Yunzhonghe’s eyes are straight,But he still pretended to be knowledgeable。
Isn’t that more than 20 women’s volleyball team members sitting in a row?,Jianzong in Yaoshan……I haven’t seen it much,Mainly, the costumes of the disciples of Jianzong Yaoshan are so plain。
People who don’t know think they are Taoists who see through the world!
“They are all outstanding female disciples of our Dragon Girl Temple to be married this year,At the waiting hall next to,There are still a few elder sons and princes from other countries in line,Other heroes and talents are outside the hall,Thousand less people……Seeing a few distinguished guests from afar,Allow you to be placed behind the prince。”The beautiful woman dragon girl Luo said in a punchy voice。
“Did you win,I can choose those women?”Yunzhonghe asked。
Yunzhonghe really liked one of them,Wearing light red soft yarn half sleeve clothes,Pure face,But the eyes are as smart as lake water。
just,When I asked this sentence,Even the dragon girls who were sitting upright and sitting in a row laughed,Smile like a lark singing。
Beautiful woman smiled too,She shook her head:“Master Yun probably stayed in a place where men are respected for a long time,May as well say something offensive,Every man who comes to our country,In the eyes of our sisters, it is a display,Show one’s appearance on one hand,On the other hand show your talents,Then sisters、Sisters will consider whether to bid,If Young Master Yun wins,You didn’t choose them,They choose you。”
“Sister Luo,Which country are these elders?、Prince?”That pure-looking,The dragon girl who was taken by Yunzhonghe asked。
Country Country。
This vocabulary is indeed a bit heartwarming。
Fog country,Strictly speaking, it’s really a country country,This country is not particularly prosperous,Not well-known abroad,Or if the Sword Sect of Mount Yao is holding it there,Basically no one cares about this country。
“Sister Song,These three are distinguished guests,Hall Master Wu Feng from Yaoshan Jianzong,Yunzhonghe with the chief disciple,And this young man is more special,He is the only son of Zhumen of the six clans of the imperial capital,Sisters、Sisters,Don’t miss this opportunity。”Luo Miaoyu said with a smile,And don’t shy away from some topics of snatching。
Listen to those young dragon girls,It’s Yaoshan Jianzong and Zhumen,His eyes became sharper immediately。
This identity is not inferior to those so-called princes and sons,And compared to Guobang,They are members of the Blue Dragon Palace,Naturally it is more biased towards power。