Defeated superstar

He, born in mid-1946, at birth, hanging by a thread.When still in the womb, doctors recommend that children should not be retained, and asserted that even if a disability is born, live only two years old.Chosen to be his mother he was born.    When the doctor took him out of the midwifery forceps clip womb, his brain has been damaged nerves, resulting in the left half of his mouth, eyes drooping, slurred speech.Before the age of fifteen, he was defiant, twelve transfer.His parents often quarreled until the divorce battles poor.After her parents divorced, the court awarded the father custody of his.Since childhood, he dreamed of when he can director, when the main character, to do a successful man.    In his early twenties, the mother bear to see him face value, let him into the entertainment business engaged in behind the scenes.He asked for a little money from his father reported a dramatic learning courses Switzerland screenwriter, director.Upon graduation, he moved to New York from Broadway, as no qualifications, can only run a small bit-part player.No feeling uncertain future period, after which he immediate concern from New York to Los Angeles and then moved to Hollywood a few years, as fared well, nobody wanted to write the script, no one was on the lead role.At that time, parks, subway stations became his best sleeping place.    Finally coming to mid-1975, seeing nothing done volunteer work.One day, he was champion of live TV game attracted, fifteen rounds down, rival Ali was beaten black and blue, but also refused to give up badly beaten.This scene will be completely shocked him, he decided to boxing as a theme to write a screenplay, directed and acted in.    After the written script, he began looking for impoverished investors.At that time more than 500 Hollywood studios, with less than half the time, he visited one by one, all of the company traveled 500 movies, but no one phase of his.    He did not believe so inspirational script no one knows what, so he volunteered one from start to finish one again, still gets his not happy Yan’s overall veto.This stubborn he did not lose heart, he does not believe that there are not open twenty years of business.He took the script to start the third round of bombing visit.Visit finished, he got most of his cold heart Toru bone contempt: what a bad thing, which is also called the script, get out, please do not come to make trouble later!    Even so, he did not depressed, he could do was wiped away tears, to adjust the body and mind.Two months later, his teeth, started the fourth round moths to a flame-like visit.This time, when he was first into the 350, the same hobby met a boxing boss.Boss think the script is good, expressed their willingness to invest, he proposed to allow himself when the main character, the boss with skepticism to say, you just look like this, mouth crooked eye oblique, can not say it was you messed up investment, you do not expect, I have to ask any male lead performers, in order to ensure ticket sales.He said, I can not when the main character, you should not even think to get the script, boss spotted the potential value of the screenplay, had according to him, gave him $ 1.5 million, took the funds come through hardships, he finally in barely finished the film in mid-1975.    Who would have thought in 1976 by his director and starred in the movie she won three Oscars: Best Director, Best Editing, Best Picture Award.Box office revenues of $ 117 million, also cattle than today’s “Thai embarrassing”, the movie is “Rocky”, is the director and starring Sylvester Stallone overnight popular in the world.    Have the opportunity, you do not try will regret life because you have a dream, his life is always positive, full of passion and fighting spirit.I do not give up, others down with you hard.Let him dream of passion, against all odds, struggle and transcendence down to earth step by step to help his dream come true.    Do not fail to realize the dream, only to be knocked to the fate of people can not stand.