n recent years in the end is going , how will what it had been!

  She first year of Buddha, is seeking his son to come back early, or the second year, to be a few years, she has become seeking a better life in the outside hope this darn thing, even if it is reluctant to leave, do not want to come back also, But how will it to be so?
  ”In recent years, I.”Pei Naochun after receiving his memory, has a good memory of the original body in recent years made a sort, he also began to realize that in this world there are so many, you can not be too bad, but we can also make people dispossessed story he sl南宁夜网owly original Offer road body that ups and downs come clean.
  First, the original body to a small town southeast coast of China, he was still?I hear苏州夜网d people say, S city to plant more appropriate job opportunities and more, he thought, as long as he worked hard enough to it, will be able to make a fortune, so he went to the can to that, he was until the city original factory yard there are so many and he used to know much knowledge, what is permanent day laborers, piece counting, attendance examination.
  Do not understand these, he foolishly into a bulletin board, looking up factory wages, go there to work every day in the first month, we are learning by doing, and finally the second month to do it fast, first Three months direct Kacha, was over, he had to start looking for a job, look at the head only know money, but also the lukewarm did not dare ask him, so he pulled quite a few odd jobs to do, the first year so quietly to draw to an end.
  The second year to the fourth year, the original body from small town to the large number of the city, just because met a kind of “fellow”, the other told him that he knew better intermediary in large city, for sure he will not be deceived, he should be a silly, obediently with the past, so they pulled into a shoe factory, the other quite formal, and he signed a contract for three years, he was very happy to thank the villagers, but also