On foot, you need to know a few things!

  Premise basics of hiking on foot is the body's health and safety, and that it is based on the knowledge that some of the basic safety rules。   If you are hand in hand, for security reasons, between the players should keep a reasonable distance, usually two to three meters, to avoid someone for various reasons, be suspended, affecting the team's travel, but most players suspended good stop is right。
  Security personnel and suspended from the team during the day should be kept at a safe distance for 10 minutes or 200 meters, at night, then, will remain in five minutes or 20 meters。   Hiking also has its skills, uphill, the front portion of the center of gravity should feet, the body slightly leaning forward, downhill, the center of gravity will have on the soles of the feet, while lowering the center of gravity, the body slightly drooping。 The right way on foot to protect the knee, but useful。   Also, avoid walking straight up and down, should take the "s" shaped trajectory, especially in steep road type, it will secure more。   Camping for Outdoor hiking long outdoors on foot, be sure to live in the outdoors, then you need to choose the camp extra attention。
  Campsite selection, should be safe, sheltered, dry, flat is the best, Also pay attention to the surrounding environment, for example, whether there might rockfall, there is no animal nests or hives, etc.。
  Also, try not to camp on the river, unless it is determined the dry season, the other from the water's edge too close to summer, it will be a lot of mosquitoes。
However, it should be careful not to be too far away from the water, so water will be very convenient。   Also remember to pull the wind rope, many of my friends will ignore this problem, it is not essential that you know not only windproof wind rope, it's more important role is to separate the internal and external accounts, the tent full of fight!  Small help like to tell you a little trick, and that is the magical effect of potassium permanganate, if bitten, you can use it to disinfect。
Outdoor water, it can also be used, 1 liter of water was added 3,4 tablets of potassium permanganate for 30 minutes after drinking can。   1 outdoor equipment problems trekking, backpack surrounding 30 liters a sufficient package for you, and you will get an unparalleled experience in the process of moving, the capacity of the package, the most practical is 35?This grade 60L。
Distance depends on the size of the travel route, are generally at around 30L to travel around。 If long-distance travel, then, the girls have about a 55L backpack, boys have more than a backpack 65L。
Fabric bag should be strong, light rain。
  2, the best selection of quick-drying clothing due to the long underwear hiking time, ordinary clothing, especially jeans, once wet with sweat, it is difficult to dry out, become redundant in the process of walking in。
Therefore, when the foot should pick some lighter and permeable fabric, it is better sweat clothes, underwear or drying clothes since charge into the fiber material, non-absorbent and have a certain permeability, or temperature can be in the wind under the effect of drying quickly, encountered rain, they also have some water repellent function。   3, a good idea to wear one week hiking shoes running shoes good or bad will directly affect the personal safety ALICE。
A good pair of shoes, not only allows you to comfortably walk in the rugged mountain road, it can also help alleviate some of the pressure knee。
If it is a long hike should be considered professional hiking shoes。   Pair of professional soles of hiking boots quite elegant, non-slip requirements, it must also both less friction, the air permeability, grab the wall effect is very particular, and hiking shoes great difference。 Part of the shoe also has a special suspension system, relieve tired feet long trips。   It is worth noting, do not wear new shoes to walk, to your new running shoes with at least one week prior to movement on foot。 When you purchase shoes, to choose a brand of outdoor products, try to keep in mind is to wear shoes most of the code or a code, when you put your finger can measure what followed, a gap of about a finger。   Notes hiking on foot outdoor sport itself is a wholesome, but if you do not do protection and preparation, it may be counterproductive!  For example, try to avoid climbing and descending, detour rather go some way dangerous to try not to do if you have to climb down, we should remember to remove the backpack, Kongshen climb down, then use a rope or strap to Lifting equipment!  When some need to maintain a balance of woods, such as single-plank bridge, wading and career edge, to remember the backpack chest strap and belt loosened, in order to ensure timely remove protect themselves。   Also, do not easily through the night, many lost occurred in low visibility situations, and it is easy to slip road at night, if you have to walk at night, it is best to prepare headlamps, flashlights will take a hand, no conducive to balance protection。   Finally, attention would take away the garbage left behind, especially the non-degradable garbage, until a unified garbage dumps, so you can carry a trash bag。