aunt Fang nice people, we have to return after her!”Pei grandmother grandson smiles at dinner, and then refers to the floor and cried,” Look, these are your aunt’s.”

  I saw little new ground with a bag, on top of the words printed blue show supermarket, inside filled with things better, to look crowded crowded Rangrang many, vague can see what mini toothpaste and stuff.
  The grandmother and aunt Fang Pei Pei Yifei mouth, referring to the lives next door to the house of Sumei Fang, she was alone with her daughter, who show a discount supermarket in blue and blue show the local supermarket is a large supermarket, there are strict warehousing system for employees, there are many benefits, such as what to Advent products, expired 杭州夜网论坛products will be sold to employees discount.
  Sumei Fang can not take care of his daughter at work, he gave her grandmother entrusted to Pei, the two thus gradually formed a good relationship, Sumei Fang work in the supermarket, has been promoted in the first year, then she moved with her daughter better place, after all, quite无锡夜网 a mixed bag here, it is not suitable for children to study, but even go further and Pei grandmother often keep in touch.
  Pei Yifei now used like a bowl of instant noodles is the X master of gifts, but on the ground that bag, as well as mini-samples of toothpaste, usually do not go to events, will be able to come back to some of the points.
  ”A fly, had to wait until the summer exam, and you in junior high school, right?”Pei Grandma eating faces, edges hesitate to ask, look carefully placed a grandson who she memorized the situation of the grandson, holds many lessons can be heart hesitation, but still let her tangled spoke up.
  ”Ok.”Pei Yifei head down, slowly eating rice.
  ”Do you want to go to school or pepole?”She still spoke up.
  These days?City, is the existence of private schools and public school enrollment separa天津夜网tely, as long as through the private high school entrance examination, the school will be able to ent