i Wu ditch at the same time, take care of each other, then in junior high school, the Soviet Union Yiyi into the local pepole high school, and Pei Yifei through the allocation, to six, although separate, but they still maintain contact, Su Yiyi when being bullied at school, he was always a timely manner, of course, then there is little bad feeling, but the two have the same dilemma, had experience each other’s feelings, cheer for each上海夜网 other, this sympathetic, let two people It has been the friend can go through anything.

  Later, Yiyi surname Su Ho, Ho entered the home, but also Pei Yifei after graduating from middle school, secondary school directly read, to learn the aftermarket, the two roads already are poles apart, but can not completely cut 上海夜网off this friendship , every time He Yiyi been wronged, unhappy things encountered, will talk with Pei Yifei, inform their inner unhappiness, likewise, Pei Yifei will be the size of things in life I had to share with her.
  Xu is too close, Pei Yifei reluctant to gradually move the heart of what he did not want to delay her studies, she is also aware of the huge gap between the two – and he will not feel inferior, just like a lot, think times from themselves, not give people a happy man, Pei Yifei did not listen to the advice of teachers choose their own business, but he is not starting funds, it is particularly difficult business, spearhead numerous bitter to eat, and so he hopes that one day he will accumulate under a sum much wealth, then tell the truth, to marry him, of course, young men know, the world is fickle, he even said,深圳桑拿网 there may not be accepted, not to mention he did not say anything, who are willing to wait in place, in his efforts, and Ho Ho Yiyi promising naturally emotional leaps and bounds, divided together again, together again and again points.
  If only these, Pei Yifei can only be considered a plight of men with the reason that he is a cannon fodder, because he was “overconfident”, “mantis trying to stop c