Delicious rice porridge

Delicious rice porridge at 14:19:42 on January 14th, 2013 Source: Daily suburbs of Beijing a few days, went to the annual “Laba Festival” the.China’s traditional festivals, and mostly “eat” about.In the era of working people hungry, to satiate, considered as the holidays.    Laba porridge, but it is one of the most special holiday.    Do not think not enjoy porridge.I remember as a child, I was deeply impressed to porridge.Wake up every morning, they heard outbuildings large pot gurgle, gurgle sound, went outbuildings, will be able to smell the scent of incense porridge.I want to help light a fire mom, mother said: “Do not add fire, push lightly about the end of the fire with fire sticks on the line.”When we wash finished, it is a good time to porridge.Porridge porridge pot with a layer of sticky skin, subcutaneous porridge golden yellow corn grits, sticky, drink mouth fragrant.In the year of food shortages in a few meters, to drink a porridge bowls of corn residue, which was a rare treat ah!    After the reform and opening up, the rural rich, the taste of farm life has improved.Today, it seems, had Laba porridge meal the whole family to drink, so there is no taste of the holidays.In fact, over-eating Laba porridge family, it is a distinctive flavor, unique charm.This is not to mention rice porridge red dates, red beans, walnuts, peanuts and other delicious combinations, Seiko secret agents rice porridge boil out on a little proudly, “in taste”.This sticky, sweetly, drink up body warm, was quite pleased rice porridge, brings waves of joy.But so sticky and sweet taste, not just co-authored by mid-sweet mood it?    Laba porridge product charm lies in the atmosphere.Cao Xueqin’s “family eating porridge,” the statement, in order to ridicule the days of poor, hard.Today too Laba Festival “family eating porridge” is a reunion, is beauty, is their grandchildren, the United States is the folklore.Elders and children are seated around the table, porridge holidays, many have mood ah.This is also a good opportunity to exchange feelings of people.The elderly and talk about old memories, sons and daughters to talk to the outside world.Porridge fragrance has been integrated into the family and taste in music.    I like porridge, in particular, like to drink rice porridge, porridge and drinking, the taste of the sweet life.Think of the future of Chinese dream to achieve, the more their feelings of pleasure.