e did not gossip and 009, will be fed directly into a dark space, the man appeared in front of him, wearing pieces light blue frock, very thin appearance, looks shy to always try to get other people’s eyes, and what he did Naochun Pei courtesy, directly to the theme, the man getting more and more uncomfortable, shivering fingers, if it were the soul of the state beget smoke, chances early on to work out a cigarette to smoke, and he crouched there, it looked particularly bleak.

  Pei Naochun this time to enter the world, is built on a modern romantic novels, this novel w南宁桑拿ith some scenes of child heart, the reader has to continue to reverse, curse last fall, he said it was a male slag cheap woman standard version of the story.
  In th苏州夜网e novel, the Soviet Union was born in single-parent families Yiyi, good personality since childhood, motivated, her mother Sumei Fang, although it is hard raising children alone, can also seriously take care of her, then junior high school graduate, she is mother encountered as a local Hove Heda Hai, two after a run-in came together and resolved to marry, they remarried, naturally want to live together, before leaving his ex-wife’s Heda Hai son Ho promising , was pieced together the foursome reorganization of the family, he started a new family life.
  He Yiyi promising after two years older than the Soviet Union, began to enter the home of the sister was very exclusive, and later the two men at the same under one roof, to be near, and finally had a feeling, experienced a series of things that go together, and after graduatin杭州桑拿网g from college several years married.
  This is “the story of a series of” ups and downs naturally, also requires so few supporting roles, which play a role in.
  The original body of the son Pei Yifei, is the novel with a part-time professional male cannon fodder.
  According to the novel’s description, Pei Yifei’s parents in his childhood will be without a trace, only to take care of his grandmother a person, he and SueYiy