deep in the heart

Part One: people wrote me deep down in a Yuemingxingxi night, I walk alone scattershot purpose in a park, looking at the sky a full moon is not the moon hanging in the sky is so bright and clear, it is kind of poetic, no wonder the ancients issue unlimited emotion of the moon, leaving many fast Sunburn population verse.At this moment I just wander in, “Yuemingxingxi, black magpie flying south,” “moon between pine, clear spring stone upper”, “.Turn Zhu Court, low-chi households, according to sleep “in the mood.Yes, no sleep tonight, filled the hearts of too many thoughts and worries.Nostrils accompanied by flowers, listening to insects, echoed over the park’s classic dance music, the sound of the erhu, more emphasis I deeply miss you.Since I broke out of my world, a little joy, a bit missing, few care, but more to look forward to.I scan the horizon, overlooking the clear direction of where the moon if I carry a thoughts of you, at this moment, is not also want to clear my ah!  Sometimes people have to face a lot of frustration and choice, in a chance where I met Ming, friend, talk about the deepest heart of the language.Sometimes encountered at the wrong time for the people to pursue the wrong things sometimes, people do not own, knowing that the outcome is not ending, but also stubborn, net Wife.I love a person is not easy to forget a harder, ah!Love is a bitter bitter thing, why can not stop my pay?Like a man is tired of thing, why can not refuse your thoughts?Although we are very reluctant, very reluctant, very sad.But we can only make this love deep in my heart to stay.  Late at night, suddenly woke up and could not sleep, tossing and turning, bright smiles before my eyes, so I spent a number of sleepless nights miss, the happiness and pain.I like your wisdom, your maturity, your humor, prefer a camel care of brother.You also can read after the vicissitudes of life, the years in your face carved a deep mark.You are my life for the first time to find people who really love me, pet me people.Occasionally encounter, that you mature, witty, sincere, childlike smile camel, ever in my permanent memories, prompting my life has added a beautiful landscape.I also know that big world, mortal beings, people coming and going around as river carp, and the real meet and several people.The right people, the right point in time, place, just an appropriate mood, to facilitate a suitable encounter.Regardless of the outcome, perhaps beautiful, perhaps depressed, but after all met, not everyone will pass met, not every acquaintance will make people care.When our eyes with eye contact, we found each other’s fate.Even if we can not accompanied by the old, but I will be here for you blessing.Even if this relationship can not continue forever, I believe you will remember a man had walked into the depths of your heart, because you are my life will never be able to let go of worries.    Part II: buried deep inside everyone’s heart, has a very soft heart and can not touch, inconvenience open at any time, not just shut down; not even be known to outsiders, or appears to be shut the door, but it will at any time and is not intended to tap the beat is someone or something.Nightlife deep inside each of the network, there is a stoic zone, afraid hit, not throwing in the towel, but do not want to escape freely; even to the brink of a precipice, or to no place to hide when it will be strong, all be patient.But this strong and patient, at any time is fine breeze and blew away.  Ah, no matter what kind of physical hardship suffered, afraid she would not break, it will not just let her fall down, it will thus become increasingly strong heart.But her heart by even minor injuries, will make the appearance of a very solid body, collapsed down in an instant.  We are trying to protect their privacy, he tried to hide their innermost secrets, will use very strong appearance, wrap yourself in any of those soft, intimate zone, even suffered a piercing pain will be strong to bear, and the bleeding wound tightly Zhazhu, not bright red blood flowing down easily, which is coordinated with the body feminine masculine.  People are strong, and it is weak, because each person’s inner heart, have hard and soft sides, people laughing and crying face showing a double face, will make you happy, to pretend that one sad demeanor, it will not matter beneath the surface, hidden live in a bloody, tearing pains.  I hate this hypocrisy, disgust that so-called strong, but I am unable to defy the change facts, unable to catch up with lost time, discredited by the loss of youth, but can not find it once had, already abandoned beautiful.  Ma’am, green and green grass Herd Past decline, the pace of late and slowly smoke Fei suspected scattered at Yen Yung has beautiful dark green Gone go bad, you can fundamentally changed my heart, fear will always treasure since the share of once beautiful, deep in the softest each other; will use their strong, but had an unexpected encounter bury share of hope and breeding, delicate term becomes rough, soft and hardened, and finally to look forward into eternal give up.  Although he has been waiting for, but beautiful to see when waved to me in the corner of the intersection, they will hesitate admitted to our longing heart.In fact, I understand that but only a tantalizing dream, a fantasy will never be reached, which would make this dream awake early.  Can you understand.Part Three: Into deep down into the natural, we can enjoy the beautiful mountains of vegetation; into history, we can read of the earth-shaking changes; into the science, we can explore the mysteries of the moon and stars.Then into the heart of it?  ”Lest Sungai Ze Meng Zhou, many worry Zaibu Dong.”We went into Qingzhao hearts, together savor the feeling of anxiety over the ship, and we regret it with her free.  Li Bai’s great Romantic poet, but also “raise my eyes to the moon, looking down and think of home,” he writes shows how much he miss his home and loved ones ah!Bright moon in the clear moonlight, full of waves from homesickness, this is how people care picture ah!  We walked into the hearts and minds of the great poetess of the great Romantic poet graceful to send, and now we want to taste the great leader Mao Zedong’s grand ambitions together.  In the “Bo Suanzi Yongmei,” I seem to see the “flowers are blooming; in” Same Name Loushanguan, “he wrote,” Man Road as the iron, now moving more from scratch, “the center she leaves laughing “in” Prelude to Water back on Jinggangshan, “I like him and establish a ‘world is difficult, as long as the man who will try’ perseverance and self-confidence; in the” Seven-Wing in frog ” his magnificent with “I do not open before spring, which insects would dare to make sound” arrogance.  Our great leader is not, like Wen Tianxiang, he said that “personal Everyone must die, to retain loyalty according to annals” it?  These are people of great heart, and ordinary people like me are not too chaotic heart it?There’s filial love the eve of the mother, there is unity and friendship of students, there is love between the sexes, but also work hard to learn, a little bit selfish, a pool brewing for a long time Cu Tanzi.However, the heart is not cast people do?Let us into the hearts of others and themselves, savor the ups and downs.    Part Four: flying heart used to hate writing, some text is meaningless moaning, some characters are handy piece together the so-called beautiful language.However, gradually, I began to become like a dip in the jump text.Now, after work, contact with all sorts of people exposed to all sorts of worldly chaos of things, belatedly know, I only text is worth sustenance rely.It, I can makeup; it, I do not have any whitewash.Faded veil of hypocrisy, writing is so pure.Accept your resort, you abandoned your wayward.The original characters have feelings, as long as you put your mind to click on it to knock out the flesh and blood character.  My joy can tell it to.When faced him, I remained silent, but instead turned into the hearts of those black dots.Occasionally turned out be recalled, and does not require any conditions, as long as you can touch to open the feeling.That is the situation, it is the intention, then.I still remember.  My resentment, you can tell it to.This kind of people and things blowing, it is directed at these intolerable, but need no longer brook.At this time, only the text can understand my heart.It bounce from pouring out of my mind, I can not wait to describe my heart.My sorrow, my loneliness, my joy, my vision.We are registered in it there.    Part Five: Everyone has a heart never dry river, into the wound when past life in the years to come walking through the stream, that the imprint left, then in fragmented Zhongping Couzhuo full of life.One day, or life is about to come to an end Looking back, it is not that perfect.  Youthful appearances, years of relentless.Too many people are like a meteor across the vastness of space as the occasion, disappeared in the rush after flashing.I like such as brokers with their sorrows and joys shuttle to come and go.If it can encounter again, if they would not hesitate to reproduce that in the past the sorrow?Yes ah, the world is always parting.Under Text can leave their shadow, but can not retain their faces.I am sad to face the past.  People have to go away, maybe that will come back to the people.  Like a man standing on the beach alone, let the heart waves with the waves, so that the soul with the sea breeze fluttering.So I have the following poem: from the sound of the waves, that was my call miss you; the ebb and flow of my life can not be approached from.I do not know when facing the sea, far away you are accompanied share of loneliness?  People in my entire life, happy time is really very little, celebrity tycoon Ye Hao, Ye Hao lonely street beggars, everyone has someone invisible loneliness.But we are not willing to admit, even such a beautiful world filled with sorrow everywhere pitiful.I also understand why so many people want to go to the Qinghai-Tibet, they had all been, like me, want to experience the weightless feeling of freedom and desire to have, once more I want to work hard to feel lonely and sad to see the depths of the soul.  I had thought, and so after my death, take his ashes scattered on the Qinghai-Tibet Highway, the soul with the vehicles brought from dust and flying around, so that the soul of pilgrims pay homage with the belief that the final together.  This life too much wrong, I am unable to repay to the Bank.