Cao Jinghua selected collection of essays

[Profile]: Cao Jing, formerly known as Cao Tristate.Chinese writers, July 18, 1897 was born in Henan Romer, Cao Jing died in Beijing September 8, 1987.Lushi County, Henan Province.1897 born in mid-August 11.Lushi rural childhood home with his father reading CAO Pei-yuan, the initial contact with the anti-reform ideas.Fourth Movement back and forth, the unsealing of Henan Province in reading Li II.1920 as a representative of Henan, went to Shanghai to participate in the National Student Federation of the First Congress.1924 Annual sent by the Chinese Socialist Youth League in Moscow, studied at University of the East.The following year returned home to participate in community Weiming Lu presided over.1926-1927 Annual participate in the Revolutionary War, after the defeat of the revolution to the Soviet Union, has been teaching in Moscow and Leningrad Zhongshan University School of Oriental Languages.The autumn of 1933 to return home, has been teaching at the University of Arts and Women’s Peking University, Northeastern University, Chinese University and other schools.    ”Erhai Spray of Spring” Cao Jinghua – two good lyric Dali, Yunnan.  Erhai Lake, this smooth surface of the vanity mirror, a hundred miles north to south and from east to west more than ten years, it is placed in front of it.Cangshan, this fan Jinping, up to eight miles wide and over a hundred years, erected behind it.  Cangshan Shijiu Feng, from north to south, like a fairy nineteen, and sit shoulder to shoulder, be together, as if in physical makeup mirror, staring Erhai; they seem to stare at the Cangshan, year-round blooming flowers Erhai side, enjoy the silence.  Continued snow mountain Ai Kai, like a thin and white scarf draped over his head, made it very free and easy.  Dali, a good piece of landscape.Dali, a good lyric.Dali, township this myth, the myth everywhere.Any where you go, who will relish pointing tell you: This is a snake bone tower.It is said that in the past there was a Guaimang Erhai Lake, trouble swallowing humans and animals, common tail Erhai blocked exports, coastal flooding, submerged lands.This area people may suffer.Marble Carpenter segment sincere, determined people from harm.He holding a sword, tied steel body, jump sea, fight with pythons, python swallowed by people belly, his stomach rolling python, the python with a steel knife stabbed to death, and he buried the body python belly.People will remove python, broke open the belly, the sincere from the segment out of the python ashes, stir in the mud, in the hills horse ear peak, built a tower to commemorate him.  That is the Butterfly Spring ah!It said that when the fountain lived a family, one of the girls, it looks can be beautiful!There are heart in the girl, she fell in love with a young woodcutter.The king heard the girl looks good, put her to grab the palace.Woodman put her out late at night, the king sent to catch up with fountain, two people know no escape, you die cast spring, turned into a butterfly, flew both.Look at.That’s Cangshan jade peak Bureau!”Wang Fu cloud” appeared on the peak of Jade Bureau sky it is said in the past Dali Nanzhao Wang princess, good-hearted, the United States looks.She fell in love with a poor young hunter, fled to a cave on the innings Jade peak in.The king was furious, please Master hunter killed in Erhai Lake, the stone becomes a mule.Miss princess day and night, and soon will die, into a cloud, appeared on the Bureau of jade peak, like the visit like.This cloud appeared on the Erhai Lake on the wind comes up, whitecaps Xiantian until blowing open sea, exposed stone mule, only scattered clouds, wind information it.  this is.Look, that is,.Ah, as long as you have a fantastic listen, here’s the real story than the “Arabian Nights” more than it!Longitudinal lets say the Thousand and One Nights, also might not be able to finish!  Whoever is here, the realm of myth would like exposure, could not help but send praise from the bottom of my heart: Good Dali.  But better is Dali.They are in accordance with the party’s blueprint to create a better reality than myth it!  On a farewell party, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture literary units of several comrades and we get together, chat together.They are like after a rainstorm, Erhai soared, as the water pouring too late, that turbulent stirring, pour out of less than a thousand words, together in my mind, are scrambling said: “We Dali these days yet!Do you like our ‘romantic’ it?We’ve got so popular with ah.!How should I say, may be called Dali four King chant it: the wind Shimonoseki, on the off flowers, Shimonoseki wind on the off flowers.  Snow Mountain, Erhai month, according to Snow Mountain Erhai month.  Come and gone, how can we taste the ‘romantic’ smell it?”So some comrades say that Dali is very subtle, not guests this glance.Some say that Dali is a good article, the more thought-provoking read more.Some say that Dali is cup wine, aromatic fragrance smell, a taste does not come out.Last said: “Come back, come back next time.Do not forget our romantic ah!Next time, we are ready in the ‘drawing near’ to accompany you ride Shimonoseki wind, the waves break Erhai Lake, visit our Erhai Lake Crystal Palace, performing at the Crystal Palace in our Autonomous Prefecture.”I quickly insert a smile and said:” Then you can and then just did not like, performing the “new wife to go home”, and that it is Crystal Palace.”After a burst of laughter, they all but cut in and said:” how is it, then we will show “Fairy travel Crystal Palace” it.However, the accompaniment will not be our band, but the wind Shimonoseki.Wind actions, Wan gongs.This is our symphony Crystal Palace.We will Erhai month, Snow Mountain Seiki cross-Ying, a dance.We will be sharing meals Erhai month of Snow Mountain shine it in the Crystal Palace, that would not have fun of it!.”Romantic.Dali, it is beautiful, beautiful and unique, and taste.  Dali wind, no, it should be said that it Shimonoseki wind, really great.I arrived here on a taste.I live upstairs, and the window is on the outlet, per night wind comes up, Dragons Tigers, roof tiles and gongs.True than Huangshan Yuping floor, Lion Grove also fierce winds.Wind together, I thought it probably is Wang Fu Yun want to see the stone mule.Big wind, the sensational.When the original Shimonoseki Erhai person Pai Yang Jiang’s exports, the valley under the Cangshan Shijiu Feng southernmost peak of the setting sun, the gorge wins out, went straight to the Lancang River.This deep and narrow gorge, is a big outlet, facing the plain of Dali Shimonoseki.Therefore, the breeze blowing, roaring.To which also such Qiantang bore, rote, shaking the earth days.How many fragile people, the mere mention of it will be caught!  Dali flowers, and do not have the strength of character.Wind, even though it leaves the body dry, the wind pitching, but the spleen and bud all homes, fluttering in the breeze.  Dali flowers such as Jin, really “fast-paced world.”.Dali people do not have fun, lucky.They love flowers, gardening, seems to have become the wind study.In particular, Bai compatriots, almost every hospital is flowers, every household has a clean outside.They spend as part of the good life.Must spend green leaves lining, this emerald green leaves, is happy that set off their “flower of life” mean.  Dali Flower addition of good.Especially camellias, if Yunnan camellia heaven, then, is covered in respect of Dali in Yunnan camellia the.  Camellia varieties, up to 70 kinds.What Diechi, large purple, snow lion, big agate, boy face, high Hentian.Ah, is not a good memory horticulturist, who clearly remembered their title, they already distinguish the face of it!The huge flowers, there were seven inches in diameter.Color purple, white, with a pink, red.After grafting, a tree can be out thousands of flowers to colorful flowers.Lijiang River as well as thousands of years of ten thousand camellia it.Especially red camellias, all the way to put people’s eyes, big heart and soul are sucked up.When in full bloom, fiery red Ilex.If Monkey month now, seems to be set here is the Flaming Mountains.As Shimonoseki wind, ah, you will think this is like a princess fan fan it up!The “hate day high” this title ah, whether because it wants to advance scientific with Monkey, can not be grown at high and days together, it was hate day high!In short, here it is not rigidly with the general realism of the eye to treat all of this mythical village of Bar.Today, the party to the people here wings, they are flying in the great ideal of communism in it!  Camellia Qidan it, azaleas also good, varieties, flowers, fresh colors.Red, white, pink, yellow.In particular yellow azalea, doubly chic.  Qidan cuckoo and himself, plum also different, there are red plum, plum, plum cinnabar.More unique is afraid of green plum.Ilex green bud, emerald mosaic than it’s also funny!  Plum just Qidan.Dahlia good, but it is better Erhai Lake Spray of Spring.It is more than brilliant camellias, rhododendrons than Johnson, than the Green Mei Qingxiu, outstanding than any of Huadu.This is the party in recent years nourishing rain, Dali people love flower.It has begun to show the people of Spring Art Dali.It, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture Song and Dance Ensemble, filled with youthful vigor.According to some of the shows we’ve seen, they are unique local color, ethnic humor.Mr. Lu said: “There is local color, pour easily become the world, namely the attention of other countries.The world to play, that is beneficial to China’s activities.”Erhai Spray of Spring ah, look you in the soil of the people, the party’s Dead Poets Society, and continue to grow, grow; Autonomous Prefecture in the province, the National Art Gallery, the tall and straight out of gorgeous flowers, and finally, as Mr. Lu said: “making the world go ‘for the country as major gift to the right dash of Spring!  ① Shimonoseki, Dali in the South; shut in North Dali, Erhai Lake are temporary.  Ninety-six two years in mid-January in Dali “Recalling those days, clothed in fine thing to see defeats lightly!”Cao Jinghua childhood reading, the case of” service of not co-operate, the disaster of the body also “wanted: clothes so cover, warm it, how to dress properly, but also enough flies fly?In case of Confucius “incognito and over Song,” wanted: like the so-called “teacher for all ages”, as the Founder, old-fashioned, even walking sanctimonious “line help Path”, eating “cut errors do not eat,” once someone to kill him, in order to avoid people pay attention to, how also everyday clothes have changed away from me?We also encountered a lot about wearing it, then all superficial understanding, and finally to nothing.  Revolution in the early years, I covered “rustic”, the first pair from the mountains, a hundred miles away in the town featuring the exam.One older than me about twice as large as the fellow says: “city test foreign schools, which also changed into decent clothes, how to wear this one coming.”I do not know bragging, an honest and straightforward wild gas, the same soil gun, pistol so the sentence:” test knowledge, not a test clothes!”This is no trivial matter gun, the gun was each other’s eyes big and round.He kept saying: “Great!amazing!Justified!rational!”I did not distinguish which is sarcastic, or right speech.Superficial understanding, still nothing.  In short, the book is a book, I am me.I do not know do not know, what books I have in Kenya!  ”May Fourth Movement” storm, as a northern provincial capital of high school students, to Shanghai to participate in the first National Student Conference.This is like a newly unearthed potatoes, suddenly falling into Jin Guangyao purpose ten foreign market.”Rustic” heavy, and then fall into the situation than to the county from the mountains, the real world of difference.  So “rustic” dress, plus mouthful brogue, or even ask for directions, nineteen have been looked down upon.Everywhere actions, mostly red and green, oil head noodles.Unpleasant feeling, came over.Apart from hitting the wall, do not have a bad idea from the astringency in their hearts.I chew, aftertaste.Later, when reading the article about Mr. Lu Xun, was suddenly realized: Shen Yi, also there is much to be wearing!  Mr. Lu Xun in “Shanghai girls” in one article, I said this to say: “Living in Shanghai, wear fashionable clothes cheaper than rustic.If the old clothes and palm public tram car will not stop as you say, the park warden will check the entry ticket, big Zhaizi or extra large guest apartment door Ding seriously will not allow you to take the main entrance.So, some people prefer living small room, bed bugs feed, a tailor trousers were to be under pressure in the pillow every night, to make the folds on both sides of the angular trousers every day.”Ah, that was it.But this is only one aspect.Mr. Lu also has not been in the line of text, it does not lay down tentatively table.  Miller says Beijing that year, I always feel different.Despite the passage of flies, personnel vicissitudes, and indanthrone blue gown with a class of “country”, always steady as a rock.Young and old, rich and poor and lowly, not resigned to “obedient”.Seasons, the timing change, blue gown with its owners always go hand also.Ruffles summer, refined scholar, if it is too thick, the change in chiffon, linen like material only.But actually, that’s not necessarily true to wear, when to go, as most of the way to take in the crook of the elbow, nothing more polite.Heat over a short, another starts with one of the.Other seasons, regardless of the “content” varies depending on how warm winter: the clip and cotton, and leather or made of cotton; also in any case “Splendid within”, but always outside covered with an “eternal” blue gown.It says, in blue gown with long clothing also does have merit: cheap, simple, dirt, after grinding, it is appropriate royal sand.He said to the poor pedagogue all day deal at the end of the chalk dust clouds in the past, feel more affordable; it only makes him like a snowman classroom, gently whisk, so I will remain, and in some front affluent class and students, on behalf of the he shabby cover the dash, making him an unqualified “Scholastic,” can be no full between pregnant.  Not only this but also.Pa succeed in wolf, hound four of that year, said to be more blue gown features is its “confused”.But not necessarily.Also taking shelter under blue coat, who disappeared while actually, a lot of people real!But compared with the other wearing blue gown after all, “lucky” is much more.Although it is helpless in the consolation of bias it.  In an autumn night, a friend took me to Peking from Tianjin.Under another friend meet, panic and said: “Yeah, ocean jacket!No, replace – replace!”I embarrassment stricken, speechless.Little do they know I lost “national form” of equipment also numbered.He suddenly turned and if the Wu to the bedroom, took a blue coat, I put on, we talk Peking “dress by” to.  Really, I do not always like the “foreign jacket” beloved blue gown.But this is the past, this one place, he is also one place.Wearing a blue gown walking on a road in the exclusive Bang Ma, its compelling, positive performance as much as bears in the square.And now hooked on heavy coat and blue, just as “appropriate pregnant with my heart,” the.  Soon, I’ll wear it “right in my arms my heart,” and can “fish” blue gown, to after an absence of ten foreign market.  Somehow, perhaps because the long-awaited reunion, exceptionally excited about it, so my “rustic” blue coat, a full half-day yesterday, Mr. Lu did not seem to find.The next day spent breakfast together CASTLE.Seated, is I do not know where to start topics.Bright and clean, silent, sun brightest, cheer a.We tranquil and quiet, Wan considered lacking.So a really good time, Chia Tai is also good to talk to state.Then suddenly the brow of a Lu Xun Yang, it seems like Columbus saw the New World, I put it “right and wrong clothes” one looked, said in amazement: “blue gown!No, no.There are no good?”I said with emotion: ‘No north also, Yang jacket.’He did not wait for me to finish, then he said: “No Southern also, ah blue gown!Ocean jacket filling line.There are no good?”I have a side A, side under the lapel that becomes a ‘ominous clothes’ blue gown, to play Yi Liao, exposed Pipao face: It is dark blue, color jacquard, silk I have no name.Called generous, elegant and soft, comfortable.  Mr. Lu Xun saw, seemed to find my insurance policy as overjoyed and said: “Good!it is good!Full pass!”He assured.Smiling sprayed on a cigarette, he said: “Do nothing out.When you really want to go out, do not wear this blue gown.Unpopular here.Otherwise easily note, stalking, is eyeing the event can be incredibly!”It was indeed, as Mr. Lu said:” Shanghai Real Guatemala, Murder very much, and even more than the kind of business, one of the department heads also goods, trafficking in persons living this is, in fact, there are numerous believers, probably by accident survivors ear.”Then he talked about not only pay attention to dress, but also to pay attention to her hair neatly, shoes polish, etc..Pengshou dirt surface, disheveled, looks weird, are enough to attract attention, make big trouble.Even demeanor also be mindful.”This is the sacrifice in exchange for the lessons it.”He concluded like so to the sentence, and lit a cigarette, inhaled, thoughtfully silent for a moment, then he said:” After living in Shanghai, the average person is wearing inattentive, also cause trouble everywhere.I encountered.”He sprayed a mouthful of smoke, paused, and said with the tone of the story, leisurely reminiscing, while saying it:” Once, I was casually dressed in usual this one, to a very particular hotel, visit a foreign friends, the restaurant door D, the next I felt looked on, put it bluntly: ” ‘go through the back door!’ “This hotel’ back door ‘, or something usually shipped only to the’ lower orders’ to go.I had around in a circle, go in the back door to the front of the elevator, the elevator next to me looked at the whole body, even the hands are too lazy to lift, swing to the stairs with his head a little, put it bluntly: ” ‘Take the stairs up!”” I had to walk up layer after layer.Met with friends, I talked for a while day, say good-bye.  ”It is said that the foreign friends live here, there is a tradition: never see a visitor, only until his own door, not overstepped.This hotel is the small door, elevator, and laborers, etc., are commonplace.Unexpectedly, this may be the exception.The foreigner is not only very kind and respectful to me out of the door, send the elevator, down the elevator with me, has been sent to the front gate, respectful and kindly do not shake hands, and I looked back, I watched after away, he turned back.Just let me take the main entrance of the small door and let me walk up the stairs to open the elevator people are full of doubts and fears to close in the puzzle.”He sprayed a mouthful of smoke, and end, said:” This society, ancient and modern, is easily alike.Visible wearing it can not be taken lightly.”September 3, 1961 Remembrance” flower “Cao Jinghua to ancient and modern, how many famous poets with their own, to spend indulge chant it!  Su even – Lest spend asleep late at night, so burn silver candles red makeup.  So flower lovers, Qi Su is only natural zai?  But then, ah, just as Mr. Lu said: “blossom from which two.”Flowers worth mentioning, no matter whether the flowers fade, no sense of knowledge, I spent only numbness.  1949 spring and into the city of Beijing.  Since then, each new year, labor aside, I’m in the garden, it has also determined to grow flowers in full bloom.  From then on, whenever the labor returned, stepped into the threshold and felt the full House Spring, flowers very hot, refreshing, to make consumer hardship.  Flowers, it was fragrant incense and bright colors full of vitality, make hair cream white people, smell the chicken dance, I wonder if old age is coming; make young people feel more energetic, Miguel endless.  Flowers, it brings joy, it is after work, get better rest.This joy and rest, rest is necessary before new battle.  Flower, it makes after work, to better eliminate sleepy, recharge your batteries, ready to use this majestic fresh vigor to meet a lower labor and fighting.Flowers, cute is valuable.  However, the most valuable lovely, is a human treasure flower – the new generation.  But, when ah, in the dark days of the reactionary Kuomintang rule in that most precious treasure lovely flower, but almost all were trampled crowd of tigers.Mr. Lu Xun view of this, crying out: “Save the children!”Lu Xun ‘wide waste, a willing ox bow’, so clear, strong class love and hate, how touching yes ah, then it is black waves rolling, surging from toxic books, just as Mr. Lu Xun said that, as the “Yellow River burst-like roll to the children in the past,” seeing the most valuable groups of lovely flowers, is to do black Langjuan.Mr. Lu Xun jump forward, “shoulder live gate of darkness, put them into a large bright place to go.”.  Mr. Lu Xun, this is the great spirit of the Party and Chairman Mao encouraged fearless under the “Drawing people”.  Mr. Lu Xun in the afternoon when the Kuomintang reactionaries “encirclement and suppression”, the universally cruel unprecedented in danger, always concern about the growth of flowers; always tillage weeding, fertilizing water, carefully passport, it even in the crevice , but also so that new life can grow, prosper; always selflessly with their own efforts to irrigate and cultivate it the world’s most magnificent flowers – the new generation, he was passionate appeal: “we should create a new crowd of soldiers.”Ah, brave, witty, sharp before the new generation of free yo, passionate and beautiful ideal, under the guidance of the great ideas of Mao Zedong, the Communist goal Far Glory fly right!  Ah, Liu Hulan, Dong Cunrui, Huang Jiguang.Party and Chairman Mao personally tending, between communism rain irrigation out of the new generation, these precious flowers, flower world, what can they do with ZhengYan!?  Ah, this is mankind’s most precious and most magnificent treasure flower yo, even if it migrated to the north and south ice strict closure of hundreds of millions of years of very, transplanted to the north and south poles of the iceberg of the summit, they will be awe-inspiring towers, wind in full bloom, gorgeous stately and world no two ah!This treasure flower, will release ten thousand gold, compete with the sun and the moon out, so often six months of polar night, night becomes day and never not bright world!  Our great leader Chairman Mao, the new generation of sustenance ardent expectations ah!He said: “The world is yours, as well as ours, but in the final analysis is yours.You young people vibrant, are in the bloom of life, like eight in the morning, nine o’clock the sun.Hope is placed on you.”what!Brave, witty, sharp before the new generation of free yo!From Daxinganling vast woodlands, lush cane fields to Xishuangbanna, from the June summit of the Qilian Mountains of snow, four seasons flowers to the South China Sea, the new generation of footprints everywhere.They are in accordance with the blueprint drawn by Chairman Mao, full of pride in it to change the world!  what!The great leader Chairman Mao personally tending, communism rain the irrigation of the new generation of yo!This is the future of humanity, is the hope of mankind, is the world’s most precious and most magnificent treasure flower.Between heaven and earth, what flowers they can and do compete Yan!  what!This is the world’s most precious and most magnificent treasure flower ah, in the sun-drenched great leader Chairman Mao, the party’s Dead Poets Society, the wind in full bloom, add unlimited right for the motherland Spring!