Delicious eggplant

A child, my favorite food is eggplant vegetables.At that time, buying cooking oil is based on the supply of food is eggplant cauldron boil.Looked at the hands of bran corn bread, frowned, it is difficult to swallow.Sometimes Grandma cup of boiled eggplant bowl, eat the will sleepwalk.At that time, food grains children, it seems as rare gold, but to “Chikangyancai” the.Eating bran corn bread, you have to have a dish to send down.Then boil the eggplant is the best home cooking.This feeling, without hunger age, it is difficult to get experience.    In mid-1958, set up the people’s communes in rural areas.I was also a little of the people’s commune members, and every day to go to the production team work.At that time, I and the villagers are especially pleased, set up a people’s commune, seeing the wonderful communist society, coming soon.I saw various jubilant villagers, drums and gongs to celebrate, shouting “running into communism” slogan.Soon, the village set up a large dining hall, eat no money, we have three meals a day to the cafeteria Mengchi sea eat.A few months down the barn of food went down a half.A food emergency.    I had no choice but to embark on the people quantified.Sooner or later porridge, a steamed corn bread noon.Where is it enough to eat!Not to call it a day, hungry stomach “Cuckoo” called.One day, me and Zhang Shu one to the ground and weeding.On the way back, just passing a vegetable garden.Zhang Shu I look at the side of the walk going hungry, said to me: “This is our team’s vegetable garden, pick eggplant eat, hungry for Solution” I am a little stunned: “Eggplant also You can eat it raw?”Zhang Shu said:” hungry, what to eat can solve the problem of the stomach, not Zende?You taste it, the taste is very good.”We went into the vegetable garden, the garden is responsible for looking old man smoking a cigarette, turned to the other side, we intentionally do not pay attention.The years, the old man knew that we are hungry deadbeat solution eggplant, Zhang Shu I pick a person and a large eggplant, out of the vegetable garden, Zhang Shu to open mouth, biting off eggplant purple skin.I found, eggplant flesh, the original white and tender Yeah, I tasted a few bites, not sweet, a little astringent, but not terrible, and very full solution.I and Zhang Shu eat a eggplant, a full stomach, but also the spirit of a lot better.At that time, I also planted a few backyard Ridge eggplant, I found that those who did not grow up in a small eggplant buns, best to eat raw, hungry, pick a food is very delicious, for a long time will not be hungry.    Spent the famine era, I went back to school.A few years later, I went to town to go to school.In the school cafeteria, the first time I eat eggplant.And what delicious ah.The stew is like eating the same.I and my classmates feel full for a while oral big.Then, a few years and did not know the age of meat ah.As the eggplant flesh, it is normal.My advice to the waiters, they said: “eggplant two ways, one is burning oil, one is water burn.Because oil is based on the amount of supply, not so much oil, we can only give you a draft of eggplant.If the oil is burned, it would taste even better.”Hearing these words, my classmates and I are eagerly looking forward to one day eat eggplant oil to burn, which is what a beautiful thing it!    After 30 years of reform and opening up, living standards improved, just pick eggplant, oil is also just bought.I also began to learn to do a dish of eggplant.The easiest way is to mix “eggplant mud,” the word eggplant cut into several large pieces, put the pot boiling, let cool, and put sesame oil, it is one of the good food.Cool and hot weather, delicious.Relatively difficult is that the eggplant box.Eggplant into thick sheet that intermediate into diced vegetables and, starch paste and then tight, can be put into the pan fried.Fried to a tender of coke, when moderate hardness, that time when most delicious eggplant box.Although some trouble, but this eggplant box really craving it.    Eat a good many years eggplant, eggplant understanding of, or poorly understood.That day, I was to do a roasted eggplant, you have to first cut the eggplant skin with a knife, I was whittling, a friend came and saw me peel, immediately let me stop.He said: “There aubergine vitamin B2, you eliminate the skin pity.As long as you wash on the line.I listened to his words, since then, eggplant, it is no longer the peel.The skin of the eggplant, and indeed eat well.    I like to eat eggplant, one great height, Guangliu, good wash, do good, and second, nutrient-rich, diverse practices, different taste.Third, the inlet can be raw or cooked, and resistant storage.It is said that the Ming Dynasty eggplant are imported from foreign countries.”Dream of Red Mansions”, there is a specific description of the eggplant, from the mouth of fictional characters, can understand, then the big merchants, eat eggplant is very particular, regard him as the finest delicacies, see “Dream of Red Mansions” when Wang Xifeng elaborate in writing “dried sea eggplant” that period, greedy straight swallow saliva, thinking: “This menu can only have the book, several times the world can taste”.Did not expect today’s common people can freely enjoy the.    Once, a friend invited me to dinner, they ordered poultry meat, let me point Seafood.I just ordered a “fish-flavored eggplant”.Friends puzzled: “Point Seafood Yeah, I do not think to save money!”I said:” I just love the taste of this fish-flavored eggplant, seafood, I was not used to.”That day, several of my friends have tasted, they say:” It tastes great.”This eggplant although very ordinary vegetables, but it has an extraordinary beauty.Hungry’s, you give me a hunger to feed their families, to this day, you have become the people on the table a very common dish.You are very simple, and very tasty, popular character, the price is cheap.In a variety of vegetables, I still remain a soft spot for eggplant.