can not help but frown Back.

  Moreover, the “poor man must cheeky,” Pei Yifei after the father left, grown a lot, he clearly saw Grandma’s hard, it is also extremely considerate of him, she wants to share.
  With that in mind, Pei Yifei without any hesitation, he began to dry up the campus, off-campus work scavenger, with a large bag every day, picking up stuff all the way home, even the trash man, n南宁夜网or despise dirty, flips the lid, pick threw their big bags inside, as to what the back of the class waste paper, cardboard outside of stationery do not, as long as you do not mind, he will take together, such as “pick up garbage “image, it is difficult for other students and he was too close, this is not all because of vanity, but also because most children, the standard impression garbage = dirty, even if it really wants to make friends and Pei Yifei, will gradually distanced themselves from him.
  Pei Yifei do not feel bad – in the past he has been sad, and later they also learned to accept, let grandma and compared to a little easier to make friends, how to think, or the former is more important, even if occasionally alone does not matter, than life to these more important.
  ”A fly, what are you going to junior high school.”Su Yiyi from outside came in, she sat on the top of Pei Yifei, opening asked.
  Her former and Pei Yifei lived in the house next door five years ago, elementary school, are grandmother and Pei, Pei Yifei eat together every day, these people will not like or even dislike of things, in her view was very unusual, but she was杭州桑拿洗浴 envious Pei Yifei powerful, can pick up so many things, although garbage dirty, dirty may not change money.
  ”Look allocation, where points on the go.”
  ”I might go to school pepole.”Su Yiyi lowered his voice, to the sixth grade, the students began to have some faint idea of comparing results, or even to find out first-hand concealed messages to each other,” You do not do?”
  ”Tuition is too expensive, you know.”Pei Yifei in front of