That’s it,In order not to leave him and Qi Baozhu,Everyone was here for at least 20 minutes,This is extremely precious time to rescue Yuan Hua,Take a minute,Very dangerous,If it’s him, Li Tianyu himself,How to choose?Li Tianzheng silently,Moved and admired,I have a new understanding of Wu Fang and his team,
“It’s easier now,What thanks、Fathead fish,I don’t want it all,Kill him directly in the mountainsAAss。Nima’s,Yuan Hua,Good job。”Wu Fang suddenly raised his voice,His hands patted the steering wheel heavily,I don’t know if I’m comforting Li Tianzhi,Still venting the depression and resentment in my heart。
“You rest for a while,I’ll drive。”
“No need to,First deal with your little brother’s injury。At the foot of the mountain in a while,Can’t get in the car,It’s all on two feet。”
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Two Lao Hao is missing
The road conditions in the northwestern suburbs of Yunshan County are extremely bad,Mostly mountain road,And rugged and steep,In the dark night,Even off-road vehicles,It’s also a stumbling walk,Dangerous。After a violent bump,Wu Fang had to stop the car,He jumped out of the car,I watched for a long time,Finally convinced that I can’t go any further,So yelled,“No way ahead,Get off everyone,Just got together and said。”
Everyone sat on the ground beside a bush,All look solemn,Eyes are staring at Wu Fang,Waiting for him to speak。Li Tianzhu and Qi Baozhu are no exception,They have regarded Wu Fang as the commander of this operation,Strive to achieve better obedience and cooperation。
Li Tianzhen is in a complicated mood at the moment,On the one hand, it’s obviously my own trouble,After tossing for a long time, Wu Fang sang the leading role,Pan Wenjun and Yuan Hua are alive and dead,An extremely critical,This makes him feel very uncomfortable。
on the other hand,Li Tianzhen observes Wu Fang’s hand,Well-trained,Stunt,And the expertise is outstanding,And cooperate with each other tacitly,This combination has extremely strong combat potential,Even more than the elite coaching team he had seen back then。With these lives,Li Tianzhen is very excited,It’s like returning to the era of the blood-boiled big-head soldier。A question suddenly popped in my mind,Could these people be“Ranger“the member of?
And Qi Baozhu has another thought,Fighting bravely in the streets,He is not shocked,On Vigorousness,Yuxing’s brothers are even more competitive。But after meeting these people around Wu Fang today,Qi Baozhu’s mind is a little confused,He reads little,Never served as a soldier,Since childhood,In front of these soldiers who have truly experienced blood and fire,Naturally lack of confidence,And there is an inexplicable jealousy。
Wu Fang doesn’t avoid everyone’s eyes,He took a long breath,Then I looked down at my watch,Frowned:“Oh shit,It’s ten o’clock,Time is running out。But for everyone’s safety,I can’t wait a few minutes。“
End here,Wu Fang paused,Then set his sights on Li Tianzhi,“brothers,The current situation is a bit complicated,We are facing a group of vicious drug lords,The previous thoughts are a bit simple,It’s too late for you and your brother to quit……“
“What do you mean?“Li Tianzhen’s face instantly became cold,”Let me quit?What did you do?Now I’m in a place where the birds don’t shit,You say this?“
“I did not mean,brothers。“Wu Fang huffed his face with his big hands,”The nature of the matter has changed,I want to be with the oldAPlay for life,You still have Yuxing to take care of,Don’t take this risk。The car is ready,Contact Liu Qiang as soon as possible after returning,Tell him the situation here,It’s the biggest help to my brother。“
“fart!“Li Tianzhen was furious,”The thing itself is because of me,No one asked you to wipe this ass,Who do you think of me?In addition,Tell me honestly,What happened to Yuan Hua and his brother named Pan??“
Wu Fang looked at Li Tianzhi who was glaring at him,Opened his mouth,The bright eyes suddenly became cloudy,He shook his head and sighed,“I’m asking for your opinion too,Don’t get so angry。Besides, you are not‘Ranger‘the member of,Too innocent。“