Female private parts Care of several major cause of common sense to know

Knowledge of women's private parts care with what are now everyone's living conditions changed for the better, people are getting their health care, but many people still ignore the care or private parts, leading to the emergence of private parts。
Following small to bring knowledge of women's private parts care for everyone, several major cause to be clear Oh!Topped the list of female gynecological inflammation diseases, there are six main reasons: 1, due to the married life unhealthy, unsanitary, likely to cause inflammation, cervical cancer。 2, many women do not recognize the right of married life。 From gynecology, endocrinology is concerned, women always have a normal married life, her immune function can only be guaranteed。 Even less disease and prolong life。
Further, Common artificial inflammation is associated with, e.g., are associated with this adnexitis。 3, infected。
In women, the body weaker, coupled with the cervix is not timely closed, so that germs and other harmful substances can easily penetrate into the female body, causing infection。 Therefore, postpartum women, must pay attention to personal hygiene, and to prohibit married life 4, bad health habits。 The reason many women due to improper water did not affect daily cleaning vulva or poor ventilation wear synthetic underwear and other bad health habits, causing gynecological inflammation。 5, drug abuse。 Drugs also cause a major cause of vaginitis, this is because the drug at the same time kill the bacteria, but also inhibits the growth of beneficial bacteria in the female body part, which gives an opportunity harmful bacteria, causing vaginitis common fungal vaginitis。
6 female private parts Nursing common sense, local irritation。 Vulva and alkaline soap, sanitary napkins, synthetic underwear in direct contact with other items, but also may cause local irritation outside the Yin Yang。
Women can also occur after excessive use, such as potassium permanganate solution bath and postmenopausal outside the Yin Yang。
Want to get rid of the private parts odor problems, you'd better stick these good habits: 1, wear comfortable underwear, whether in peacetime or during menstruation, women's private parts secretions will be a little odor, which is the body's natural flavor, is a normal phenomenon。
However, the hot summer weather, sweating more, if the private parts poorly ventilated, hot and humid environment will become the cradle of bacteria, leading to vaginal infections, followed odor。 2, weekdays less pad。