What is the difference people involved in American ginseng?What is the effect?

Location: body of people involved in American ginseng What is the difference?What effect is 2018-3-1316: 22: 9 Source: REVIEW: ginseng has "King of Herbs" in the world, is a kind of expensive medicines, people used to tonic……Ginseng has "King of Herbs" in the world, is a kind of expensive medicines, people used to distinguish people involved in American ginseng tonic 1, from the difference between the efficacy of American ginseng bitter, sweet, cool, owned by the lung, stomach two classics the main effect of American ginseng is down as lungs, stomach fluid。
Generally used for the treatment of wang, asthma cough blood, fever Yin of the two injuries, tired tired thirst, lack of body fluid, dry mouth, intestinal hot blood in the stool embolism。 Ginseng sweet, slightly bitter, slightly warm, by the spleen, lung two classics, for the treatment of Qi want off, lack of temper, lung deficiency, fluid and thirst, restless, insomnia, palpitations, forgetfulness, Qi and impotence embolism。 2, the difference between the use of American ginseng and ginseng from the crowd though both qi role, but the crowd is different, there are other aspects of the cold temperature of the medicinal。
American ginseng is unique in that it does not dry heat, people who are not suitable for heat treatment and complement ginseng, including Jin Xia Jisheng lower summer are available ginseng。
Hypertension, diabetes, early onset Another example is "a little", dizziness, dry mouth sore throat, not available ginseng and American ginseng appropriate。
Especially against fatigue and cell senescence, American ginseng have been a clear demonstration of science experiments。