Buddha says love is a destiny

Stone asks: “Why should I find someone I love to be my wife?

Or should I find someone who loves me to be my wife?

Buddha smiled: “The answer to this question is actually in your heart.

In the past few years, what made you love to die, to make you feel full of life, to make you stand up and keep walking forward, is it the person you love?

Or someone who loves you?

“Stone smiled,” but my friends advised me to find a girl who loves me as my wife.

Buddha said: “If that’s the case, your life will reset this destiny!

You are used to constantly improving yourself in the process of chasing love.

If you stop chasing someone you love, your self-improvement will stop.

“The stone snatched the Buddha’s words:” What if I chase the person I love?

Will it be.

.Buddha said: “Because she is your favorite person, letting her live a happy and joyful life is regarded as the greatest happiness in your life, so you keep working hard for her to live happier and happier.

There is no limit to happiness and joy, so your efforts will have no limit and will not stop.

Stone said, “Wasn’t I living very hard?”

Buddha said, “Do you feel hard for so many years?

“Stone shook his head and smiled again.

“Since this is the case, do you want to be kind to those who love me?

Buddha shook his head and said, “Do you need someone you love to treat you kindly?”

Stone smiled bitterly. “I don’t think I need it.”

Buddha said, “Tell me about your reasons.

Stone said: “I have more severe requirements for love, that is, I don’t need to have compassion and compassion in it. I want her to love me from the heart, compassion, compassion, tolerance and tolerance, althoughThis kind of love can even bring happiness in a certain sense, but it is something I hate deeply. If her love for me is mixed with these, then I would rather she ignore me or simply refuse my loveI mean, when I have time to quit, because feelings can only get deeper and deeper, despair is more real than hope, because the pain of despair is instantaneous, and the pain of hope is indefinite.

“Buddha smiled.” Very well, you already said the answer.

Stone asked: “Why was she the most beautiful in my eyes when I loved a girl before?”

And now I love a girl, but I often find girls who look more beautiful than her?

Buddha asked: “Are you sure you really love her so much, do you love her most deeply in this world?”

“Stone did not hesitate:” Of course!

Buddha said, “Congratulations!

Your love for her is mature, rational, sincere and deep.

“Stones have some meaning:” Oh?

Buddha continued, “She is not the most beautiful in the world. Even when you love her so much, you know this fact clearly.

But you still love her so much, because you love not only her youthful beauty, but you must know that Shaohua is easy to die, and her beauty is easy to grow old.

What you love is her whole person, mainly her unique heart.

Stone couldn’t help but said, “Yes, I do love her innocence and kindness, and cherish her childishness.

Buddha smiled: “Any test of time is nothing to your love.

Stone asked: “Why when they were together later, the two people did not have the same passions as before, and more of an interdependence?”
Buddha said: “That’s because your heart has been subtly transforming love into affection.
“Stone touched his head:” Family?

Buddha continued: “When love reaches a certain level, it will unconsciously turn into a relationship. You will gradually turn her into a part of your life, so you will have some tolerance and understanding.Only family relationships are arranged by you from the beginning of your new life, and you have no choice, so what you do afterwards is to adapt to your family relationships. No matter how noble you are, you do n’t have to talk about any conditions.Accept them, and be responsible to them, be good to them.

  Stone thought about it and nodded thinly. “It’s true of family relationships.

Buddha smiled: “Love started because of mutual appreciation, fell in love because of heartbeat, and got married because they couldn’t live without each other, but the more important point is that tolerance, understanding, habit and adaptation will work together for life.

“The stone was silent.

It turns out that love is also a destiny.