the Soviet Union Yiyi quite frank.

  Su Yiyi also worried for him: “Why do not you try?I heard pepole primary school entrance examination if they can do well, it has a tuition waiver.”The fact that tuition relief projects there are many bars, what country a few class athletes, municipal roll student, contest prizes, etc., but these have nothing to do with the two of them and, if not this year, to further studies,天津夜网 they have not heard even some entry it.
  ”Do not, the allocation is quite good, maybe my luck is good?”Pei Yifei smiled back, his heart did not think so, he knew their own thing their own side, he seems never any luck.
  ”Also, but if we can just fine in a school.”Yiyi Su sighed, very reluctant to her b北京夜网est friend.
  Pei Yifei is also some dismay, after all, is to send less than the allocation of private schools, reluctant to confirm if the Soviet Union could go pepole high school, they are a virtual certainty to be separated from the school: “It does not matter where we are to a friend, you also can write to me, you know that the home address of.”
  ”Then we can be sure, we must not disconnect Contact.”Su Yiyi hand, and he pulled a hook, then withdraws his hand, smiling, for most of them, this separation of primary school, be separated from the large first – after all, the nursery has been very vague memory of most they do not understand, from this point onwards, they embarked on a one and a fork in the road, choose a completely different life.
  The bell sounded, the Soviet Union has been reluctant to return to their seats, quietly look深圳桑拿网ed back at her good friend, the other face there is nothing lost look, but she was quite mixed feelings for him.
  If that does not know where to go Peishu Shu come back just fine, if returned, Pei grandmother a fly and do not live there now?Probably a flying school can go a good point.
  She soon no longer think about it, serious lectures, after all, she was a fly and know that six or seven years, has never once seen the legendary