big wave hold up a black regiment, it seems to be fighting with her dad in water.  Chen Cao’e a surprise, really good dad water, still water travel.  Cao’e she wanted to save dad, dad to swim ashore to help.So, Cao’e shout, jump rushed up to the river.  ”Cao’e jumped into the river!- “People are screaming in pain, have ran to save.  But see, however, the surging river, where there is the shadow of Cao’e.  ”My God!Why was such a good man chosen to bad luck?”People tears filling her eyes, around the river bank blaming Heaven complain to.  Pro-incompatibility, folks situation, the village people do not have the heart to let Cao’e father and daughter buried underwater, we will have to find their remains split along the river.  It took another three days, the calm surface of the river, the river is also clear and bright, where more than a dozen people in the downstream of the river, saw a surge in the river circled vaguely like someone swimming.  Hopefully catch up with the past, and she saw a man and a woman in river.  The two men back close to the back, hands tied behind their backs firmly negative woman with man.  My God!This is Cao’e and her father.  Cao’e though dead, but she was able to retrieve his father’s corpse, put him to the river bank the negative side, people say this is the day of her filial piety moved.  Later, the father of the effluent Cao’e negative place was called the people of the village He disk.  Cao’e filial piety touched the day, but moved around folks.They carefully buried Cao’e father and daughter, father and Caoe diving save riverside temple built, plastic like her, respect her, called the Cao’e village as “Daughters of the Goddess”, also fishing village, and put the Shunjiang renamed Caoejiang.  Later, whenever Cao’e Rather Than this one day, Cao E temple to be held in a grand temple, each provincial government there are people to worship Goddess worship Cao’e Daughters, send plaque inscription many celebrities also praised the piety Cao’e.  Until now, no matter Caoejiang swift tide fierce, roaring river, in front of a temple Cao’e, immediately became silent, as if unworthy Daughters, quietly fled, after a Cao’e front of the temple, only dare to make noise, really makes people sigh for the miracle.  Cao E monument legend Cao’e a river rather than the father’s story has crossed the fifteen hundred years of long years.  Cao E temple located in Shangyu City, Jiangxi Cao’e the river shore, the surging river from south to north flow into Hangzhou Bay.  People stand in front of the temple Cao’e would think of being held away from a crowded festival in May Ying Wu Jun tide of God (Wu) ceremony on Shunjiang year, everyone rowing boat, knocking the ancient percussion instruments (section) , singing worship songs, danced worship dance, wore bell intrusion tide of the Qiantang forward.Xu’s father Cao Cao E, Shangyu soap Tahu caojiapu man, a fisherman, fishing for a living in Shunjiang.Usually also cater Wu Zhu, is a professional to do the kind of shaman ritual, similar to the West priests.  He is said to the ceremonial activities of the protagonist character.Perhaps it is because too happy, maybe a little drink Shaoxing wine, a little groggy mind.  Shunjiang on the big waves this day, do not know the boat capsized, or he accidentally?In short, Cao Xu, dropped to a Shunjiang the water and drowned, but not the bodies of several days.  Daughters Cao’e at the age of only fourteen years old, call heaven crying No. looking for her father’s corpse along Shunjiang bank, crying and looking so experienced a full seventeen days.  In order to find his father’s body, in this day May 5 Cao’e she jumped into the water Shunjiang, three days after the river miraculously appeared two bodies holding his father’s Cao’e.  The villagers put them buried in the east coast, and soon turn migrate to the West Bank Cao’e tomb, because of the high terrain of the West Bank, not afraid of flooding.  After the People to commemorate Cao E’s filial festival, the construction of a river Cao’e Cao E temple in place, the village she lived in the town was renamed Cao E, Cao’e martyrdom of Father Shunjiang also renamed Caoejiang, as far as I know, with named after a river which is also unique in the world.  According to the “Shangyu County school continued – degree still” records, Yuan Jia Yuan in the first year to start building a temple Cao’e.The real Cao’e temple was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, after several times destroyed, rebuilt several times.1985 Open rebuilt, known as “the first southern temple”.  Cao E monument is the Eastern Han Dynasty Cao’e people to celebrate the virtues of her piety memorial stone standing.  Yuan Jia Han Dynasty (AD 151 years), so that the degree of Shangyu Hueiji still Gaizang E in the south of the road, and prefer to give Cao’e erected a monument to Chang Xiao Lie.  First Shuli Weilang whom the exercise pen, without a long, Sui Ming Chun as his disciples Handan inscription.  Handan Chun Fu twenties when I saw him calmly catch pen, a little idea, one go, people too busy upset.  Monument to load Xiao, Xiao-Wen Yang.Eastern Shengping two years (AD 358 years), Wang Xizhi book Cao’e monument to the temple, it is first engraved by the new Anwu Mao.  Silk manuscripts extant monument Liaoning Museum, Xu Liang Dynasty monk there on the right, full Qian, pregnant and others charge a title, as well as Han Yu, Song Gao et al inscription.  Cao E monument existing Department of Song Yuan Yu eight years (AD 1093) by the son of Wang Cai Bian heavy book.2 high monument.3 meters wide and 1 meter row italics, pen Bold, smooth and refreshing, calligraphy in the history of our country has a higher status.Nearly millennium, precious.  Ancient feudal emperors had big advocate of Cao’e, sealed gift plaque.Song Grand four years (AD 1110) Mrs. Ling Feng Xiao; governance five years (1115) sealed Zhao Shun; Junsuke six years (AD 1246) be added to pure Yi.  Yuan Yuan five years (AD 1339) sealed Mrs. Hui sense.  Hongwu eight years (AD 1375) officials ordered Feng Chi memorial, sincerity Bo Liu Ji essays Memorial Essays.  Jiaqing thirteen years (AD 1808) bestowed a blessing to be his wife; Mrs. sealed inspiration Tongzhi four years (AD 1865), thanks to “Cao Jiang Fu was” plaque.  Republic of China, Chiang Kai-shek, Lin Sen, Xiong Xiling, Yu Yu-jen and other military and political officials have plaque, couplet inscribed, Jiang’s inscription reads: “Light of human relations.”.  Cao’e most productive when the temple, there are 170 plaques, 57 couplets.Ancient literati also like to research this monument here Further Reading.  Luo Guanzhong, the story of Cao Xueqin Cao E monument has even written his works.  Cao E monument carved a reputation in the end what it says?  I went to check a bit, so the above is recorded: “The Daughters Cao’e who Shangyu Cao Xu’s daughter also.Its first week with the same ancestors, the end of the helmet shortage stream, Yuan hereby habitability.Xu can ask by song festival, dancing god of music.Han Ann May 5 years, Ying Wu Jun.Tao and on the reverse, water flooded, not its corpse.E when he was fourteen, number mousse Xu, Yin sorrow Ze River, ten days have seven days Suizi a river died, the father dead five days to hold out.Yuan Jia Han in security until the first year of the Dragon Xin Mao, Mo has a table.Shang Lei set of offerings, the speech said: Daughters of Iraq but, Olympus posture.Its partial Instead, make color meter hole.My Fair Lady, Qiaoxiaoqianxi.Yi Shi Jia, the male contact in the.Gift is not applied, sigh injury fatherly.Bicangyihe?Presume what no parent!V. God told sorrow, went to No. Jiangyong, unafraid of death.However, subtle light is extinguished, put mud.Daughters dancing, carrying heavy floats.Or parked Zhou Zhu, or in mid-stream.Or increasingly turbulent Seto, or by the waves.Condemned aloud, Mourning pain million.The viewer fill Road, gathered in the road Qu.Weeping tears cover tears, alerted States.Is Aijiang crying City, Qi collapse corner of the city.G of lead or mirror surface, Face Cutting knife ear.Zuotai until the water, hold the tree and burn.To play dutiful daughter, Demao this chou.It’s a big country, anti-ritual self-study.Qi Shu cheap conditions, dew grass house Mao.No help from straight, do not chop carving from.Liang Song had more, than there are special.This sorrow Chen Li, golden enduring.Ending up!Ming said: name Le Jinshi, the quality of the universe.Calendar age worship, Li Miao from the grave.Houtu in light, as significant Heaven.Students cheap your death benefit of the gates of righteousness.Ho Wah off despair, wandering early points.Pa Yan slim, eternity with God.If Yao and two women, as Furen.Aging seems to Zhao Houkun.”Why Cao’e famous monument?  Here it has a virtually all the world read “Three Kingdoms” will know Chinese legends.  In Luo Guanzhong “Three Kingdoms” mentioned, the year when CAOCAO riding counterparts passing Cao’e monument, engraved Beiyin they see a “yellow silk grandson Ji Young woman mortar” eight characters, Cao Cao Yang Xiu to ask: Do you understand this eight words mean.?  Yangxiu Gang tried to answer, Cao Cao said: “You first do not speak out, let me think about it.”Been waiting ten miles road came after Cao Cao then said:” I have understood the meaning of those eight words, you talk about your understanding, to see if we minds think alike.”Yang Xiu said:” yellow silk, Silk also, and which is absolutely (colored yellow silk is silk, and that is ‘absolutely’ word); Young women, girls also, and which is wonderful; daughter’s grandson son, combined into good (the grandson of a woman’s son, it was “good” word); Ji mortar is subject to the meaning, as speech ( “Ji” is mashed ginger and garlic, and “Ji mortar” is smashed ginger and garlic the container, when the words, “Xin by the” on “by the” plus side “happiness” is “speech” of variant forms.).These eight characters is’ wonderful good speech, “the word, is a tribute to the monument inscription Cao’e.”Cao Cao exclaimed:” Fall of imaginative, sensitive I also ten miles.”Because of this classic story, then the achievements of the ‘Cao E monument’ as ‘China’s first puzzle’ reputation.  It is because of China Cao E monument implies first clutch anagram, text lingo is seen as China’s totem, the originator of puzzle.  But also because the story of the origins of the riddles of the specially set up a puzzle grid “Cao’e grid”.  Here I borrow a poem Guan Xiu Tang Dynasty as the end: high monument Xiao said Seoul should be hard, thinking whitecaps between end fingertips.Sigh pedestrians do not look back, before the mountain should be limonene dill mountain.