+ Innovation policy-driven automobile market is expected to a good start in the first quarter

  In addition to the time factor, research has shown that due to the hot property market last year, a number of consumer groups to return home New Year there is a clear "return home city home buyers hot" during the Spring Festival, the situation is squeezing the enthusiasm of consumers to buy cars。   With respect to the "tight schedule and heavy tasks" in February, in March this year has 22 working days, time is relatively abundant。
More importantly, due to the February production and channel inventories are at a low state, the March "stock up" feature will be more obvious, sales growth should be relatively strong, the industry is expected to achieve a quarter of the opener。
  But Choi Dong-tree said: "From a market perspective, the March car more emphasis on the production type demand, but as the vehicle needs to promote changes in population structure and new retail, county and township markets and individual business shrinking, highlights auto market growth is not very strong。 "When it comes to growth of the automobile market, Choi Dong-tree said:" Over the last three years, the overall share of China's independent brand passenger cars continued to increase, which is based on the pace of structural adjustment and upgrading SUV brand and new energy products continued to accelerate as the representative of the effect。
Some of them are gradually integrate its own brand of high-quality sound supporting system, and gradually improve product quality and reliability, development with remarkable results。
"The first two months of this year, the luxury car brand in retail sales jumped 37%, mainstream brand retail joint venture increased by only 1% of cases, the overall retail own brand is better, which private own-brand retail volume up 14 percent, the performance is very rosy。
  Choi Dong-tree view, with the implementation of innovation-driven strategy, automotive application scenario is also changing rapidly, some market segments shrinking fast。 The key this way, the ability to quickly find a new momentum, the ability to quickly grasp the self-learning and innovation, has become the deciding success or failure。 "In the automotive industry, the rapid transformation and upgrading of the background, independent brands and joint venture brands of differentiation will be more prominent, world-class Chinese car prices will gradually appear in the future."。   In the new energy field, "concerning adjust and improve financial subsidies promote the use of new energy vehicles notification" released in February, the policy in support of fuel cell vehicles, encourage pure electric and plug-in hybrid development of high-end passenger cars Meanwhile, to further improve the "threshold" requirement for the energy density of pure electric passenger vehicles。
  With the introduction of the new subsidy policy, the new high-performance models of the design is also expected to launch in the first half of this year and gradually put in place。
"This will force the new energy vehicle products to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and enhance produce good role。 "Choi Dong-tree view, peak load shifting promote passenger and special purpose vehicles, will promote the stable development of the battery industry。
  "We have always believed that the retail car market next year is expected to grow by 4%, it will be stronger than last year's performance。
First two months of retail sales growth of 5% is high-quality data growth is expected in the spring of retail sales growth overall is better, factory wholesale performance also improved, which also confirms the preliminary 2018 auto market trend characteristic of our previously proposed – high to stability,。
"Said Choi Dong-tree。 Reporter Xu Yajie trainee reporter Zhang Zhen Qi。