ar” at the time where Yiyi and how promising clashed repeatedly shot, protect he later took even managed to start the development of the cause, and how promising entrepreneurial companies, the last a lose-lose so much noise, these get in the way he acts, promising to be the heart of what his opinion is growing, even teeth, look for a private detective to investigate from him, bent completely remove this stumbling block.

  He wound up tangled Yiyi heart, not because she also hung two, just how promising personality “strange” hours witnessed the derailment of his mother, full of mistrust for the feelings, when in love, still worry about the outcome, several to give back the initiative to say, plus a combination of both, will make parents embarrassed – aft广州桑拿er all, they have been regarded as a brother and sister in the legal sense, he took the blood, they can be in the periphery, into the one door, when a brother and sister look, how can any brother and sister become husband and wife, under the tangle, she is determined to give up, and was impressed Pei Yifei, he decided to answer his proposal.
  The day of their engagement, what suddenly appeared promising, front of his parents will be Ho Yiyi away, then chase the irony Pei Yifei Lengyan.
  He promising to tell Pei Yifei, his missing father, no nothing, just want to go home tending him nothing, and finally sent a message written on top of a private detective to investigate the situation Pei Yifei’s father.
  He made these simple reason that, if it wants to hurt, you have people with the most painful thing, where he had heard that Yiyi, Pei Yifei most concerned about in this life, this is his father abandoned his childhood.
  As a professional man with the novel, the feelings of men and women after the main matter of course, he was naturally served its purpose, though angry at what Pei Yifei promising, it can be seen that it is intended to main上海夜网tain the Ho Yiyi, he knows Ho Yiyi no feelings for him, he chose to let go, bless t