Hubei police wrote 100,000 words autobiographical record for 30 years "to solve the case history"

Lu Bin in the office sorting files taken to the sea brilliant end of last year, the first arrests, breaking open a door, Lu Bin Li Tianjun and his colleagues take the lead rushed into the house, they tried to resist the traffickers pressed。 Later, the night interrogations were dug up 12 drug-related。
Xingshan County Public Security Bureau deputy director Zhang Shunqing said that many people do not understand Lu Bin, this age so why such a fight?"In fact, this is derived from the love of the profession of police。 "Said Zhang Shunqing。   In 2013, the town of yellow grain farm in a million in cash was stolen, the suspect Liu arrested pleaded not guilty。 Lu Bin, Liu learned since childhood, brought up by a foster mother, the two deep feelings, so emotionally moving, enlighten them with reason, with sincerity touched Ryu, so pour the overall process of committing the crime。 Later, Lu Bin also patiently work done to the victims and creditors, asking them not to embarrass Liu mother, and contact village officials care for the elderly。
  "Help the lost souls return to society is the duty of the police。 "Said Lu Bin。
In 2012, Lu Bin persuaded back suspects fled 12 years of Zhang。 See Zhang brought back three youngest son no account, nursery school became a problem, Lubin Li of coordinating planning and public security departments to help children on the account。
Later, Zhang Mouan heart inmates, many meritorious commutation。 Home after serving their sentences, repeatedly expressed gratitude to Lu Bin。   Nearing retirement, Lu Bin, pondering writing a book。
From July last year, the idea of germination, to write the first draft, 100,000 words, only when more than 3 months。
Lu Bin, the book describes his upbringing, after investigators, included in its nearly 30 cases, there are many major cases, but more livelihood of small case。 In addition, he did not avoid mistakes of the past demoted。
  Lu Bin, a book called "beginner's mind", is to express "loyal to the party, serve the people," the beginning of the heart。 Who has been engaged in advocacy work friends said the preface to "beginner's mind", the book shows is that a generation born in the mid endless struggle more than a microcosm of the spirit, but also policemen risk their lives, to keep the peace the comprehensive display。   Currently, the book is not yet published。
Lu Bin, is still widely consulted on the contents carefully polished。 (Finish)。