Demolition can not afford to send milk box

A tiny box milkman, but also an emotional sustenance, looking good character above that bright red, as if saw a kindly smile old Lu, who lives on the sixth floor, the front door of his house hung a milkman box, the box is already very old, and the above is also close to a faded paper cutting word blessing.This milkman me many years ago, bagged fresh milk distribution company in order to install.Today, the city people have to drink as early as boxed milk, and milk cartons to send natural useless, we all have been demolished.I can not know why, old Lu milkman box still hung alone in the corridor, a bit unsightly.That day, the property company Pan Jingli find old Lu, put it mildly: the old Lu, your home would only send milk cartons useless it, why not removed it that way?Almost as antique.Old Lu Hey smile, said: use is futile, but first you do not dismantle it, it needs an overhaul, I would own hands.Unexpectedly, the old Lu said go, it simply has not meant the demolition, the days passed, the milkman box still hung motionless, Pan Jingli from there each time through, I could not help but frown.After a few months, the district unified arrangements whitewashed interior corridor, Pan Jingli inspiration, posted a notice: In order to facilitate paint coatings, invited residents within three days will couplets, boxes, etc. to remove their milkman, who will be late workers dismantle unity.Pan Jingli deliberately draw in a horizontal line to send milk cartons words, this is specifically referring to, because the whole district, leaving only the old Lu has sent a box of milk.Unexpectedly, three days later, the old Lu family but without any movement.This time, Pan Jingli fire, facing whitewashing worker said: Give me the milkman box demolished, and something I am responsible.Workers not ambiguous, neat and quick things torn down, thrown in the trash in front of.Unexpectedly, Pan Jingli Powell left, the old Lu rear foot shopping spree came back, he notices to the bar with a glance, he frowned and walked upstairs to speed up the pace.A moment later, he saw the old Lu and Jichong ran down the stairs, pointing to being a house painter worker shouted: you who took me home milk delivery box demolished?It hung without prejudice to who was there, why should split?At this time, Pan Jingli being a foreman and not far away to discuss things, heard this, he quickly took over the incumbent, jokingly he said: I called workers demolished the old Lu, not on a broken plastic box thing, also when the baby, you did not see it notices?Old Lu anxious straight stamping: I went to the son’s home for a few days, naturally did not see!Milkman box now where?Fast back to me!So anxious to see old Lu, Pan Jingli heart thumped: Is this what the milkman box of tricks Oh, the newspaper had not landed on milk cartons when someone sent me a red envelope to engage in corruption do for you?Old Lu in the government to work inside, I heard also a small head, does he send someone to the milk box stuffed red envelopes or something?Thought of this, Pan Jingli was no small thing, swiftly ran to the door, but fortunately did not come by car transport garbage, trash is still milkman box, he picked up the box and shook his milkman, but strange, empty inside, no anything.bad!If someone really stuffed envelopes that can be said it is not clear!Pan Jingli to himself, uneasy will be sent to the old milk cartons Lu: not just unloaded half an hour, now retrieve their full property!Unexpectedly, the old Lu took the milkman box, looked at it, and said: Thank you.Carrying box to send milk, a shake Sanko go upstairs.Looking at the back of the old Lu, Pan Jingli scratched his head skin, and some do not understand the trouble: it seems not like a milkman box there is a problem.The next day, Pan Jingli lunch, we consulted tenants to install electronic security door to the district.Past the old Lou, he looked up look, it would only send milk cartons and hung out.This time Pan Jingli wonder: this milkman What happens to me in the end it?Is there really no secret inside?Pan Jingli too curious, he wanted to see what happens off, he did not realize he had just reached for the door creaking open, and out of the old Lu.Pan Jingli caught off guard, sending two hands freeze in the milk box, awkward moment, only he stammered explained: installation of electronic security doors business, your family would like to get a second opinion of you, how do you hang me again milkman on it?Lu old blushed, sighed softly, said: this milkman box actually has a special use, just afraid you laughed, I have been embarrassed to tell you, since you repeatedly say, I was told a hello.The old Lu Pan Jingli let into the room to sit down, pour a glass of water delivery in the past, in all seriousness: I have an eighty-year-old mother, she can not read, I first came here when often the wrong floor.Later, the mother had an idea, would not think of himself paper-cut thing, every year before the Spring Festival, the family posted a glowing red window grilles are cut her, mother to personally cut a ‘blessing’ word affixed to send the milk box, from her look the only milkman me, I have not got the wrong house.Milkman can not think of a tiny box so much as a story, it really touched Pan Jingli heard, can not help the old Lu awe, thumbs up, said: old Lou, you’re a dutiful son ah!Old Lu heard that, look dim, he went to a small side table and shook his head: I am a dutiful son humility, a mother who devoted themselves to bringing up to me, I do not know how much to eat bitter, but she was not used to city living in high-rise, insisted return home under the home, only a year when the New year, she finally agreed to stay here a couple of weeks a person she wanted to come alone, I really did not do filial piety ah!Pan Jingli walked over look, shocked, I saw a small side table filled with all kinds of offerings, Hushanhushan place with two candles, stood a table upright kindly old lady portrait.Pan Jingli confused, could not help but ask: the old, old old Lu some red eyes: his mother died last year, and I was busy with work, serve little mother, now have the time, she was gone Today is the anniversary of her , according to the home saying, on this day, so the new family will go home to see, so I got some of her lifetime favorite dumplings, steamed face, taro powder if the door does not hang milkman box, will not find her old to the house I know, everything is dead empty, I guarantee that this is just a kind of sustenance, today took over a milkman box removed to a good collection Pan Jingli heard this, choked: the old Lu, beg your pardon, I almost split your filial piety and love ah!