Postpartum women how freckle?The six beauty methods have to try

Location: how the body of a woman after childbirth freckle?The six beauty methods have to try 2018-4-1010: 50: 42 Source: Introduction: Postpartum long spot is very common, and spot some mothers will face more and more, more and more, to see the whole face it is very bleak, it is postpartum woman asking this question。Everyone wants a good soft white skin, the skin lightening how it postpartum women…… 5, facial Marigold Marigold leaf juice leaf juice also has the effect of skin spot removers。
The marigold leaves pounded, juice paint on the face, can eliminate stains, but also fresh and white skin。6, apply apple mask apples peeled and cut pound mud, and then applied to the face, in the case of dry skin allergies, can increase amount of fresh milk or vegetable oil, oily skin should add some egg white。
15?After 20 minutes wash with hot towels to clean。Every other day, can eliminate facial pigmentation。
What foods can freckle Kiwi has been hailed as "fruit gold mine."。
Rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin d, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals and trace elements。Kiwi of vitamin C ^ effective to inhibit the oxidation of dopa quinone skin, the skin pigment dark oxidized into the reduced light pigment, interfere with the formation of melanin, prevent pigmentation, keeping the skin white。
Lemon lemon is also anti-spot cosmetic fruit。Citric acid contained in the lemon can effectively prevent skin pigmentation。Use lemon bath bath agent made smooth the skin moist。Reminder: lemon very sour, eating too much can damage the teeth。