Step by step, moved their critical point

Born in the southern English port city of Bournemouth Jack Ayers, is a blessing not to be the child of God, his life was transferred fate inflicted a curved track, to tease him mercilessly.5 years old, the young Jack realized that their own distinctive.Began to fall from birth, he has been a frequent visitor to the hospital because of congenital defects of the proximal femur, right leg muscle tissue neither nor the knee, he entered a lame a lame mode from learning to walk.It is incomprehensible that Jack actually very fond of physical education, maneuvering to see other kids running in the sports arena, he always dragged his bad leg Coushang, but always ended up in brutal bullying.With age, Jack’s condition becomes more serious, had the aid of a wheelchair most of the time travel.7 years old, because Jack Gesanchawu tired to run around in the hospital and the endless days of pain.He is willing to ask parents: my right leg amputated it!Mother tears to help the doctor, and the doctor said he was little, had to wait until the physical development stopped before the amputation, it was possible to improve surgical safety factor.No way, Jack had to continue to endure this kind of overwhelmed his life.One day, Jack went to his father carrying a sunrise mountaineering.Stands in the top of the hill, rolling black waves Tao shook Jack.Morning, the father pointed booming out of the sun, Jack said: See, the sun is so, step by step, moved their critical point.Then, the shine on the earth, the light amplification!Father’s words, so that students from the chest Jack lofty sentiments, he decided not to wait, but the courage to live assault was launched.He began to try to play wheelchair basketball, wheelchair basketball and worked hard for four years in secondary school to become a member of the school team, but ultimately did not play tricks.After that, he tried rowing, play other sports such as baseball, but none of them can play well.In 2006, 16-year-old Jack, who finally have the opportunity to amputation.Rehabilitation is over, it is fitted with a prosthetic Jack shorts shake everywhere, he do not care about strange eyes of others, because out of trouble affected leg, Jack felt very free and easy.Jack decided to do something, first he wanted to be firemen, but he soon realized that as an amputee, it difficult to do the job.No matter what the future, the body is the most important.Father stir the coffee cup in a sugar cube said slowly.So, Jack decided to walk into the gym, while practicing while considering future.Interestingly, he was especially excited to go to the gym, athletic repressed for many years to take advantage of the state blowout outbreak.Spinning, hot yoga, Cardio kickboxing, resistance training, Pilates and other projects have made him love not.After some time, looking at the body’s muscles bunch up, much Jack feel very happy.He wanted to share his joy, hope more people to participate in the exercise to them.Internet made it their own upper body of a photo, but it is disappointing that no one praised him, there are a lot of people accused him of stature is not very good, Jack’s mood is simply awful.You may wish to send a photo of the body to try?Father once again awoke Jack.He then made a body shine on the Internet, I did not expect this picture miraculously rewrite the trajectory of his life.People no longer pointing to his stature, but he kept encouraging him, he is more attracted to a lot of people exercise gym and asked him to do their personal trainer.One day, Jack accidentally saw the company’s diversified model job posting.So he tried to send a picture of the past.After that, everything happened as if snowballed rapid development was his surprise.In 2011, Jack signed a contract with this model, and soon became a British celebrity fitness industry; in 2012, Jack London Olympics as the torch, took part in the London Paralympic Games opening ceremony of the year; a variety of sports equipment with disabilities manufacturers and various brands of clothing flock Jack become online retailer boohoo, tango and Barclays spokesman; and always coming out fitness ads and magazine covers, is “Men’s health magazine” named the man of the year, and even free He serves as a charity ambassador; in 2015, the famous American designer AntonioUrzi Jack Ayers invited to participate in those days of autumn and winter New York fashion week.One of the world’s four major Fashion Week New York Fashion Week, held since 1943, can in this?Stage catwalk supermodel is not a star.25-year-old Jack Ayers, is the world’s first embarked on this noble wearing a prosthetic?Taiwan man.Jack Ayers illness entrenched in all the way, rugged rough night in search of ridicule in power, he eventually gains a bright life, but also the light of the world.Face interview with the media, Jack Ayers quoted his father seven years old when he was back to the top board, had said, before everyone really usher in the dawn, go through a critical point, from one state into another state.Like running a marathon, at that critical point around people cheering disappear, nor seen the distant end.Between the vast world, you can only hear yourself ‘beating’ heart, is driven by the forward inertia.In terms of no fear, the interests of the public, detached state of life traveled through the critical point, is equivalent to being tied Quan Liu breakthrough gaps chimney, fly splash jade, enjoy the rush down, self-achievement, while also beautiful nature and society.