Ocean garbage rebound number of food packaging waste rose

Data map。 BEIJING, Dec. 14, according to Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao", Hong Kong marine litter unabated。
Green Council in this year's "International Coastal Cleanup" in Hong Kong on 35 points Coast seized 4800 kilograms of garbage, the number of rebound。
Green Council refers to marine litter this year up to a maximum increase of the number of bags of food packaging, it is estimated that the rise in recent years, the public beach to celebrate the holidays, and then left behind food packaging, and finally into marine litter。
The SAR Government will want to step up enforcement against public littering, while cooperation with the Mainland authorities, together to combat illegal dumping at sea。 The annual "International Coastal Cleanup" Green Council led to this year, 2600 volunteers during the period from September to November, a 69 Coastal Cleanup, received a total of 18,692 disposable products on the beach trash a total weight of 4800 kilograms, 400 kilograms more than last year。 According to statistics, Hong Kong to participate in the 2012 "International Coastal Cleanup" in 2013 seized 5300 kilograms of garbage, after reducing the number every year, in mid-2015 and decreased to only 4400 kg。 This year the collected garbage is still styrofoam, plastic, glass and other debris mainly the three together accounted for the amount of waste percent, followed by food beverage packaging waste such as plastic bottles, potato chips, candy wrappers, plastic bottle caps, three 19%。
Green Council refers to the number of collected food packaging increased by nearly 80% over last year。 Green Council Senior Project Director Zhao Junjie believe that the amount of junk food packaging increased in recent years because people like to go to the beach to celebrate the holiday or birthday, is survived by food packaging after play, become marine litter。
And in recent years, a large number of individually packaged food to sell, so the amount of food packaging waste to rise。
Zhao Junjie refers, in recent years, more and more overseas refuse to issue the coast of Lantau, Tuen Mun, the outlying islands most serious。
Volunteers have picked up a whole freezer, discarded furniture and other large trash coast in Tai O。
Green Council Executive Director He Huiping refers to the number of marine litter pick-up in Hong Kong, urged the Government to step up enforcement against littering problem。 The government should strengthen cooperation with the relevant Mainland authorities to reduce drift with the tide of marine litter to Hong Kong。