Cao Granny and AIDS

Cao Granny’s house deep in the mountains away from the city, on this day, she ride into town to visit daughter.  Bus in the road leading to the town’s leisurely swinging.Lost and lonely people in the car, regardless of knowledge do not know, we pull the East West pulled gourd dipper pull up words.Cao old woman in the village was a gift of the gab can join in the fun love is not enough, plug in a few screeching loud mouth from time to time do not, they know the smell of rustic charm Township Yunshanwuzhao pass on to say.  People talking, put the conversation to focus on AIDS today a scary disease.Cao old woman heard, but also to the spirit, mysterious people say: I want to say that AIDS Yeah  Village shocked wife would have on the mouth harm a people, and even then a remote hill village has AIDS patients, but there are very, very skeptical friends  who asked: aunt, you said that the large shocked wife, she What are the symptoms  Shajiao ‘symptoms’  that is, where she was uncomfortable  mouth harm  never mind, fingers Festival pain, back pain, neck pain, face was swollen like a bread baking Cao Granny nose with eyes just to say the words head, to the bus terminal.People lose interest and get off busy, Cao Granny though something more to say, but he had to get off to the girl ran home and did not want to be blocked by a youth.The young man surnamed Huang, the staff love the Board of County.  Cao Granny just to get his attention in remarks car.Xiao Huang Cao Granny said: aunt, would you please wait a minute, I have something to ask you, you said you had AIDS wife Leng Village, this thing in the end is true or just your old joke  an old lady, is not happy: hey  I say you this comrade, it is not a rumor I was wondering  I live a lot older may never said that nonsense, I do not believe you on the village find out find out who I do not know what is the big man  shocked himself all over the world, said his wife had AIDS, how I give people a look Cao Hu choreography  old too fast color white face to be overturned shortness of breath, Xiao Huang smiled: aunt, you are old and do not be angry, to provide you with the situation is very important, and I’m in charge of this thing.Now had it not many people, so I have to ask.Cao Granny Puchi laughed: You put your liking, the village I would get on her person, and the law does not rule children  aunt, I would like to ask you to do something urgent to do what’s in town  old lady then he said: pour nothing urgent is to stay at home tired, want to look around the city girl  Huang said, to delay your aunt a little effort, you walk with me a trip, my unit is near the station.  Mrs Cao Xiao Huang led the Commission to love, arranged for her to rest in a place to call their own to go.  After a child, Xiao Huang back again, Cao old woman said: aunt, the disease if not controlled in time, with very serious consequences.Now you had to get right back to our village with a trip to find his wife a large flute.The car has been waiting outside.Cao old woman a little nervous: ah  have so much  thought, I saw parked in front of black and black cars, red cross painted on the back of a car snow white door.There are several car doctor in a white coat, there are several in uniform, wearing a large brimmed hat, Cao Granny guess they are doing.  Cao old woman accompanied by a small yellow, sitting in front of cars in.This is comparable to the bus when the car much faster, fly like a blink of an eye went to the village.Huang said the road should shocked wife back to the big city inspection.Cao old woman scared, I thought: I did not expect his words off by disclosing such a big funnel.South to work on a large flute was not at home, himself led the people to people wife away, I hate that he can not harm tooth length mouth  Yinhua Yinhua Yeah, you can not blame aunt, who told you had such a strange disease migraine it  stopped the car Cao old woman said: Comrade Yeah, all native lands, I’m not afraid to show his face, and you go from a  you see that in front of two black poplar tile-roofed house is his home, custody Yes.Do not say that I can tell you it  old woman finished, bounced feet head afraid to go back to home.  While, Cao old woman from the window to see a large flute wife Yinhua was discharged with door, white car on the bike.Then, two cars will set off swiftly, gone.  Cao old woman had no desire to see the girl, Yinhua was taken away, although it is good for her, can think of it always felt awkward.The places, Cao old woman without a word did not sleep safe.  The next morning, I do not know and when they had returned Yinhua.Cao old woman came to her home, but also led to the city being one week Zhou Zheng wife.Yinhua a door said: aunt, you can help me a great favor mile  Cao old woman felt face call to look hot: Yinhua, you, what are you Zhashui miles  Cao Yinhua attached to Granny’s ear , said: aunt, you know Shajiao  AIDS AIDS is Yinhua chirping a finish, Cao Granny stunned Zuidou not close on the: Oh my God, I’m sorry for your daughter miles, I senile miles , talkative and love really blind muttering sin yo Yinhua hasten to say: Do not worry ma’am, listen to me any brains  listened Yinhua’s remarks, Cao Granny this a stone off the ground, turn sorrow to joy laugh the.  Yesterday, Xiao Huang to them, saying only that for her body to be examined.Yinhua muddle taken directly to the county epidemic prevention station, she is checked again ask, a good meal toss.As a result, a Si Aizi did not find the virus from her body.Under surprised people, had to put her doubts to the process said it.Yinhua one, and suddenly.  It turned out that there is a hobby Yinhua, fond of living in knitting, weaving and faster and better guise, smooth-looking, than the machine woven.The village girls who are willing to resort to her daughter.Yinhua hot heart, generosity, responsive.Therefore, she weave day and night, often tired backache neck pain, face edema and even large Lenz said she loves knitting disease, which is a joke.  One is such a thing, which makes people laugh and cry.It so happened, Xiao Huang sister is the director of a sweater knittings, they urgently needed such talent Yinhua.Director of Operations with a sister wife Yinhua to this city, it sent a small yellow.She through field visits and appreciation of hand-knitted sweater Yinhua, Yinhua has decided to hire go to the factory for technical guidance, generous monthly salary.  From “Folk Literature” by mid-1998 10