Deep in flavor curl of sound

Forget home that thick smell of years, curl of sound.    Outdoors take a Tuzao, set up a large wok, stir a mass of burned, festive fragrance started in my nose up.Wash Layu drifting, meat, poultry smell when the wax, smell drifting fried melon seeds, peanuts, fruit of, the Guapian, drifting steam rice, when rice sweet bean stir, then drifting enamel basin liqueur wine, went to the twenty-four, which is “too small year” or “Jizao Festival”, commonly known as “King Siming Buddha”.On this day, every household will clean up the kitchen, the Kitchen God is said to this day God made the world of good and evil, people will sacrifice their set off, candy, silk paper in the stove altar, begging would like to salute, seeking community do not speak of God folk ill, protecting a safe.If more labeled red couplets, bordered unique paintings, hung red lanterns, that warm festive flowed from the heart.    Warm, warm to usher in New Year’s Eve, ushered in a festive dinner.Eat endless food, wine products endless, endless homemade words, if a friend channeling door coincided eat dinner, take a seat to pull it off is not rejected, the more people eat longer, which means blending more thriving.Until the night, in the court room piled firewood, burning fire, put fruits, sit around the fire, which is stay up, and keep older often until dawn.All this may seem tedious, but it implies a rich taste and aftertaste withstand chewing years.    In the outdoor sound it is from that port beginning of a large iron pot, burning a few pot of boiling water, out of a pig, a hang firecrackers on fuel – “Slaughtered Pig”.Several more pigs howl opened the prelude to the sound of.After playing Ciba will hear men “Oh – ho” chant sound, stick with a pestle soft glutinous rice held almost in the air, and then Teng a body, covered Shuaixiang mortar planes, this fall, fell out out “rolling”, will usher in a burst of applause, people believe, the louder the sound of children, the better the coming year!    The years of sound was most vividly, or New Year’s Eve, eat a festive dinner, when the clock strikes zero “off wealth door”, early in the morning, “Choi door open”, started to send congratulations, praise the land, thanks to her parents two days firecrackers during the three days of the fourth day of visiting friends and relatives.”Whip thousand words”, “words whip”, “fireworks” sound of thunder, one after another, on the ground full of red confetti, like a place full of spring flowers.    This sound continued until the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival had finished, be considered ended, be considered after the New Year.