An extramarital love evil ruin a pair of young girls

This is a tragedy of this should not have happened, a pair of love as sisters classmate, went so far as an evil affection between parents, causing irreparable tragedy, a girl was gang-raped a girl, because he could not afford a conscience torture, eventually flying down from a tall building.Parents accidentally discovered hidden secrets, a pair of young sisters fell out get out!Since you do not come to my house!Yubei Area within a unit cell, a girl with a ponytail Qi ears, short hair girl out the door, and she brought McDonald’s package also thrown out.The ponytail girl named Zhang Yanqing, pushed out the door girl named Suli Jing, both are 16 years old.This little sisters with girlfriends to the original situation, why suddenly fell out?The same as the only child, Zhang Yanqing family is superior, Father Zhang Shun River fortune by doing building materials business, assets of 10 million, was originally a teacher mother He Weili, fortune after her husband, she became a housewife resignation, a day shopping, beauty, playing cards, housework all served by part-time.Suli Jing’s father was a taxi driver and his mother was a kindergarten teacher, his family was poor.Su Lijing 5 years old, his father driving a taxi and a heavy goods vehicle collided with his father on the spot car crash.After his father died, his mother Sue Lai has not remarried, and her daughter had each other.Suli Jing Zhang Yanqing and primary school is at the same table, junior high time for the same class at the same table, over time, the two became good sister.When in the test, it is not ideal to play.Zhang Yanqing even the S & P did not score too high, although Su Lijing over the Cape High Line, but sensible mother knows she’s tough, decided to read vocational high schools, so that employment can be earlier.July 2012, Su Lijing applied for a technical school in Chongqing.Zhang Yanqing’s father had intended to send her daughter to study in Singapore, but Zhang Yanqing do not want to go abroad, so she convinced his parents also came to technical schools, and Suli Jing became classmates.He Weili Zhang Yanqing mother addicted to mahjong, rarely at home everyday..After the Spring Festival in 2013, she fell in love with yoga and square dance, but the day did not see a silhouette, the family’s nanny began to be lazy, messy home, Zhang Shun River had to go to the domestic exchange nanny.Zhang Yanqing the matter told Suli Jing, Su Lijing let her mother help identify a suitable candidate.Daughter’s nanny missing friends home, but they have to be Suli Jing Zhang Yanqing not thin, Su Lai Zhang Yanqing apart from anything else went home, the whole family cleaning up.Put away the house, his hometown in Hunan Su Lai Hunan has made a table, so that the two girls to eat.That day, Zhang Shun River back home to see the new look, there remain a good meal on the table, surprised, I asked to know is the daughter of girlfriends mother do.Zhang Shun River sorry, wanted to pay some costs, but determined not to close Su Lai.Since then, Lai Su Chang will come every weekend cleaning, water and soil with her two children, things are purchased by pay Zhang Yanqing.With Su Lai, Zhang Shun River often enter the house to smell the scent of incense meals.Lai Su do not want money, Zhang Shun River had often to buy some clothes and her daughter Su Lai.It was home to pack, it Weili out even more happy Happy.A weekend in September 2013, the school received because Suli Jing Zhang Yanqing and the higher education sector to check ahead one hour Zhang returned to school, but can not find Su Lai figure.Suli Jing said: how my mother did not come?Because the long-term to help Su Lai, Zhang Su Lai Shun River to a house key.Su Lijing immediately hit the mother’s cell phone, so she did not expect that, actually came the master bedroom Ringtones!Zhang Yanqing running around tending to the master bedroom, the master bedroom but found the door locked.Two minutes later, the door from the master bedroom out Su Lai, scalp disheveled, looked panic.Zhang Yanqing rushed into the room and found my father Zhang Shun River is also in the room, hiding the window.Moment, she realized: Dad and Aunt Sue had an affair!Keep up with the incoming Su Lijing understand everything, shouted: Mom, how could you?I also see how people?Su Lijing turned and ran, and quickly followed her Su Lai.The room, Zhang Yanqing cry came home that night, Suli Jing and her mother had a heated quarrel, she can not accept even the mother and father of a friend of extramarital affairs!Su Lai has been crying, crying for a long while, she wiped away tears, said to her daughter: these 10 years, you know, there are a lot of people my mother to introduce her boyfriend, you just have to be my mother no longer married.Mom is not easy, and uncle zhang thing, nor is it just for the sake of his mother money, this is entirely a coincidence original Su Lai and Zhang Shun River feelings from July 2013 began.39 years old, she still tall and slim, fair complexion, looks beautiful.To help Zhang, Su Lai this is well-intentioned, but also to thank Zhang has always been to take care of his daughter, but she did not expect all this actually quietly flipping the heartstrings Zhang Shun River.At the same time when he was 41-year-old Zhang Shun River in spite of this it home to his wife dissatisfaction, then virtuous Su Lai broke into his life, made him feel warm, Su Lai had a kind of ambiguous feelings.A weekend in July 2013, the family only Zhang Shun River and two Su Lai, Zhang Shun River know it is not Su Lai family, offered to pay him monthly Su Lai open again, Su Lai strongly disagree.Zhang Shun River Burongfenshuo, 3000 dollars out of your pocket: former living are considered your help, and you take this money.Starting this month, every month I give you this, you will when it has a part-time job!Between pushing, Zhang Shun River grasped the hand of the Soviet Union Laifeng.Multiple entry Zhang, Zhang Su Lai found along the river is a practical hard-working man, a good impression on his mind, nor out of the grip of the hand Since then, the two met and hate only too late, the rapid development of relations.Parents love the face of evil, a pair of two little sisters cried and different days of the Soviet Union Lai said to her daughter: child, her mother wanted to have a feeling of belonging.What do you think Uncle Zhang?Others good, simple, hard-working, I’m not greedy of his mother’s money, then hesitated to make Suli Jing.That night, her sleep.She could not accept her mother’s affair, but mother for themselves, has been celibate for so many years, and now finally have a favorite person, how could she do?Su Lai also want to let their feelings be able to stand up one day, she tentatively said to her daughter: In fact, your uncle zhang the couple they would have no feelings, just waiting for his mother to divorce.Su Lijing surprised a moment, if the mother and uncle zhang can become immortal, that this is not evil mother love, she asked: Zhang Yanqing mother will agree that it?Su Lai told her daughter: Anyway, you promised me Uncle Zhang, over a period of time to resolve his own.It has experienced more than a week of fierce ideological struggle, his mother many years devoted themselves to raising their feelings prevailed, Su Lijing mother finally accepted this feeling.At the same time, Zhang Yanqing has been in a heated argument with his father, Zhang Yanqing life and death do not agree with his father and from Su Lai.Hatred for Aunt Sue, she soon moved to the good sisters who, she decided, and cut off from Suli Jing.Since then, she alone from school to school, at school and does not say a word Su Lijing.But Su Lijing not want to lose the good sisters, especially after she decided to respect her mother’s choice, she felt that if my mother really remarried families and Zhang Shun River, that he would become a man and Zhang Yanqing.Suli Jing Zhang Yanqing kept to send text messages, leave a message on QQ, did not get a reply Zhang Yanqing.10 May 6 in the evening, Su Lijing that Zhang Yanqing at home, deliberately booked a McDonald’s fast food, buy a bunch of snacks, came to the door Zhang Yanqing.Zhang Yanqing saw her, she immediately out of the door.March 2014 school soon, Zhang Yanqing’s birthday, she would like to take this opportunity through their own efforts, the feelings of the parents pulled together again.For months, although his father promised her aunt no longer dealings with the Soviet Union, however, she was driving out a few times to see her father after a meal, she quietly followed his father, found his father and aunt are still in the Soviet Union dating.However, when Zhang Yanqing open up the phone to let the mother go home mother, He Weili even says he is too busy not be able to go back.Hold for a long time Zhang Yanqing yelled: you do not come back, you never have to come back!He Weili hear this Huazhongyouhua daughter, hurriedly asked how the family, Zhang Yanqing breath will tell father and Aunt Sue affair to his mother.After listening to these, He Weili hurried rush home.After to be a clear understanding, she slowly calmed down incessantly from the beginning of panic, looking back to the past few years, they did so regardless of home, Zhang Shun River affair, also have their own reasons.The first time, He Weili first started to do the housework, took an afternoon, the house in good order.At night, she made a table of food, to celebrate the birthday of his daughter.Zhang Shun River home, saw a new look at home, I felt surprised.The dinner table, He Weili first time to review her husband, said that he simply wanted to have fun outside, ignoring the family, ignored the child.Zhang Shun River silent.Zhang Yanqing build on the progress, he said: Dad, I want you to live well, after my graduation to find a job quickly, you stay with dignity in the future!But Zhang Shun River looked a wife, Hualiyouhua said: leopard change its spots ah!This sentence angered He Weili, she snapped down the chopsticks: Zhang, I am wrong, but you derailed, how picky I am qualified to?This outbreak of a war.It Weili so did not expect that, Zhang Shun River immediately filed for divorce.It Weili strongly disagree.And Zhang Shun River would rather leave all his possessions, but also divorce, the two had a fight, He Weili howl.Zhang Yanqing side to comfort his mother, while his father advised, see not persuade his father, began to cry.Zhang Shun River in a huff, birthday party eventually broke up.Zhang Yanqing realize that parents want to reunite, nowhere do the work of his father, Aunt Sue over there is the key.So she found a man Su Lai, begging, said: Aunt Sue, I beg you to let my father it!I do not want to lose this house!Su Lai difficult to say: brilliant blue, you are my daughter’s friends, I have always regarded you as a daughter to him.I tell the truth, your father’s emotional problems, you’d better not interfere respect his choice, right.Now society, divorce and more families, divorce is the impact on children, but you have grown up, to look at this issue peacefully.Su Lai added: No matter how you and Regent are sisters, and therefore do not affect the friendship between the two of you.Convince Aunt Sue, Zhang Yanqing had no choice but to look for his father, but his father has been bent to divorce.From the beginning of May 2014, Zhang Shun River has rarely home.Zhang Yanqing anxious, her father threatened to run away from home, Zhang Shun River this home appearance.That a revenge rape, ruin a pair of small shallots sisters in October 2014, Zhang Shun River to find her long talk, Zhang Yanqing learned of a surprising news, Su Lai has been pregnant for four months, and checked out a boy.Zhang Yanqing know, my father always wanted a son, not even in front of her to cover up this idea.On the previous few years, Zhang Shun River also showing a boy wants He Weili regeneration idea, but then He Weili play heart is strong, Naken regeneration.Now, with Zhang Su Lai Shun River flesh and blood, but it’s a boy, Zhang Yanqing realized that the family really retain his job!Zhang River along the central issue is to find her daughter, hope that their daughter can understand him, a correct view of his father’s marriage choice.Zhang Yanqing listened without a word.A few days later, Suli Jing Zhang Yanqing also received a text message.Suli Jing recalled the time the two get along, to persuade Zhang Yanqing said: Your father, my mother, they became husband and wife, we do not become a family?My very dear to us so many years of friendship, but you do want to continue and sisters.Zhang Yanqing looked angry root pain, she returned a: your mother break up my home, you’re waiting for it, I would not be so willing of!Unexpectedly, Su Lijing back a message: whether you like it or not, accept it or not, their marriage is inevitable, you are waiting for this day for it!This message will be angry half to death Zhang Yanqing.Zhang Yanqing decided to retaliate, she did not want her daughter to be so Lai Su succeed.She thought for a myriad ways, like online incitement to Su Lai disfigured, would like to hire someone to beat Su Lijing meal.Later, she thought, so many years since the Soviet Union Lai worked hard to cultivate a person daughter Suli Jing, Su Lijing sure it was her heartstrings, only harm Suli Jing, Su Lai to give a fatal blow.The harm Suli Jing, and beat no meaning, looking for two men raped her, ruined her life, to make completely stalled Su Lai.Zhang Yanqing in a forum post made a hero, tells the story of his own family’s misfortune in the post, and Suli Jing crusade against big plus, she believes, is the lack of Suli Jing own father, was cited from pinning money, encouraged the mother seduced his father.Su Lijing sins can not be forgiven.She hoped that there would be any heroes to come forward and help her justice!Soon, the two men had contacted Zhang Yanqing.A man named Huang Kai, 19 years old, come from rural areas in Chongqing, Sichuan Guangyuan mountain work, unemployed, he had worked in several network management of Internet cafes.Huang Kai also children of single parent families, his father left his wife and child, woman, mother of a person to be brought up, he kind of family is extremely irresponsible people hate.Another man called Guoqi Gang, 18 years old, Neijiang rural people, junior high school and later graduated from Chongqing to work, to do unskilled laborer in a decoration company.They asked how much compensation to give Zhang Yanqing, said Zhang Yanqing pay 10,000 yuan hard costs, they readily agreed.November 22, 2014, Zhang Yanqing provides photographs of Suli Jing Huang Guo to two, and the Soviet Union were assigned home address.11 May 23 evening, Su Lijing just go on the way home from school, Huang Kai stepped forward to strike up a conversation by asking for directions, while it is not prepared to drag it next to good pre-lease a van.Guoqi Gang drove the van, heading all the way to the outskirts of a remote section of Chongqing.Su Lijing after being held hostage on the bus, too late to cry for help, it was Guoqi Gang nose and mouth with tape tightly wrapped.She met someone I do not know, extremely frightened.After the van drove to the suburbs, Suli Jing Huang Kai was raped, unconscious, was abandoned in the wilderness.A few hours later, Suli Jing was awake, she climbed to the high street to passersby for help, was taken to hospital passerby.After a medical rescue, Su Lijing wake up the next day morning.However, traumatized her, while nonsense, while another was shaking shortness of breath, suffering from acute psychological stress disorder.The third day of the incident, Zhang Shun River to find Zhang Yanqing, ask these things have nothing to do with her, Zhang Yanqing scared categorically denied.From the mouth of the father, she learned that the situation Suli Jing, suddenly panicked.See themselves got into trouble, her guilt at ease.November 26, after she hastily left a suicide note to their parents, went to the home of a building near the 23 level, jump down, immediately killed.Yubei District branch of the police, the suicide note found in Zhang Yanqing in the facts of the case, prompt investigation, quickly locked the Huang Kai and Guoqi Gang.The evening of November 26, Huang Kai and Guoqi Gang arrested in an Internet cafe near Chongqing Railway Station.An extramarital love sin so ruined a pair of young girls, after the news spread, local produced a huge shock.Su Lijing one week after being transferred to psychological treatment center for treatment, has not yet returned to normal.And Zhang Shun River and Su Lai did not remarry restructuring of courage, Su Lai in tears every day, the unborn child because she was too grief abortion.It Weili loss of our daughter almost insane.The case is still under trial.August 29, 2015, twelve session of the National People’s Congress held the Sixteenth Meeting of the closing session, a vote by the Criminal Law Amendment (nine), deleted girl sex crimes, and implemented from November 1, 2015.This means that the victims do not distinguish between criminal law on moral: good and decent young girls and young girls into prostitution, but the victims equal protection.Zhang Yanqing case, for any reason, do not deal with moral judgments and others to illegal retaliation, because she has violated the law had girlfriends infringement itself.Two casualties outcome alert the world: In any case, we must act within the law, or else the final price, probably everyone can not afford the.(In addition to the suspect, the other characters as a pseudonym)