President of the European Council: former Russian agent poisoned in no mood to celebrate Putin was elected

The picture shows the main Council of Europe, the Council of Europe Xitusike Xitusike main local time on March 21 said that as former Russian agent poisoning incident, he decided not to call to congratulate Putin was elected Russian president。
  According to Reuters, Tusk said publicly to the media: after the former Russian intelligence officer Christi Pal father and daughter was attacked, I was not in the mood to congratulate Putin was re-appointed by the President。 At the same time he pointed out the differences between the EU and Russia core sector。
  Russia on March 18 held its seventh presidential elections, candidates have officially registered 8 people。
Russia selected Commission data show that in the statistical percent of the vote, the incumbent President Vladimir Putin% of the vote to win in this presidential election。   Juncker, President of the European Commission subsequently sent a letter to congratulate Putin, but neither Tipton Beijing alleged manipulation of the Russian presidential election thing, did not ask Putin to give a response on relevant issues of spy poisoning case。 Thus was criticized within the EU, the European Parliament, the Conservative leader Fox said the letter is simply a shame, palliative Putin。   March 4, Christi Parr and her daughter unconscious in the streets of the city of Salisbury, Wiltshire, England。
British police said the two men in the nerve agent。
British government says Russia is likely related to this matter, which caused diplomatic crisis between Britain and Russia。
British Prime Minister Terre Suomei 14 announced the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats, in response, the Russian Foreign Ministry on the 17th announced the expulsion of 23 diplomats British Embassy in Russia。   In this regard, Russia has denied involvement in this incident, the British side expressed willingness to cooperate with the investigation, but declined to explain the circumstances surrounding the nerve agent。
Russian media quoted more than 17 officials criticized the British。
Reported that the British Council in the name of cultural institutions under the guise of intelligence gathering。 Members of Russia Vladimir Lavrov warned Jabba the UK, let this incident upgrade not have any effect, this approach is useless propaganda against Russia。 (Overseas net Zhu Huiyue)。