How the performance of cervical erosion cervical erosion prevention

The performance of cervical erosion, cervical erosion is a very common gynecological diseases, if not treated will seriously affect their health, but also induce other diseases, so the performance of cervical erosion which together with the small series to see the cervix performance of erosion introduce it!Cervical erosion of performance 1, patients with abnormal vaginal discharge in general will be increased vaginal discharge, yellow and sticky smell and so on。
2, infertility viscous vaginal discharge will hinder the penetration of sperm, resulting in infertility cases。
3, vaginal bleeding vaginal bleeding irregularities occur, such as bleeding sex life。 4, vulvar itching, vaginal itching genital pain and symptoms such as frequent urination or dysuria。 5, the pain of cervical erosion of performance as the disease worsens, the pain will be more intense, occurs in patients with lumbosacral pain, pelvic pain and dysmenorrhea symptoms fall。 There will be sex life pain, affect sex life。
How to care 1 cervical erosion, cervical erosion, keeping the vulva clean and maintain genital cleansing is very necessary, but should go to the hospital regularly for check-ups, so that early detection and early treatment, while avoiding dirty sex。
Note pay attention to sexual health, appropriate controlled life and avoid sexual intercourse during menstruation。