up on the stove, in the early spring of this cold weather, fog, steaming.

  ”I am all these years.”
  ”Do not say eat when others did not!”Pei Grandma immediately back then, listen do not listen, then heavily sitting on the side of the bed, stupidly looked ahead, I 杭州夜网论坛do not know what God, the edge of Pei Yifei has been to maintain such a posture motionless for a long time, he touched textbooks, looks around, just remember that word within the first row of the room, between the moment the only remaining serious eating Pei Naochun sound surface.
  Pei Naochun also really hungry, the original body of recent work place?City, this year also did not move the car, in addition to trains, planes, buses will go, he temporarily buy tickets, sat more than twenty hours of the bus before that, although the car has a bed, may also have to lay people rickety , his car, nor a waste of effort to eat, they just start to find a “home” tour, although the original, there is a simple description of two pairs live in this place Pei Yifei, Wu ditch area may actually getting bigger, PEI was removed Naochun asked quite a few p苏州夜网419eople, he finally found the destination.
  How to eat like this, and like several days did not eat bread, and Pei grandmother looked at his son, ever more heartache, this darn thing, how to toss himself in this way, and that looks pale and thin, that when she Damn look in the eyes, heart, heart, anger and di南宁夜网stressed, that the name of the tug of war, pull each other to Chequ, too close to call.
  Soon, a bowl of noodles will be met at the end, Pei Naochun even the soup, but also happy to gulp, not to leave something, he nervously put the bowl, like a, like a kindergarten children, legs together, put your hands knee, law-abiding waiting for the next one indication Pei Grandma.
  ”Well, you all these years, where to go.”Pei Grandma thought several times, back like she did not care, really can be so embarrassed to see his son sitting in that time, pains and fire, just want to ask, i