Part One: persistent feeling to know you are rainy or sunny day, do not remember, just remember spring breeze was blowing, there is a bright shining Liang Ying Q in line, I will pay you the same as friends, with the voice of each other echo.Then you write an article for the lyric essay, I will hint at feelings from time to time between the lines, meticulous mind you, I had insight into the cavity of a warm, simple language in Q line you come to me, touching heart to heart , the blending of love and affection.  There are millions of heart knot, thread in the apical.This is a photo of me with your love, you, in my life, Q line has not changed, except that the mutual understanding eternal wait.Repeated that night, the night of the story is very exciting, hard to appreciate, with the soul to feel, that smile still bright as flowers.  Live every day, wind, rain, there are Q online banner empty soul, Gone is love, show love.To pay tribute to the sky, we are two stars, flashing, constantly burning, you reflect me, your shining each other’s soul spark fierce collision in silence.  Humane, there is a longing in getting brilliant.I can not see my eyes, only to feel beating of the heart, extending love.The express intention of bringing together the text, wrote another one, sitting in front of the screen and watch your Q line, through subtitles, through the dense emotions, you see picturesque spring, as you see Lai as the summer sun, you see Cantabile, such as complaints of fall, you look like Gone with the Wind as the dance of winter, you see flowers blooming brilliant smile until your smile on my apex and wrapped Complex.Mutual acquaintance and write a perfect life, hunger can have all your body and mind.Today, however, Yaran smell sensitive matter, my soul was once crying, still extends over the apex for you, for themselves and for me a puzzled Complex.    Part II: persistent if you ask me what I need, I will tell you, it is persistent.  If the attachment can be given, I implore the sun to the earth’s share of perseverance; perseverance can abandon if I really want to leave the chase yesterday.I might wash away the dust will continue to progress, but I insist on waving wings of a dream.In fact, I’m so want to ask myself, what is my dream?What am I clinging?Now is the season of my dreams, but Cecil’s sad not allow me to pursue this dream.I do not live by dreams, but because life is only a dream.  Clinging to life is due tomorrow sweat.Yangtze dedicated to the east and positive colonies pour it, the hour hand is attached to the shaft on the species and walking than the table, the time dedicated to the flies, endless.For the life of dedication, for their dedication, perhaps, they are mixed in the silence of the silent sweat, the taste, with a touch of bitterness.As the years covered the cheeks of my youth, I hope tomorrow’s solar gently warming my body, my harvest is that a large sun.I call myself a calcium deficiency is the lack of love child, I want the sun endless love, just as I was longing for tomorrow, it is so strong, is so cute, is so full of hope.  If I had one of the land, I will persist in spring, autumn.This piece of land belongs to my own, I can only themselves to harvesting, pulling plows, outside the summer dig, maybe I Jiao Yang will be baked, may the sun will beat me, I sway with sweat, I never self Ai self-pity, I’ll bury me rake, into my soil, telling myself that this land, is the home of my heart.I look in the winter wheat fields, it has been diffuse it snow cover on my land, the growth of hope.I’m obsessed with my land, my land as life, the need of this land is my longing for the harvest.  I am dedicated to love.I love different and mother’s love, my love is the stream, her mother’s love of the ocean.I’m obsessed with the surging sea, I stole into her mother’s atrium.I only stay in the hearts of mothers dry patch of the island, where her mother to nourish his most thirsty.In the future days, my mother is the most beautiful sun, my mother taught me perseverance, so I have always loved her, love her forever.Family dedication, great affection, unselfish affection, affection, to make me really dedicated to love.  I know, I need dedication, perseverance I need to dream, to open up the glorious life of the field, to raise people I dedicated, to the achievements of my life.I watered the land with sweat, you will thrive it fertile?  Instead of using tears of remorse today, as with the sweat and hard work tomorrow, I will be persistent.    Part III: dedication to open up, out of the perfect way of life and dream life let pass the college entrance examination, and now just want to write this paragraph is not a perfect life with the perfect pen youth out of the way.Occasionally open letterhead years, it recorded only Full of vicissitudes and helplessness, but they traversed every step is perfect.Nightlife net carrying heavy books come a young wind flower snowy night.Along the way but can not find a trace of memories, the years go away laughter of childhood innocence and also took pleasure.Childhood longing for the distance, eager to grow.Gratitude to the height of a life, started his dead with hardships, through the years, embarked on the long road to study, write down bitter pursuit pace with the deep and shallow, but also into the secular ideology, no longer far away , longing for the distant eternal.  Years like water, like a finger passing Bliss, will be buried in the dust freshman career in.At home the moment, accompanied by heavy footsteps, the young dream of instant bloom again.Melancholy melancholy residing for a long time, I came to understand the interpretation of the years all the time beautiful chapter.I take a lifetime time to achieve my ideal, even if it is already there anymore a meteor, because it is the Inn of my mind, but also the beacon of life.Life has its eternal value, melancholy mood is not representative of the person’s life, not Needless to spread his life on the road.Maybe my life is not beautiful, but I do not want to leave too many regrets in the journey of life, but will not give up!If you were reincarnated, I really wish I was just a Shache completely lost in the bottom edge of the universe, but not in this life, because my family and friends who filled the ardent hope.  Repeating monotonous campus life, plays the role of a busy day wandering the mountains in heavy water in years, look back through the years, wrote that boring and lonely, once the trace has been ideal, I do not know what time the young at heart began to confusion, accompanied by melancholy, leaving himself a vain waiting and a road of no return, the road of grief scattered over the ground, so few have lost their sense of heart began to escape, sink in the unreal network, but also the breeding ground Love wasted sadness, in the heart of the city, the crowds in the indifferent smile, lonely figure.  Heart unfunded when the memories are a safe haven, returns to visit the campus back to high school, heavy footsteps tapping into nostalgia minor, said endless recall long, once a close friend of a classmate have to embark on their life journey, they We are also been here, eager to wandering heart aground?Life is a dream, that one day when we are no longer young, and whether those who have had the agreement and vowed to gradually faded away, when they will meet again tell each other how life course, I think no matter how vast and infinite time and years, I will use a lifetime to watch.  Lost years is irreversible steps, walking is often the fastest most beautiful scenery, once the dream quietly hidden in luggage in, but do not know when it actually was not subjected to the test of time, due overwhelmed as falling like withered It is merciless reality or not to retain me?Walking through the campus, autumn leaves still swaying young dream, and I have become ruthless time rush the passer, the same way, a different mood, the passage of time people have changed.  Always in a hurry end of the road they find that they missed the scenery along the way, even forget why we should go, people coming and going, his face filled with strange and tired, as if to see who of their own, carrying the ideals and loved ones expectations trials and hardships, white boy, always focussed their homes in helplessness, Ke sill taste success, when it is difficult since at the silent pursuit, and carefree childhood lost yesterday, innocent and those who eternal laughter is also masked the years, only singing soulful melodies and I open the door with the line, accompanied by a beautiful sad I gazed years, always looking for true humanity.  Once thought university was a dream the other side, but there are efforts and dedication in return is the beginning of fall, Zuozuo ivory tower, always extend the number of people yearning?Even then a big price to pay, how many people come and go, some people wasted the years, waiting in vain.Some people find the other side, the harvest of life, and now it became the reason sad memories, those days may inject too much hardship, more hardship, we can have hope, and today more relaxed, but also more burnout, life’s long road, who know the harvest and looking to find out which process is more captivating.  Walking in the feelings of the inn is a graceful and beautiful melancholy, not every flower represents love, roses do.But it is hidden in the heart of stab injuries, there are a lot of things in this world are born in silence, lost, forever.But there is always a scenic never forget, Buddha, if this life for him, the only way to plant a tree in her, perhaps because Acacia heavy and I could not speak, she never looked back and I was waiting for full weathered face, that moment, she did not hear my heart broken, leaving a lifetime would not let me back.  There is a legend in the world of The Thorn Birds, singing only once a lifetime, though something is always missing, a person should have to make your life can not forget it!Ever wanted share is not waiting no waiting period, but as time goes on, she is still walking in the depths of my memory lane, lost heart still loaded with heavy thoughts, helpless to avoid chasing the escape of the heart, just because she is waiting for a beautiful no complaints.  To encounter with distant dream, I tired to dress a lifetime, World Road dust trek hardships Who can understand?But after all, is to face reality, I do not want to see their parents painful loss and helplessness in the face of their expectations, I continue into the secular.If there is an afterlife, I will cling to your copy of calm, keep life style Danyun clear, and this life only when tired man lay down strong, let the tears fall in the gap between the ideal and reality, and yesterday’s sadness stray into the distance, looking me away from worldly dreams.  This covered my dream footprints campus road, this time it took me a long time to finish, as if to finish the half life is the road.Picked up fragments of memories, I’m gone, gone past the original and can not be brilliant frustrated lonely.  Life itself is a desire, an expectation.”Flowers in spring and autumn months, the summer has a cool winter with snow”, like that of the United States more than good!I firmly believe that one day, my ideal is no longer a dream.Whenever the hearts of the river ripples thrown smile whenever the dim light of dawn crept wipe bright window.I would tell myself, making my mind wings and make it take off.    Part Four: why should give up give up persistent life will always face.Many people may feel regret after giving up, clinging to think back to the past, caught in the endless thoughts of pain.  In fact, the reason, since to give up, then there should be abandoned.If we return to the past, may not be the real treasure, will eventually be fed up and decided to give up.Generally I give up, because the foundation of this love is not strong, so do not miss the total giving up.  After giving up, however if the party must go, love is no longer Fuli in you, if you go back to apologize, a good show, will only make doubly tired of each other, and lose the last vestiges of nostalgia for you, instead of you more scorn.  You have to pay more, the other party if the situation has been broken, it may be unaware.I feel in your heart the most precious of pay, may be worthless in him.It is no longer asking for anything, you do not have to because there is no return and come to grief.Speed connection, any of a love, is a piece Chang dangerous journey.  After giving up is the hardest to get rid of unrequited love.This is the most useless emotion.You have each other and are so far away, no matter whether you love to hate worth mentioning, can no longer wake up each other’s attention.As you are calling a person, but he was thousands of miles away, it is impossible to listen to your heart.All in vain.Now that you have to give up, we decided to hit the road, re-select, that is the beginning of a new life.  When you consider as Jiaosi bitter, long time can not get out of the morass of emotion, he probably would have put you forget, has been faithless.This is you do not want to think, but it is often true.Therefore, the irony is that your infatuation.  Give up, we do not worry love pretending to bless him.The storm was once loved, still love never disappear, so you will sincerely wish him.Soon you will hate him from time to time.Therefore, the kind of blessing is the most variable.As the best fish in the political arena.He only mortal beings as you meet the same passing.Many people have the same kind of quality you love, but you did not understand it.Another three to five years, you will suddenly epiphany, after giving up just how persistent worth.  Do not have to ask why, you do not have to blame his ruthless.Since no love, everything else is really superfluous, it is not self-evident.Once the understanding, once gentle, pleasant, once beautiful and kind, had all sorts of good, in fact, are the personification of love.When love is gone, everything will dissipate.  Do not fancy you will become friends, that unrealistic.You can become stakeholders friends with anyone, and previous lover become friends is the most difficult thing, only make memories of the past and the damage has been brought to tomorrow, Why bother?  Giving up is a kind of growth.Life as a waiver of the storm will be more abundant.A tree is often the most solid people who had previously been cut scars So it is with life?