CITIC Securities trap "leak gate" controversy opened a brokerage industry chaos

June 6, CITIC Securities chief analyst pharmaceutical industry in its micro-wide known group released the news letter Livzon Group equity incentive plan to be announced。 The news came out, many fund managers have retired forward base and screenshots。 However, the wide known apparently did not realize the seriousness of the problem, and then said about the micro-channel Livzon indeed mistakes, and will pay attention to this kind of informal caution micro-channel communication tools。 An anonymous Shenzhen Institute of the responsible person, "wide known acts nothing like a gold analyst, is more like a new entry。
"Brokerage researchers leak is the industry 'open secret' in fact, sell-side analysts can be described as a chain of information transfer transit point, informally micro letters and other unpublished content sent via SMS to the buy-side institutions, non-public information of listed companies has almost become the industry "hidden rules"。
In addition, a "leak" is more subtle through joint research, road shows, small-scale private face to face blending, etc.。
"If the information can not move faster, but where's the new wealth buyer vote and sub-storage revenue?"An industry source said, requesting anonymity。 In addition to this exposed the "leak" the door for brokerage analysts this group, nearly two years has burst with Chinese Bao, titanium and vanadium Panzhihua Chongqing Brewery and a series of "research report" incident, in common snoop is biased news, capture and other subjects in order to capture the attention of the research report。
This can not help but think the reason。