grily, the brain is a blank, he knew the man also heard his own voice shout, can not even return are not willing to return.

  Why does he come back?Now that is gone, do not come back!My heart stood relentless, her eyes like a scanner, like, wait for the other person of a wrinkle are engraved in the heart.
  He remembered, when my father left, he’s only five or six years old, when her mother had left home for some time, they had each other father and son and a grandmother, my father always go out busy for a long time, head whispered back , unannounced at home, only to see him wh杭州夜网论坛en it is conceived, for Pei Yifei, the role of the father in the first six years of life, has been very important, and that day, my father suddenly disappeared, going out with him and Grandma buy food, they could not find people to come back, only to see that letter was put on the table a letter.
  At that time he did not read, just look at my grandmother carefully read the letter, then crowded with laughing, he said: “Your father going out to work to earn money to support How about you outside!”He believed her, even if reluctant father did not cry, he thought, my father should return soon, right?
  Then, year after year, a full seven years, his father never appeared, just like disappeared, without a trace.
  After he read, secretly look through my grandmother’s bag, found the letter written by my father, and finally saw the p苏州夜网419hrase “Mom, wait for me breath, I will come back.”Pei Yifei now also do not understand, breath, there are so important to you?Do not important to him nor the grandmother.
  Pei Yifei pressure in his pillow the whole family, when he was born, the family went to shoot together when he was a baby was wrapped in swaddling clothes, and grandmother looks very young, and mom and dad, they scrape together together with a smile look very board right, and then later, he quietly put her mother’s face blackened, and then later, my father’s face became a dark circular, like this home Like S