Long-term good eating lard?does it have any side effects?(1)

  In the traditional eating habits, lard and edible oil rapeseed oil is the highest rate, olive oil, sunflower oil, flaxseed oil, walnut oil, the oil is later appeared。
  In rural China, many people are accustomed to eating lard to cook food。That if long-term eating lard?If long-term eating lard, then there will be no harm?The next night on the network and a look at it。
    Laxative lard are more creamy stuff, so can play a laxative effect。People have constipation problems, you may wish to regularly eat lard, so that you can achieve the effect of relieving constipation。  Tonic lard as it is more nutritious, it is possible to achieve the role of nourishing the internal organs。Especially for our stomach and lungs, nourishing role is more obvious。So if the spleen and lungs relatively empty of people, remember to eat lard。
  In addition, because the stomach relatively empty of people, the majority will have indigestion or loss of appetite, so after eating lard can also reach help digestion and appetizing effect。  Lard can not only detoxification treatment of gynecological inflammation, as well as solution "Zhu liver toxicity."。  Moistening lard makes the skin smooth and delicate, flexible, hair loss treatment。Chinese medicine, lung skin and hair, namely human skin, hair growth by nourishing the lung。
Lard can benefit Yin, which indirectly promotes skin and hair。
So lard inherent "Wyatt skin, the hand cream, not chapped" ( "Annotations of Materia Medica"), "Wyatt germinal face" ( "doctors do not record") is said。  If lung lungs cough, fever, hacking cough requires not only heat, but also Spleen。
Therefore, Chinese medicine has "lung deficiency who Spleen," said。
  However, he also said that so much is not to say lard is good, everything has a degree, more than this degree no matter how good things are harmful。
I think the state is man's best eating anything intake of some, but not to excess intake。