”come in.”Pei Grandma voices are dumb, can look stiff face, eyes away from Pei Naochun the moment there is no body,” also stood to do, is to let people see it?”
  ”it is good.”Pei Naochun nodded, walked in, the door handle being held in杭州桑拿 my hand Pei Yifei, who is close to the child,” a fly.”Sounds just shouted, just to see it being like a child, like the repulsive force, the rapid bounce, quietly retreated from the houseDepths, but still could not stop over here.
  Door pull Kacha sound quite crisp, shut the door, the sound extraordinarily loud.
  ”Have 杭州夜网论坛you eaten?”Pei Grandma knelt down, she was clearing just sell things floating down one place.
  ”No.”Pei Naochun was asked a surprised a moment, and he imagined this story are not the same, he whispered, he came to this world, just finished sorting memory, they immediately set off ready to go home, perhaps for the original body or is the original, this be the beginning of a man with a cannon fodder cut-off point, so he entered, is the sixth-grade son from work semester.
  In fact, he could again make money on the outside, they can quickly understand Pei Naochun after receiving over memories, whether it is for or grandmother Pei Pei Yifei, or the original body, there is nothing to go home than he honestly, honestly everything must be better choice.
  ”Sit still.”Pei Grandma did not look back, already getting busy, the family has no 杭州夜网论坛things, only under the noodles, she touched for a while under the table, find the eggs, beating until the water to boil on it, tumbling water, let it also followed the ups and downs egg, and faint white foam with a Road.
  ”Mom, I.”Pei Naochun going to speak, he wanted to go home perhaps could be evicted or face of his son and the mother cried, no one thought, was actually so quietly silent.
  Pei Grandma did not listen to the words, she just wood with a straight face, and do it quickly bowl, then heavily on the shelf above the bench before put up with waste wood: “Eat.”Just took down the so