Real Madrid golden boy gradually reduced to spectators team he played really bad bad

  Real Madrid for a license, and this license change is also likely to be long-term。
Return to La Liga game, players like Bale and Isco also regain the opportunity, but it means that Real Madrid Champions League title, two world class players have been demoted to the bench。 In Paris they are a substitute for Ewald into the starting, at this stage has been very clear in grade squad。   In the Spanish half, Isco had 14 starts, but the lower half, only four starts, including the recent 3。
In the Champions League, Xiaozusaishi, Isco six games 5 starts, not only in insignificant episode in the match against APOEL。 On the first leg of the 1/8 finals of the Paris he was starting, but the second round, he only played nine minutes to play。
  Five years at Real Madrid, Isco has not firmly secured the main position, some fans like him very much, but there are fans criticized him too individualistic。
He is quick thinking in the field of the biggest advantages, strong insight, can be found in a split pass line, is a huge threat to the defender, but sometimes he is too sticky ball, slowed the advance team speed , so the team wasted a good chance to attack。   Ewald of the game, although the strength is not strong opponents, but Isco was mediocre, the fans after the game in the vote, "Marca", by Isco ranked。
"Marca" comment said: "He is not to say there is no running on the pitch, not without looking for the ball, but he just was like disappeared。
He did not interfere with the game, we can say almost did not participate in the game。 He also wasted a chance。 Match the first 70 minutes to be replaced。
"" Aspen ", said:" This is the fourth episode of the lower half Isco, but he put in the effort spent on tackling and fill the seats, he did not feel the ball at the foot of。
Again, he was benched in advance, and the last game of the Spaniards slowly controversial departure after being replaced, this time he had been running the departure。 "Spain," the daily sports newspaper "Isco after the game only gave four points, he became known as 'spectators'," he is not even the first few races off the kind of performance in the away game against Ewald, he did not appear。 "Asensio and Vazquez won by virtue of their excellent performance status, vital game for Greater Paris, who won the starting, while Bell was demoted and Isco。
Ewald of the game, Zidane give hope Isco Real Madrid's offensive to bring ideas and talent, but his performance is too dim, and can not be linked with the other members of the team, also failed to create a threat to the other goal。   "Aspen" said Zidane like a Swiss watch-like precision, he decided to take the initiative when substitutions (the first half of the field Guevara replaced because the Real Madrid defender is injured), are often the first in the race 70 minutes, but the favorite is replaced Isco。
The game, too, in his first 70 minutes with Vazquez replaced Isco。 Isco in starting the game, the number of times he's ready audience, and most of the race will be replaced in the 70th minute。
  This season is the final stage of last season, Isco not feel pushed the team forward, threatening him a lot, in the other restricted area clean sheet manufactured in the field compared to last season also decreased。 Last season he was the protagonist of Real Madrid B plan, after the main location, but this season he has highs, the data also proved this point。   After the game Zidane said Isco and Bell's performance "worse than ever", perhaps in order to cover up this criticism, Zidane also said that the team as a whole are poor, after all, not just two players。 To maintain a delicate relationship between Zidane and Isco, Isco's position seems higher than the bench corps, but lower than the main army。
This season, Zidane replaced Cross in the game, and the number of Casemiro Modric is small, less than 10 times, but the number of Isco has replaced more than 20 times。 (Sergio)。