Dedication of love

Ancient educator Confucius tells us: Man’s nature is good.However, the substance in power today, really adhering to the “Sex Education” there are a few people acting?In the face of those great figures of selfless dedication, we can not move it?Also the matter concerns an armchair it?    CCTV News reported last night, Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine charity Taiwan students to save the elderly, when reporters interviewed him, he did not have too many words, just say the doctor to save people-oriented.If he is not a doctor yet?He does not save yet?The answer is certainly not!He just wanted to give everyone a so-called natural answer, his charity instinct.To see him, I can not think of Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, the greater our “bench Mom” – Xu Yuehua.    Born in 1956, she lost at the age of 12 years, dear mother, house seemingly endless rain, the same year April 22 was a train coming from behind crushed legs, although preservation of their lives, but she never He lost both legs.How to do?Lost both legs means you can not walk, can not work.Since then, when a clothing to hand out rice to mouth the right of persons with disabilities?Do not!Tenacious she did not succumb to arrange tragic fate, not to find a way to walk her legs, so she got nearly two high stools were propped move forward step by step, like a ball in her hand training up before dawn every day, one day, two days in January, two months.Her delicate hands become thick and powerful, the delicate palm got calluses thick, Over time, she can finally use the bench to walk, her hand instead of walking feet “foot” is back, and she succeeded.Seemingly simple walk to her how difficult process ah!    17 years old, Xiangtan City board Tangxiang social welfare exception took her.Whole orphanage more than a dozen children, work in nursing is only one full-time staff, no doubt added to the bench mother brought them a lot of joy, but also gives them a good care.Every day she sew clothes for the children, the sole cassock, end feces end urine, fed.These daily care for healthy people is not very difficult, but you had better pay ordinary people for the bench mother several times or even dozens of times of hardships, not to mention her several decades to take care of these kids have this kind of defect it?She unpaid pay ordinary people can not understand, in the end is what forces supporting her selfless dedication it?With this question, the reporter interviewed her three wings.She said: “Although my mobility, but I am also very small no parents, no mother know how sad.Welfare of the children is not my mother, I’m their mother.My wife is very supportive of me.”And he told reporters:” In the ordinary view, children may be a very hard thing, but once you have the law, is very easy.I’m not afraid of hard work, it is to see the children fell ill, I was anxious!”When a reporter asked by many after media coverage, life and all different before, simple ‘bench mother’ smiled and told reporters:” I am the happiest is to see the welfare of the children received more attention life more happy!”Excitement was palpable.”Bench Mom” is proudly told reporters, under her influence, she brought up children, there are more and more people to engage in public welfare, she was very pleased, because “this love will continue.”.    Reporters saw in front of plain bench mother on television, my face hot waves!In front of her how small those of us wants to be loved, healthy people every day, ah!Physical disability of her heart, but it is so healthy!This is the dedication of love, not for anything in return of love!    Dedicate this love really touched a lot of caring people, including my husband’s sister-in-law, who visited her several times to the orphanage for disabled children (of course, to visit the bench mother) that he donated money and materials to take the lead, call for their love.She is also affected by the bench mother selfless dedication ah!I wish I dedicate this root baton love the continuation ah!    Whether we call love, eager to love, be loved requires wanted to give love it?Love and be loved is complementary ah!