Deep alley

Part a: alley dipped deep orange light coming through the narrow doorway, roads sprinkled by time engraved grind stone road cracks.A little girl blowing soap bubbles to turn his face in the midst of orange, the focus is so, is so persistent.This is Li Yun from the oil in the alley, if Dai Wangshu “Rainy” poetic and melancholy, then this is an alley pervaded warm, with vivid appearance, I will stand in front of it easily into a period of silence the time.  Memory has such an alley bar.  Vicissitudes of the roof, decaying walls mottled, quietly dormant in the twilight home, concise and simple interpretation of the lives of ordinary people.  Into the alley, there will be an honest life oncoming taste, from a lintel lintel to another, from one courtyard to another courtyard.Neighborhood often stopping, missing Youyanjiangcu on to the neighbors to beg, to the never mean, tend to own bottle delivery in the past, nor to use the polite to say thank you.Encountered bad weather, no one at home, hanging on the roof of the food, since there will be a neighbor came to help put on the eaves of a good income.Child unattended after school, the neighbors will naturally helped care.Folk alley, as well as secular, alley thick strong folk customs is the hometown of the real side.  Alley is quiet.Guhuai luxuriantly thick and purple flowers dotted the Indus in the depths of the alley, is in the summer noon, also has a natural cool and pleasant quiet.Thirty-two old man, put in a lounge chair in the lane, waving palm-leaf fan did not have a ride a ride, pulled by a long homemade homeland accent, or speaking the same alley as the story twists and turns.Conversation, has a quiet and Apprehension after going through the vicissitudes of life.There ingenuity of women, even in the fields of labor for a long time, refused to rest at noon, pull a bamboo stool to sit under the shade of knitting for their husbands and children, his face always wearing a modest smile, needle and thread shuttle gusto in the days off.Life is so tranquil, so relaxed, people do not consciously docked hurried footsteps, come to realize that life ought to be so Chini.  This would normally be a quiet run in which children break, divided to two sets of boys playing football, bungee jumping or shuttlecock girl blowing soap bubbles when is there, but most of the game who blew greater, More.Sell Tanggua people over time, quickly and do two sets wave, surrounded and watched served in a basket in Tanggua, slander cat.Tanggua sell pockmarked with tone will be very tempting enticed us to go to their parents money to buy, we have chosen not fooled, shouted together, “Asako slander, rape pock, pock of Tanggua is bitter egg, roll the oil, and the surface, as a broken home “, and then coax the sound spread, accompanied by bursts of laughter, the flap edge across the eaves, awakened swallows perched between the beam , a stampede in Shucha probes to look around the downtown Chelsea.  An afternoon or evening, there will be a long cries sounded in the alley.Grinding scissors closure choppers fill the pot craftsmen fill the basin lug Tam yelling from Lane Head string to Hong Mei, this is their life and the best place to display their craft.Only a few voice call, there will be on the age of the aunt pushed the doors creak Ya Ya, trembling and asked how much money “grinding scissors?”Then, they used the blunt scissors to pack out, watching craftsmen will erode above ground frost fast, then gradually grind to a clarity bright day.  Stepping twilight alley grew up fireworks during the New Year, usually in the soul of mourning marriage, growing crowded alleys of circulation years are engraved in quartzite, they suffer in silence with weathered erosion.Day after day, the long years flat, folded into a book exudes old Fragrance.  Come home that alley there are a lot of kids have left, like me, do not come back.Alleys remain, maneuvers history home to so stubbornly stand by.He wanted to, if memory was a bridge across the deep sea of time, then the end of the bridge is right lanes.Calm ripple face, at the other end of time quietly waiting for me, waiting for me to go home tired at a certain moment.  So, open alley in orange light in the book, page by page turn, can be heard at the heart of the removed twist the shortage of habitat cherished, in the wind, eager and flew straight.    Part II: alley deeply I feel more and more that a person’s state of mind more than the calendar made by the by the subtle, where Mind Mastery, the mood was put on what kind of landscape.  This caught my alley, not only because of the beauty of simple, familiar and more due to their own personality in nostalgia.  Probably few who do not pay attention to this eye-catching alley, right, and not to mention love, the Chizui.Live alley, looking forward flat to, take considerable compensation, the high-rise buildings; outsiders, not even head this red brick and white tile homes of people in and out of the alley.Nightlife net encounter alley, it is the top red walls glow orange color obsession.Alley deep quiet, like a paperback book with the scent of ink deep, deep intrinsic abundance, not instantly read, understood, and only such as ladybugs, lightweight stop in the alley magnificent evening cover page, reptiles.  I was thinking the reverse bias happy people, but not gullible missed the love-hate Melancholy.My first love is in this alley sprout, then grow luxuriantly leaves.Also vaguely remember, the first section refers to twist gently struck the courtyard of her house, chaotic thoughts, heart panic.She delicately doors the moment, joy, cramped, clear as yesterday.Light door open courtyard, open from my first love and happiness treasure box.It was a sunny covered alley, a floating lunch dishes fragrant alley, a jolted smile whisper sweet swing bike lanes.Later, I know, that love can expand the extension in time and space, love a person, will love and her family, her habits, her story, her gentleness, her stubborn, as well as from her babbling on send her greet her alley.This is the root of love to be in our time space, dark tie for 22 years.I know that my thoughts die, it will not wilt withered.  Eyes, this clone hometown scenery style alley, somewhere, is given the gift of good fortune for me, reminding us of scenes Day Street down to earth.Let the heart sink, settled, such as a stone alley side of the stone bench, bear Weimang stars, so that the fermentation time in the past thought in.Deep alley, the alley slender than the home, in her story, to eliminate the haggard, was placed beautiful glow, just as she was blossoming in my youth memories as timeless.Dead but not dead, life.Withered flowers fate is, I understand, Huarong just written a symbol of spring, and we usually have an extraordinary love diving the Red thick soil, will the big green place each spring in.  Orange street lights, light another one, stroking heart.The pace again and again pinned the details of the alley, the alley Sweet Dreams, vine leaves quiver in the vines.Gentle breeze, could not bear to disturb this spiritual copper carved plastic.A black and white cat walking uphold, not a trace of sound, like a never came.Aunt smile and gentle too, is coming home from work to go to the alley and so does daughter?Or for dinner to buy flowers oil salt and pepper?In love with the structure of the alley, white tile brick lanes, lanes others, pots and pans, and the window smell Symphony.He fell in love with the blue sky above the alley ink, starry side of the moon, as well as the mind sees clouds drift.  Alley deep, deep green leaves inside the walls quietly into ink, ripple rhythm of the wind, such as listening to such talk.A man walked reminding us of scenes has her hands in the time that water, rub shoulders, slowly and over.I think, so walk, walk, waterfalls in a sunny morning for a mews stop, doors delicately, pour out her bright smile flowers.    Part III: deep alley after another rainy, red cherry constantly falling, loquat small courtyard but still wore a green even in the branches, sometimes one or two yellow grinned, peel in his mouth, the taste is not very good, I had to find another place to go.  The compartment voices, head fans kept whickered.This is the modern traffic in a rare green leather car, every station will stop, but slowly the line speed precisely meet the traveler’s mind: Let your mind and soul together between mountains and rivers and slowly walk through the tunnel inside it!  ”A burden an umbrella, went to Hongjiang boss.”The opening remarks aroused our curiosity.Yuanjiang agitation clean rhythmically tapping Hongjiang city, a few years ago, the official career Sujiang merchants and scholars are stacked, precipitated the ancient city of history, culture, and now, this ancient even after years of erosion and flood a bit baptism white, yet long-lasting stand in this town, deeply rooted in Yuanjiang put the row on both sides of the hammer man and clothing vegetables blue Pied a heart.  Easily into an alley, three feet wide and not slippery wet quartzite, the swash plate engraved stripe arbitrary priorities allows you.Independent corner, the sky may be looking at the line or a shop in a daze.What may be thinking, what may not want.And a corner, or along the bottom of the distance might be about one high alley with the stone into the ladder, it must be of a business.Moss brick, stone walls or gravel, clay, yellow, white lime fused into lanes primary colors – dark gray.Ask on this dark gray, gently, afraid of hurting the alley, the time has come to get her mottled, I no longer have the heart to rely torn up in the vicissitudes of history.  Quietly standing on the stairs, I do not want to budge.Thoughts seemed to stagnate in the past, before the hustle and bustle of the newspaper, thinking of sound banks, tung oil workshop yelling, and even poke fun at the brothel was closed forever sealed doors and locks, leaving only a deep and empty head colored guise of wind and dance.  Pace percussion slate, sometimes issuing empty echo.Heart is empty, go warm embrace this alley, the alley was cold but completely rejected my.Under their feet are cold quartzite, thin strip of sky overhead was black, surrounded by endless walls, I felt stifled, repressed can not move in the history culture inside.If it is a little sad at the corner of string and wind floated faint, really want to hesitate here, I do not want to walk into this deep time.    Part Four: alley deep, feeling faint Intrigue, and anyone who may encounter, as a right, and strangers to leave, no one will remember what was once had a normal encounter, however, he but remember her, deep.  - Inscription [] sweet smile thin rain, fall on the water, splashes a blossoming spray, crystal clear.Underwater plants roads strands, with the water flowing in the river of light dancing feet, as if standing in the middle of the water, being in a cold among the refreshing; forming a pool of water in the downstream town, lake water became blue, separated not far from there a stone bridge, attached to this side of the Atlantic.  A row of bamboo cutting lying still in the water, waiting for visitors to paddle; the birds in the blue sky between Warbles; a group of children playing in the water in the river, people relaxed in bridges side, Chengzhaoyusan sell the commodity.  Watching the sunset, feel the rain lonely quietly streaming into the river under the bridge, and then slowly they watch, until he soaked rice paper.He likes to paint on rice paper, because he felt that his paintings beautifully, misty rain, the Jiangnan.  He Woon back, looking through the alley, she insisted on paper umbrella wet through, smiled at him dismissively.  She smiled at him, it is natural.Only a faint smile.Then she turned and left back is still pure.  [Deeply] alley Climbing wall began wilting, until the leaves spread over the ground, moss covered up, see the stone road., Her feet softly through the alley, forgotten depression wall, toward the fixed direction.He finally saw her, she walked slowly in front of him, leaning on the wall, he quietly followed behind her.He thought she must be a sentimental person, that are hand feel desolate wall.He had some fear, afraid she’d suddenly turned his head and found themselves behind, but she did not, until a bend to the left, he did not follow her turn in the past, because the bridge was not there at dusk.  He silently standing on gray bridge, river bridge see stare quietly flows, delicate plants revealed clear water aryl wound around the bridge side, the ups and downs.The first time he smelled the smell, very comfortable, very comfortable, he felt the whole world was like a gentle rain washed over the general, and finally only the eyes of those spotless.He saw in his own eyes her, she kept carrying him to wash something on the stone steps leading to the river, a small wave floats vertically beneath him, he began to write poetry with his strokes she, she slowly flowing hair, pure appearing on the back of some yellowing of rice paper,.  Took out a stack of rice paper in gently placed on an easel, reach out, put pen to paper but silence, because in his mind, she is so perfect, perfect to tolerate contaminated with a trace of dust.He attentively looked at her, suddenly, a drop of black ink from the nib down, down on her portrait, ink that will soon ease the gap on delicate rice paper in walk off, he hurriedly picked up the white towel want to go remedy, surprise, we can only stand and watch a piece of black paper.Wind chasing the southern sky rain provoked smoke, so His eyes blurred.  He painted her in his paintings, so his paintings contaminated her taste he began to slowly modify them, singing shallow.He finally found his paintings, although the United States, but always with a desolate, because they are all being drawn at the time of the day withering evening, the sun set, all scenes are covered with darkness, never seen.  He has written on rice paper on a couple of lines: you quietly walked quietly, wet paper umbrella, smiling vaguely left back, arouse worried about my heart, deep and shallow, looming.    Part Five: Shun Jing alley deep ancient city center and a high-rise building, erected in Milan Sunshine Building.Her work side by side with the telecommunications building across the street, overlooking a steady stream of traffic and pedestrians in the city center.This recently constructed building to improve the quality of the city, fifty years ago from the department store to the mall later in Chizhou, the pace of urban development never stops, shopping malls built in the year when Chizhou, had shocked the whole city, the whole mall is packed.Today we have a new leap forward.Every time I walk from here, looking up at her Milan building towering figure, can not help but regret for the rapid development of the Town does not have, lamented the rapid urban construction.  Next to the bustling street market, behind the towering building, there is a secluded alley.I remember when I was little heard my grandmother say here originally bark Lane, a quiet lanes.As time went by, the name of bark Lane Lane earlier was forgotten.People always call it Dajingtou, because this alley there is an ancient Shun Jing, Lane real name is Shun roadway.Shun Jing ancient city is one of the oldest wells.Well than Bao Huang Kung-wells for thousands of years earlier.It was drilled four thousand years ago when Shun southern tour.Time flies, not the age I stay.For thousands of years hurried away, but Shun virtues spread so far, together with this old well, also retained by the vicissitudes of the world.On mottled Manhole, the years of profound rings, four thousand years long time are fixed here.  Alley ancient Shun Jing, in the fifties, well clear.People living in the alley, laundry and water dishes Sin rely on this old well.Carrying water for generations over many years, has put the rope granite Manhole have worn a dent.Furui simple trickle, nurtured generation after generation alley.Shun alley grace soak every inch of land.In ancient time flies in static guarding spring and four thousand.  My childhood, but also to stay in this lonely alley.At that time, some private school Shunjing alley.Thatched walls, every day read-only “Family Names” in there, “Three Character Classic”.The classroom like to play in the alley, play hoops Lo Tuo.Alley has a mulberry tree, when ripe mulberry date is our happiest time.Among green leaves, covered with purple dolphin purple Sang date, let’s saliva dripping shameful.I can not climb trees, play with bamboo poles son.Always lay many, sweet and sour, his lips were dyed purple.Just hit up the summer often drink well water in ancient Shunjing side, lying on the side of the probe Manhole look to the well to speak, a cool escape from the bottom of the cold air, suddenly people feel very cool.In ancient days of childhood infiltration Shun Jing that sweet well water, has always memorable, but those memories.”Chilling leaves deep alley, overcast day and a half Kuteng oblique wall”.In the ordinary lanes.Deep with many stories to stay together with the old well deep in the alley.  2058 Great Leap Forward, a part of the house Shun roadway construction and due to the Town discount moved.In this land built department stores, cultural centers, a large theater, a small town on the rise from here on out.Childhood reading school also moved west of Peach Hill River, naturally, did not leave a mulberry tree.Only this old well still well preserved in the alley, and was designated as Municipal cultural relics protection units.Furui faint fleeting thought, deep in the alley, to demonstrate with its long history and rich cultural.Cast aside the years of dust, we have come to love it, it’s this beautiful city a shining gem.  Shun Jing depths of ancient alleys, is the remains of thousands of years of history.Emitting a heavy cultural heritage, next to high-rise buildings in urban centers, coexist with brilliant fashion.And qiupu hundred teeth tower, Heng Fa Chuen.Together adds a rich cultural flavor to the poet for the ages.Alley deep, ancient faint, contains four thousand left thick, can be heard faintly from this ancient came, smoke or fog singing.