er the school directly after the test, of course, outside the entrance examination, there is a disclosure threshold, that is high tuition fees, pepole for the general high school students a year tuition fees have to fifteen thousan北京夜网d, but this is also the current overall?One of the best city junior high school.

  At another, it touches the public, except beyond the basic requirements of the score line, thanks to the allocation, area where Pei Yifei attending school for the children, a lot of the same primary school, less than the chance to send a high.
  ”I’m not going.”Pei Yifei immediately replied that he had finished the meal,” when the time is sent Shucks.”
  ”It’s the same as what it!”Pei Grandma worried,” You Fang aunt and I said, you Area Elementary School, can shake the schools have a lot of what the two, in the third, fourth, fifth, six are on the inside, she and I He said head here there are several particularly bad.”
  ”It does not matter.”Pei Yifei answered immediately.
  Pei Grandma is to say, a little anxious: “You do not know, people say, and th都市体验网is school is very important, you go to a good school, teachers, students around are good.”Fang people were and she said, like so many of which have one or two schools, students are inside and ran to the specialist, there are many mixed society of children, the people say, three years to learn, learn bad for three days, that time with the people you want to learn how to do it bad!
  ”Anyway, I do not, I will not go exam.”Pei Yifei voice was strong, and he did not want to quarrel with her grandmother, but with one hand clutching a backpack, like a monkey on a tree as cleanly climbed on the bed.
  ”You kids.”Pei Grandma looked very ugly, always kindly face, she looked particularly depressed at the moment, that’s what she used to read out of fashion, ever since moving here, we always listen to other people around, obsessed with complaining say What arrangements give the child to school, and later she began to also understa