Deng Chao and his father’s story

In April 2005, Deng Chao is shooting as well as flowers, when the mother suddenly received a phone call that his father passed out, the doctor said your father had a serious kidney disease, there may be uremia.  Deng Chao a scared silly at the time, a blank mind, he murmured: No, how could this Dengchao Li that is, put down the work of the hands, non-stop back to Nanchang.The doctor told Deng Chao, his father’s kidney only 10% can be used to rely on dialysis to sustain life a life.  Dr. Deng Chaowen: it is not possible kidney transplant?Ask you quickly give my father a kidney transplant, how much money to spend row, for my kidney is also OK.  The doctor shook his head and said: This is not about the money, your father was older, and he had diabetes, not suitable for surgery, we can only rely on dialysis.  At that moment, Deng Chao think this world is so cruel that he can finally let my father live a good point of the day, but at this time the father fell..  Deng Chao daily massage to his father, his father bathing, nails.Do all his ability, to take care of his father, then a burst, Deng Chao suddenly seemed old and 10-year-old head of white hair became more up, no one knows exactly how hard his heart.  Sometimes a person Deng Chao will go to a corner of the hospital where he yelling like a madman, his heart there is no place to vent too much pressure.  He did not dare in front of his family in tears, because he understands that he is the backbone of the family, he fail, absolutely fail!  Still later, the mother called and said to Deng Chao, his father learned that the cost of dialysis to 150,000 a year, to say we should go home.You can not drag their children.  Deng Chao one, and quickly called to his father, blackmail, he said: Dad, if you do not come to Beijing to heal, I will not shoot a stubborn father just agreed to treat Beijing.  Once, a friend told him an old Chinese medicine in Hebei have traditional remedy cure uremia and said that this recipe is very effective.  That day, Deng Chao cold, high fever, but he did not want to delay the moment, immediately drove to find that old Chinese Hebei.As he ate a cold medicine, the road has been straight drowsy driving results almost hit a roadside tree.He poured his hair wet with cold water, so that they can become sober, and then keep driving.  He painstakingly find that old Chinese medicine, although that medicine is not cheap, but he did not even frown about, what to buy several courses of drugs.Back in Beijing, he immediately by express mail will be returned Nanchang drug, also called his mother to tell in detail, how should it best pharmacological effect.  After his father took the pills, the disease has significantly improved.Deng Chao seize the last straw, he no chances, went to Hebei to buy several courses of traditional Chinese medicine.  Deng Chao said with emotion: father and son between us, once frosty relations irreconcilable.After his father’s disease can be, I finally understand the need for timely cherish family, because life is change, there is a lot of regret is irreparable.Each subsequent day I will cherish family, together with his father to overcome the disease.